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    Prophecykeepers - 4000 Mile Medicine Wheel w/ Bennie LeBeau

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    First a recent special message from Bennie Blue Thunder LeBeau of Earth Wisdom Foundation.
    Then, a pre-recorded interview with Bennie.
    Blue Thunder is a Shoshone Tribal member from the Wind River Indian Reservation near Ft. Washakie, Wyoming, BlueThunder has been conducting healing ceremonies since 2003 with notable results. Family of Humanity, we are reaching out to the world, teaching about Nature's Laws which represent how to live in peace and harmony, in Oneness with all things.  We teach about how love works and how each and every thought or action that humanity has affects the Web of Life and the electro-magnetic elements of Mother Earth.  We are all made of these elements, the Earth, Air, Water and Fire, and what we do and think imprints upon them and replays itself. The Sacred Sites of the world from the mountain peaks to the rivers, oceans to the pyramids, are what keep the Earth and all her living beings charged with life force energy, with Chi or Ka.  The world was put together in sacred geometric patterns, circles within circles, which have been de-harmonized through humanity's mining,  development, thoughts and actions and these influences have affected most all sacred sites or places worldwide.  These activities have cut, frayed and distorted these ley lines or spirit lines.  Since all of creation relies on this electro-magnetic energy for it's survival, you can all see why healing and re-tuning these energy lines is crucial.  

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    Heroes of Katrina: Ten Years After--French Quarter Tori and the Red Owl

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    Listen in to the audio of our children's book which is a metaphor of a real life story of love, friendship, perseverance and everlasting bonds. Juba Kali narrates and Denise Thompson stars as Tori the caterpillar/butterfly.

    The video entitled, “French Quarter Tori and the Red Owl” is an animation for the first book collaboration between Cary and Gretchen.  The (as-of-yet) unreleased DVD also features Allie Moffet as Lebeau, the Corgi, from the Lower 9th Ward, Steven Wilson who holds the role of Kendall, the mighty owl from the Pacific North West, who guides these friends, and Juba Kali who performed magnificently as the narrator.  A heartwarming story loved by children and adults…

    Our guest, following the audio, will be Ms. Denise Thompson and she will share the tale of her thoughts and feelings on bringing the character of Tori to life.  Denise is an accomplished actress, salon owner and hair artist, wonderful mother and all around talented woman with a glowing heart and inspirational philosopher on the beauty of daily life.  We have extended invites to Allie, Steven, Juba, and Caroline (The book’s illustrator) to call in and join the conversation.  You won't want to miss this show.

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    Carlos Monzón held the Undisputed World Middleweight Championship for 7 years. He successfully defended his title 14 times and is widely regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time.

    Carlos monzon vs Nino Benvenuti 2 5/8/71

    Carlos monzon vs Bennie Briscoe 2 11/11/72

    Carlos Monzon vs Jose Napoles 2/9/74


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    Bennie E. "Blue Thunder" Lebeau, Big Bear Medicine Wheel Ceremony

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    Prerecorded... no call-ins please

    The last Great Drought in California was relieved after Bennie Lebeau Sr. of http://www.teton-rainbows.com/ (Eastern Shoshone leader) conducted the Big Bear Medicine Wheel Ceremony in 2006.

    Blue Thunder is now an Ambassador for Peace for Spoken Truth: Spiritual Messages from Warriors of Old, available on Amazon

    "Greetings my brother and sisters, here is the book that I have been talking about...it is about thought forms...the messages simular to what Dr. Emoto is representing in his work in Messages from Water... and now messages from the spirits...please help us work with the Warriors of Old that have sent messages of peace in the book called:

    Spoken TRUTH, Spiritual Messages From Warriors of Old, by Visions Life Force Foundatition...the book can be ordered or bought at Barnes and Knowbles and ordered through www.amazon.com or Book Number: ISBN 1-4208-8102-7"

    "This is once in a life time book with the messages from the White Eagle the messager sent my the Great Spirit bringing messages of hope and love to us all...working with Mother Earth and not against her...a must all ages to read...many thank you's for considering ordering and reading this book fully at least 3 to 4 times...many blessings" Blue Thunder

    Prophecies are spiritual visions or dreams sent to give messages to humanity. Concerning what can take place in the future. They are meant to say if we continue to do what we are doing then this will or that could happen. The other side of the messages in prophecies is that if we change our course in history the disasters will disappear that have been foreseen!!!!

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    1940’s Ladies Night Out on the Columbia / Victor Labels

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    “Forgotten music on 78 records" by Curt Hahn

    1940’s Ladies Night Out on the Columbia / Victor Labels

    (1)  Bennie Moten,   South     

     (2)  She’s No Trouble

      (3) Van Eps trio, Oh, Susie, Behave 

    (4)   Monte Cristo Jr  

    (5)  Harry James Baby, What You Do To Me,   Kitty Kallen

    (6)  Johnny Bond, A: You Brought Sorrow to My Heart

    (7) B: So Round So Firm So fully packed

    For information on the background of the songs, Requests or contacting Curt Hahn, write to www.Facebook.com/s3productions2 or Forgotten Music on 78 records. All on Shellac 10” 78 rpm and released in the US

    Bennie Moten's Kansas City Orchestra ‎– South / She's No Trouble

    RCA Victor ‎– 24893

    Format: Shellac, 10", Single, 78 RPM, Reissue 

    Released: 1935 Recorded in 1928

    A South Written-By – B. Moten, T Hayes 

    B She's No Trouble Written-By – T. Hayes 

    Victor 18556 (Black label (popular) 10-in. double-faced)

    Label: Victor B-22741 take 2 date 4/9/19 Oh, Susie, behave / Van Eps Trio

    Label: Victor B-22742 take 2 date 4/9/19 Monte Cristo Jr. / Van Eps Trio

    Release Date 7/1919   delete Cutoff date 1/1923   Thank you UCSB.Edu library

    Harry James and His Orchestra ‎– B:  Baby, What You Do To Me

    Columbia ‎– 36899 Released 1945 

    Released: 1945

    Vocals [Vocal Chorus] – Kitty Wallen, Written-By –George, James, Newman 

    Johnny Bond and His red River Boys‎– A: You Brought Sorrow to My Heart

    B: So Round So Firm So fully packed

    Columbia 37255, released 1946

    Vocals by Johnny Bond

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    Teton Rainbows Medicine Wheel Ceremony by Bennie Blue Thunder LeBeau

    in Religion

    Prerecorded 2005

    Bennie Lebeau Sr. is a Eastern Shoshone leader who conducted the Ceremony in mid-May 2005.

    Blue Thunder is now an Ambassador for Peace for Spoken Truth: Spiritual Messages from Warriors of Old available on Amazon. 

    In 2004, LeBeau conducted a series of Medicine Wheel Ceremonies to honor the Earth and all creation. The Grand Teton National Park, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming and Big Bear Lake, California became the hubs of these multicultural events. LeBeau envisioned that all four races of mankind would celebrate blessings of the Earth together. The Big Bear Lake Medicine Wheel Ceremonies demonstrated how 20 and 9 sacred mountains and waterways worked together to bring harmony to our Mother Earth in Wyoming and California.

    LeBeau says these events were necessary for mankind to reflect on environmental issues and what is happening to her sacred sites.

    LeBeau's Universal Medicine Wheel Ceremonies are a vision for people to celebrate the love and healing of Mother Earth. They teach ways of "re-birthing" harmony and balance within mountains and bodies of water that have been taken out of harmony by modern man. At these events, he teaches how the alignment of Medicine Wheels decreases the threat of natural disasters and how negative vibrations produced by government and private developments, mining, damming of waterways, road and housing construction, pipelines, and warfare all affect earth's harmony.

    "Environmental disasters are wake-up calls for mankind to reflect upon Mother Earth's abuse of sacred sites. They cause earthquakes, volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis and horrific forest fires," said Bennie LeBeau.

    Following Medicine Wheel Ceremonies, LeBeau conducts workshops.

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    IM: EndZone FalconZone Super Pro Football Show (2-19-15)

    in Football

    Richie Incognito finds a new team, an agent gets his card pulled by the NFLPA, Dick Lebeau changes cities, and much more league-wide news and notes on EndZone!

    On FalconZone, Coach Quinn joins twitter, OC Kyle Shanahan speaks on QB Matt Ryan, the Dirty Birds have a new LB and more!

    Featuring Jeremy "The Impact" York, The "King ATLien" Reggie Walker, and "The Coach" Haywood Hill!

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    Dadio's Lunch Bucket Radio Clinic - another "Hey Ya' Big Jerk Productions" gig

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    DADIO'S LUNCH BUCKET RADIO CLINIC - Live this week from Cool Dadio Media Studio 54 1/2 ..., and, poetically on our 72nd show ...., it's a special Dadio's 72nd Birthday Party Show

    JANESVILLE COMMUNITY RADIO:  Janesville, Wisconsin

    ..., our 72nd show over all; and, our nineth show from the new Cool Dadio Media Studio 54 1/2

    Today's crew: Downtown Dadio; Donald; a pod casting cast of thousands; and, Bennie the Piddl'n Kitty

    Call in to the show live and tell us how your Second Grade teacher wrecked your life. 

    Dadio's Lunch Bucket has a little bit of everything. From time to time, live from the home studio at the MY OFFICE JVL building, and quite often on the road at local taverns and coffee shops, the Radio Clinic risks the perils of ad hoc radio. There is a working class blue-collar theme with local and regional interests that weave through the show. Some college degrees are mixed in. And, all along the way they try to give a voice to those ignored by the status quo.  Somehow, they entertain us all in the process.

    Segments include but are not limited to:  Word Phrase; Fish Fry; Quiz; Blue-Collar Jobs; Wisconsin War Casualties; News and Comment; and..., Burgers.

    You need to ask Dadio and his crew some questions..., the man comes with his own support group that is prepared and ready to pull him out of the holes he invariably digs himself into!

    Call the show, play the quiz, win, make Dadio buy you a beverage at a local watering hole!

    dadioslunchbucket.com - pod casts, crew, guests, and show outlines

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    Valentine Musical Extravaganza

    in Politics

    Supplemented with audio clips from the vast archive of over 1500 RFK episodes compiled since August 2007.

    Program Summary: 13 FEB 2015

    All songs available at the Internet Archive in the public domain.

    Helen Kane

    Harry Roy & his Bat Boy Orchestra

    Spike Jones

    Bennie Bell

    R. Crumb & his Cheap Suit Serenaders

    Jean Goldkette

    Billy Holiday

    Charlie Barnett & Orchestra

    Count Bassie

    Duke Ellington

    Fats Waller

    Harry James

    Jimmy Dorsey


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    Eagle & Condor Gathering: Bennie "Blue Thunder" LeBeau - Eastern Shoshone

    in Religion


    Bennie "Blue Thunder" LeBeau

    Greetings my Fellow Relative’s & Friend’s within all Nation’s and cultures; this message is about healing Mother Earth in an Eagle & Condor gathering online, fulfilling prophecy in ceremony, as we move through 2012. As an environmentalist as a Native American, the work that is being represented is about healing the elements within the Earth, Wind, Fire and Water elements. All matter upon Mother Earth is created from these elements: Our houses, clothes’, food's, car's, phone, computer's everything. We are all related to all that is in creation upon Mother Earth is created from these elements right down to our beings as human beings. The Earth Wisdom Foundation Network has been working on bring about many miracles that the scientific communities worldwide are aware of in our work.

    The new earth is preparing for a new birth of the new world is in her birthing pains called disaster’s are the shifts in Mother Nature as she prepares to birth the new world as we move towards the date of December 21st, 2012. The Native American Perspective about nature’s laws teaches wisdom and knowledge of how peace works in those laws’. Healing droughts, high winds, floods, volcanoes and other related electrical magnetic disturbances in the energy force fields that are out of balance due to humanities action within Mother Nature.

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    MCM Radio: Welcoming Richard LeBeau to the Titans

    in Sports

    MCM Radio is back tonight with tons of Titans news to talk about! First and foremost we'll have reactions and analysis of the news that Dick LeBeau will be joining the Tennessee Titans' coaching staff. From there, we'll be talking about the firing of Lake Dawson, the Super Bowl, the draft and much more.

    Tune in tonight at 8:00 CST for the live broadcast and chatroom, then download the podcast version for our exclusive bonus time content!

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