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    Ben Hansen

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    Tonight on Paranormal Prophecies, Chris and Dave will discuss their new book that is currently in the works. In the second half of the show we will be talking to Ben Hansen of the hit SyFy show Fact or Faked. We will ask him about about some of the famous cases that have been profiled on the show and how they determine which cases to examine. This is one show you DO NOT want to miss!

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    Ben Hansen "Explain That" Guest

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    Join Ben Hansen from SyFy's fact or faked with "Explain That" Radio: Guest Travis Walton Author of Fire in the Sky and The Walton Experience LIVE 10/14 10pm est on "Explain That Radio" With Host Ben Hansen only on www.liveparanormal.com
    “I looked at the vague but reassuring forms of the doctors around me. Abruptly my vision cleared. The sudden horror of what I saw rocked me as I realized I was definitely not in a hospital. I was looking square into the face of a horrible creature . . . with huge, luminous brown eyes the size of quarters! I looked frantically around me. There were three of them! Hysteria overcame me instantly.”  — Travis Walton

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    Ben Hansen: Using Visual Technology To Determine Paranormal Fact From Fiction

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    On the April 1, 2015 edition of "Nature Of Reality Radio" I welcome Ben Hansen who has worked on sifting through videos and photographs of paranormal things to determine fact from fiction. Apart from filming TV shows like Fact or Faked: Parnormal Files and UFO's Declassified, Ben is often asked to provide analysis for photos and videos for the Huffington Post Weird News column. Breaking-down captured media of alleged Bigfoot, UFO, and ghost events, Ben provides his expert opinion on some of the most viral stories in the current press.  He often presents his research and findings at dozens of conferences across the globe. Ben is an avid user of Night Vision technology and also films aerial video and photography with remote control multi-rotor helicopters.

    Ben's site: http://www.benhansen.com

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    The Ajay Bruno Show - Ben Hansen Interview

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    In this special episode of The Ajay Bruno Show, Ben Hansen, a former FBI Agent and host of SyFy's 'Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files' discusses his experiences and involvement in paranormal phenomenon

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    Ben Hansen Returns to AMH Radio

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    Ben Hansen is a man of many hats. The Utah native has never been one to sit still. Music, athletics, camping and the like were a huge part of his upbringing. Ben was encouraged to try new things and explore his many interests. Ben has a passion for discovery, and that passion turned into a career, several careers actually.

    After college he worked for the Utah County Sex Crimes Task Force. That led to a stint as an FBI special agent where he excelled in formal investigation techniques. Six years in the agency gave Ben a unique perspective on the world and it’s many fascinations. His unquenchable thirst for discovery took hold. In a very “X-Files” type fashion, he decided to branch out.

    The opportunity arose for Ben to develop and star in a reality television program where he could utilize his many skills. That opportunity became Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. Ben led the team in amazing hands-on investigations using all manner of scientific and technological methods, exposing hoaxes and shedding light on many popular myths and some of the strangest phenomenon ever captured on video.

    Since the wildly popular Syfy show unceremoniously ended, fans have scrambled to find something comparable to take its place. Like that could ever happen!  But luckily, its charming star Ben Hansen is still very much in the limelight. 

    Free to pursue other avenues of interest, Hansen has continued work in the entertainment field by starting his own company, Hypocenter Productions. Together with his night vision company NV Ops, Ben is developing projects dealing with one of his other interests, UFO's. 

    What else has Ben been up to? We'll find out on Tuesday June 3rd on America's Most Haunted Radio!


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    Join the Gettysburg Ghost Gals as they interview Ben Hansen. Ben hansen from Syfy's fact or faked, has been an FBI agent and also involved in other law enforcement jobs.Ben has various interests including ufo's , cryptozoology and other various phenoma. He also has other ventures such as Night vision Ops, firearm training, and security.

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    Ben Hansen, Presidential UFO Deception

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    Ben Hansen is the former host of Fact or Faked: Paranormal files on the SyFy channel, where they investigated paranormal cases, often attempting to reproduce the phenomena. Often they were able to uncover hoaxes, and innocent misidentifications. However, some cases they were unable to explain. Since the show ended, Hansen has continued his investigations into the paranormal, and is a frequent lecturer at paranormal conference. He also runs Night Vision Optics, and hold UFO night sky watching events.

    Hansen has a background in law enforcement, and spent years as an FBI agent. He has conducted thousands of interviews, and while not formerly educated in the area of body language analysis, he has a lot of experiencing working with experts. Last year Bill Clinton appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and Kimmel asked the former president about UFOs. Ben thought his body language was peculiar, so he conducted an analysis that he posted on YouTube. Recently, Obama also appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and was also asked about UFOs. Hansen analyzed that interview as well. In both interviews, Hansen believes the presidents were not sharing everything they knew. In this interview we interview Hansen and discuss what he found in his analysis.

    Read more about Ben at BenHansen.com.

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    Incubi Incarnate Broadcast's Valentine's Day Special with Ben Hansen - 2/10/2015

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    Tonight on Incubi Incarnate Broadcast's Valentine's Day Special broadcast, your host Bill Bachman welcomes very special guest Ben Hansen.

    Because his parents were so supportive, Ben developed an obsession for trying new things. These endeavors included becoming a licensed airplane pilot, amateur radio operator, licensed falconer, certified SCUBA diver, hang glider, Search and Rescue dog handler, and earning the Eagle Scout award in Boy Scouts. He graduated with honors from the University of Utah with a Bachelors degree in Sociology, certification in Criminology and Corrections, a Spanish minor, and a year of study abroad in Australia. After graduating college, he worked for several private and public agencies, including investigating child sex crimes and severe physical abuse on the Utah County Sex Crimes Task Force. His training and work later brought him to work in the position of Special Agent for the FBI. Ben also felt compelled to seize an opportunity presented to him to assist in forming a new investigative reality TV show. Departing from the mainstream paranormal shows prevalent at the time, this new show would not only conduct observation-based field investigations; it would focus primarily on alleged evidence already at hand. Ben and the show developers felt that after a methodical process of experimentation, whatever evidence remained unexplained... also became more compelling. From this concept was born the SyFy hit television show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. On Fact or Faked from the beginning, Ben led a team of five who traveled the world looking for answers to these mysteries. Ben also films aerial video and photography with remote control multi-rotor helicopters and teaches basic and advanced firearms courses as an instructor.  Ben also works as a Sr. Research Analyst for a non-profit disaster relief organization which is awaiting funding to fully launch.

    To learn more about Ben Hansen go to www.benhansen.com

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    Ben Hansen Interview

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    This week on The Horror Hour we close the book on Paranormal Month with a special guest and current host of SyFy's Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, Ben Hansen. Join us as Ben shares stories of his own paranormal research and what's in store for next season! You don't want to miss this!

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    A World Awakening: Ben Hansen joins us tonight.

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    "A World Awakening" strives to unify, empower and give voice to an ever-expanding collective of like-minded individuals who seek Light, gathering together as a cohesive global community. Changing the world begins with changing the mind. Our singular intention, our mission is to serve, to love, to explore, inform and enlighten, promoting peace along the path of a spiritual journey destined to achieve understanding of our eternal connection. We seek the truth which will liberate and elevate humanity.

    "Let us live simply in the freshness of the present moment, in the clarity of pure, awakened mind." Matthieu Ricard

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    Ben Hansen

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    Join us as we talk with Ben Hansen from the SyFy show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. It is sure to be a great show.