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    Hillary Clinton Facilitator Of Margret Sanger Racism

    in Moms and Family

     How can any politician in this modern day era of information receive the "Margaret Sanger Award" Well Hillary Clinton did and it is amazing that no seated Black Official took issue with it. We will listen to her own words in accepting it and the historic account of eugenics in America and its racist roots.According to the US Treasury Department, currency portraits are selected by the Secretary of the Treasury and unless specified by an Act of Congress, the Secretary generally has the final approval. This is done with the advice of Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) officials.  Jacob Jack Lew is presently the Secretary Of Treasury he was the former Chief of Staff of President Barack Obama. You think the President dosen't know this?

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    The Vent: BEP Tv After Party

    in Entertainment

    Join the team after the screening of the first BEP episode. Make sure you catch the next one next week same time. The topics are suprises hehe

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    Hi Hater Radio - BEP Tv edition

    in Comedy


    BEP & Treezy tonite!!!

    Tonites topics: What do you think about the site? Who is Lil Wayne's baby mama/daddy? Whatever...

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    Estimating the Right Way with Jim Huston of JR Huston Consulting

    in Business

    Tonight, Jim Huston of JR Huston Consulting will discuss estimating the right way. 

    Some of the topics Jim will talk about include:

    The six methods of estimating

    Overhead budgets

    Labor burdens and average wages

    Time and Materials

    Break-even points (BEP) and Gross & Net Profit Margins

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    Rob Threlkeld Manager, Renewable Energy Initiatives General Motors Company

    in Energy

    Mr. Threlkeld graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor’s and Master’s of Science in Civil Engineering. He currently manages central utility contracts in North America and GM’s global renewable energy strategy. Prior positions held include managing the Powerhouse and Wastewater Treatment Plant operations at GM’s Lords town Assembly Complex. Mr. Threlkeld is a member of several professional organizations and holds the following certifications: CEM, BEP, CSDP, and CHMM.

    General Motors Real Estate and Facility Group are responsible for a wide range of support activities for GM Manufacturing Operations. Included in this are procurement of utilities, managing real estate transactions, engineering/construction of existing or new facilities, assets sustainment of existing GM equipment and facilities, procurement of renewable energy and energy conservation services, as well as managing site environmental permits, such as air and water. The organization has received the delegation of authority from GM Global Purchasing to be the direct purchaser of services mentioned above. The Real Estate and Facilities organization is located in Warren, MI.

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    When the worlds of BEP and SOD Collide

    in Entertainment

    girls that wanna show off their "goodies" ... over the internet
    do boys like sluts or sophisticated girls-
    cocky dudes who think they hot yet... they not .
    are cocky guys a turn off or on?

    definition of an internet slut
    definition of a sophisticated girl-


    is the internet your life?
    do you spend hours upon hours on there?
    what do you do online?
    and why do you spend your time online instead of doing something else?
    do you think you will be on the internet when you're 30?

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    Artist Spotlight: Black Eyed Peas

    in Music

    In an era of an ever-changing music industry that's defined by diminishing expectation, where a "successful" career means having one, maybe two hit records; The Black Eyed Peas are a glorious exception. They have become one of the best selling, most popular and most innovative groups for over a decade. They have transformed themselves from a beloved backpack rap troop from the West Coast Underground into fully-fledged, massive global superstars whose music can be heard in any country around the world.  This week, J'Wan Yvette takes a look at the career and music of Black Eyed Peas!

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    BEP Love Connection

    in Entertainment

    Call in to reveal who you're really into on thisisbeptv.com.
    Which thisisbeptv.com girl/guy is most desireable, and why?
    Who do you think would make a good couple?
    Who would be the worst couple ever?
    Don't be shy, bitches!

    Hit that or pass that session-
    hosts will name off various thisisbeptv.com members and callers will get to let everyone know if they would hit that or pass that.

    what do you think about bitches or niggas [your supposedly be cool with] talkin to the person your with behind you back?

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    Music Media & MMA

    in Blogs

    The question asked in this episode is: Does the media paint a different picture for different groups based on race, age, sex, etc? Let me know what you think. I also discuss The Ultimate Fighter and some other sport news. There is also music reviews of "Last Train To Paris", Rihanna, BEP, and more.

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    Interview with Zone Gang+CRG Films

    in Music

    Interview with Zone Gang + CRG Films FT Lil Dee GodsGift,Treezy,Filno Bep,& More! Hosted by Definition Dj Ice Mike & Tacaloc call up & represent 646-595-3951

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    Hi Halloween Hater

    in Comedy

    Happy Halloween

    Hi Hater Radio hosted by BEP