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    Talk to the Twins Show with Patricia Thompson of #WETv Cutting it in the ATL

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    Talk to the Twins Show with Patricia Thompson of #WETv Cutting it in the ATL

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    Executive Director of the APEX MUSEUM Dan Moore Jr
    Live on Talk to the Twins show #radio

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    Luis' Sports House - Fatal Fourway Wrestling Show

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    This Week in the WWE

    Monday Night Raw Review

    Impact of AJ Styles coming to the WWE, Apparent fued with Y2J? Possible future fueds.

    Has WWE already given away the ending to the main event at Wrestlemania?

    Rumors on matches for Wrestlemania

    The Onscreen break up of Team BAD, Brie Bella Babyface?

    Nikki Bella undergoes neck surgery

    Entire League of Nations injured?

    Bret Hart makes HUGE announcement.

    Axl Rotten

    Lucha Underground: WWE and TNA make offers?

    Which organization poses the bigger threat to WWE: Lucha Underground or TNA?



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    Twin Flames with Spiritual Advisor Judi Episode 4

    in Spirituality

    Spiritual Advisor Judi is here to help you with love Twin Flame kinda of love. She will teach us the different levels of twins flames, and where you are with yours. She has the power to help you and guide you thru this time in your life. She will tell you where your at, but it's up to you to make that choice the power is always in your hands.

    If your looking to talk with Judi on the show you can call us @ 914-205-5405

    You can also find her on My Psychic Connection click the link below then click on psychic


    My Psychic Connection offers all new members a Free call of 3 minutes!

    Sign up top up your account and claim your Free minutes...

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    Shriekfest Radio! Denise Gossett interviews filmmaker Joseph Martinez!

    in Paranormal

    Born and raised in Los Angeles the Martinez Twins, Joseph and Will, each attended Art Center College of Design where Joseph majored in Film and Will in Illustration.?The Twins blazed a trail independent of one another working in television, film and theme park production around the world and have now combined their talents to create the award-winning short film, "Knock".  Their upcoming projects include the feature adaptation of "Knock" titled, "American Witch," and a TV show about genetically modified food that has risen from the plate to eat mankind, "Food Zombies."  "Knock" was an official selection in Shriekfest 2015!

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    #27 - Kel Mitchell on Good Burger, Kenan & Kel, and "Nickelodeon at Super Bowl"

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    Remember Kenan & Kel?  Good Burger? Actor Kel Mitchell of Nickelodeon fame joined the Hall Of Justice live from San Francisco, site of Super Bowl 50.

    Nickelodeon is teaming up with the National Football League (NFL) to give kids and families an insider’s look at this year’s milestone Super Bowl 50 with exclusive, specially produced coverage of the events leading into the Big Game, from Super Bowl Opening Night to Kids’ Day and the NFL Experience. The net’s “Nickelodeon at Super Bowl Week” event begins Monday, Feb. 1, airing across Nickelodeon, Nicktoons’ NickSports programming block, as well as appearing on the channels’ websites, social media and the Nick App. 

    Nickelodeon will present NFL-themed content including: the NFL FLAG Championships special featuring appearances by Game Shakers’ Kel Mitchell; a brand-new music video from Flo Rida featuring Nick’s iconic animated characters with a Super Bowl remix of his hit single “My House;” and daily reports from the NFL Experience by Brec Bassinger and Coy Stewart, Nickelodeon’s stars from Bella and the Bulldogs. Fans in the San Francisco Bay Area can sign up for the opportunity to attend the NFL FLAG Championships here: http://draftedfans.1iota.com/show/453/NFL-Drafted-Fans.

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    Hosts: Infamous Informer, Matt 'Cereal Killer' Sacco, Aydenn 'He Has To Win' Wardle, Billal 'Vipah' Ilyaz, The Master Debaters

    Cameo: Shadfather & Steve Harvey

    The Infamous Informer celebrates his Wu-Tang Milestone birthday and has assembled a panel to make bold predictions for the 2016!

    But are these 'Master Debaters' too much for even the birthday man himself???

    Plus the Get In the Chair award - Grant breaks down why the Royal Rumble is NOT SPOILED like certain people claim!



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    in Spirituality

    How to describe this unique, one-of-a-kind Universal Cutting Edge call?

    You will know if it is for you.  And if it IS? You will never be the same!

    How did LOVE evolve?  When did Divine Creation begin?  Where are we now?  Where do I fit in?

    Hollow Earth Network members and friends are invited to join one of Peter Olson's rare radio discussions and Q & A, as we expand our knowledge and understanding of Truth.

    We invite you to visit Peter's website: http://manyofone.com/

    Look around - jot down your questions - and discuss them, tonight, with Peter!

    We look forward to meeting you as we, together, visit and discuss new insights and new understandings.

    Quantum Slideshow Presentation:  http://www.manyofonenew.com/Many_of_ONE_-_Home/Q.html

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    Nikki Bella,Chrissy Teigen,Diabetes ,Selena Gomez

    in Hip Hop Music

    WWE Diva Nikki Bella's career may be over, as she's set to undergo neck surgery.

    Chrissy Teigen is expecting her first child .  Diabetes Diabetes mellitus refers to a group of diseases that affect how your body uses blood sugar.

    Selena Gomez has grown into a talented young actress and musician.

    Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

    Powered by The Street Fighter Gazette !! The Dirty 30 Call Brawl Come Win Money. Must have Paypal ! Call in with the code and wining headline! Or just talk dirty . (818) 739-8831

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    The Week In Reviews - SkyTalk

    in Music

    progressive rock trio SkyTalk has released their highly anticipated debut EP “Days in the Sun”! SkyTalk is a 3 piece collaborative effort formed in January 2015 by twin brothers Jordan and Talor Steinberg and Dan “Ello” Costello. Costello was introduced to the twins by a mutual friend while all three were attending Purchase College. They bonded instantly on a similar taste in music, particularly 70's progressive rock bands like Yes and Rush. Shortly after meeting, the three met up again to jam and quickly found that they had an undeniable musical chemistry, as well as similar inner philosophies on life and music. Eager to form a band, the three began writing original music together and were surprised at the effortlessness of the process, writing five songs in a matter of two months that would later become their “Days in the Sun” EP.


    Blending their love of progressive music as well as soul and funk influences, SkyTalk polished their newfound sound and recorded the EP in the following months. With a lyrical emphasis on spiritual concepts, and the shared belief that music is a necessary and powerful force of healing and expression in the world, SkyTalk has released their first EP and is currently working on a new full length record which even further emphasizes these principles. The band is currently booking shows in the New York area as their full length record nears completion.

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    Thursday Night with Sapphire JBlue with Y.M. Sheree

    in Writing

    With day and night personalities what else could you expect to experience when you encounter the Humphries twins Seleste and Simone? Chaos! That’s right nothing but chaos! One loves to live in the moment while the other loves to plan for the future. What would happen if the roles were reversed? Circumstances place the sisters in a situation that makes one question if she made the wrong choice. 

    Then there is the business man Mr. Erik Rivers, lost in his desires for success may cause him to risk losing the love he desires. Hoping to rekindle the sparks an unforgettable trip is taken. Will he realize the switch made or get caught up in the web of deceit? Who is able to capture the love of his heart? What if he made the wrong the decision? Is it too late to turn back the hands of time? 

    The Switch Up is full of thought provoking experiences and unforeseen outcomes. Is it really that bad to play the guessing game and switch things up? You be the judge…