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    Being Human Now: Empowered Women over 60 on what to keep/what to leave behind

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    Unite with Your Highest Frequency

    Women of A Certain Age: What to let go. What to Keep.
    Join us on Saturday, March 1 at 3pm for a special edition of Being Human Now Radio when six illustrious women over the age of 60 gather to talk about what to let go and what to bring along in this new chapter of life.

    Journalist and writer (and now imported wine maven) Charlayne Hunter Gault, author A’Lelia Bundles, Women’s Rights advocate Patricia Smith Melton, Dr. Caryl Mussenden, spiritual life coach Renee Kizer, and psychiatric social worker Octavia Carlos join host Joia Jefferson Nuri for a honest look at the past, loosing close friends and how to evaluate what works now. 

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    Being Human Now: Better Sex and More of it

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    How to have better sex and more of it.

    Need we say more?  Tune in Saturday, March 29 at 3pm for a frank and honest discussion about our sex lives. Our panel of experts for this pre-recorded conversation is spiritual Life coach Ken Kizer, psychiatric social worker Octavia Carlos and Dr. Caryl Mussenden.

    Great sex. What could be better?

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    Being Human Now: Find Life's Purpose in Chronic Illness

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    The diagnosis of any chronic disease can be devastating...or it can bring about a new world view that helps you find your way in this life.  How can you convert a devastating diagnosis into a blessing for you and your family?  What can you learn about yourself by the illnesses you confront?

    Join our special guest Mitzi, who was diagnosed with Lupus, and her husband, Robert, as they talk about living and growing with a chronic ailment. Also joining us is Jessica Gilbart, President of the Lupus Foundation of America.

    Join host Joia Jefferson Nuri along with spiritual life coach Ken Kizer and psychiatric social worker, Octavia Carlos on the web and by telephone to partake in a remarkable conversation about finding life in chronic illness.

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    Incest Survivors

    in Lifestyle

    Incest Survivors have a lot of burdens to overcome. Families internalize the secret of sexual abuse and then blame the victim even if the victim is 6 and the perpetrator is 40. Joining us on the Being Human Now Podcast is psychiatric social worker Octavia Carlos who counsels incest survivors in the private practice.

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    The idea of projection

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    Probably the hardest concept to understand, aside from personal responsibility, is the idea of projection- that we invite people into our lives based on how we see, feel, and think about ourselves. Often, people can't imagine the reason for the experiences they are having are happening to them. Joining us on this Being Human Now Podcast to talk about how you are unconsciously creating the space you live is spiritual life coach Ken Kizer.

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    Being Human Radio with Elizabeth Rona. Espisode 1.

    in Psychology

    Being Human Radio is the dynamic radio program featuring licensed marriage & family therapist Elizabeth Rona.  Elizabeth  has more than 30 plus years as a therapist and will share her extensive knowledge with listeners on how to be "Human" throughout the show. 

    Some of the questions and topics covered in this first program are:  What is trauma and how can it effect us?  What is the difference between a trauma, an anxiety attack or phobia? How does stress effect us? What is Mind Sight? When does psychotherapy help when we have had a trauma?  What is the freeze response?

    These questions and more will be covered in this first episode of the Being Human Radio program! 


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    The Being Human Radio Program. Episode 3.

    in Psychology

    What are relationship differences between men and women? What does self-regulate mean? What is a relationship? How do we communicate?  What is non-verbal communication? What is love?

    The two requirements in a relationship.  What part of the brain is used when we are in conflict with our partner? The T Rex in our relationship.  How are men and women wired differently for communication?

    What is attachment? What major factor in a marriage leads to divorce? What causes a couple to go into fight-flight with each other?

    These questions and more will be discussed by Elizabeth Rona, L.M.F.T. in this episode of Being Human Radio.



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    The Being Human Radio Program. Episode 2.

    in Psychology

    What is stress? Should we trust "That Gut Feeling".

    How are we hard wired for survival?  What is the definition of trauma?  When a person says “I am stressed out”, what do they mean? How can you tell the difference between physical and psychosomatic stressors in your life? What is a shock trauma and how can it hamper our daily life? 

    What is Somatic Experiencing?  Who or what is the Saber Tooth Tiger in our daily life?  Can life experiences in childhood have a profound effect on us in adulthood?   What do we do when we become reactionary as adults from trauma’s in our childhood?  What steps do we take to remedy this? 

    Do you have an inner child that shows up during stressful situations?  What are modern stressors?  Does multitasking and multi-interpersonal relationships distract us? Does it affect intimacy?  What is collective trauma? What strategies can we use to counter stress?

    These topics will be covered in episode two of the Being Human Radio program with Elizabeth Rona, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. 

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    Welcome To Being Human!

    in Spirituality

    Amy Purdes of Sprite Creations and Cheryl Patton of 1 Woman's Wisdom team up for a special show "Welcome To Being Human!" 

    Many times, people feel the various divination paths restrict their ability to experience human emotions and actions as they are offered a "barrage of rainbows" during stressful times. Often, they feel it is impossible to climb the pedestal that seemingly appears before them.

    Listen in while Amy and Cheryl talk about accepting our role of being human!

    Check out Amy's websites today by clicking here and also her Etsy website. Cheryl can be reached on her daily blog by clicking here. 

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    The Adventure of Being Human- Jerry Lane- Host Daya Devi-Doolin

    in Self Help

    The Adventure of Being Human: The Holy Spirit Speaks  More Lessons on Soulful Living from the Heart of the Urantia Revelation.  Transmitted and edited by Jerry Lane.  $14.95 trade paperback • 155 pages • glossary and appendices

    In the first edition of The Adventure of Being Human, we introduced the central deity-personalities of the Urantia Revelation, Christ Michael (or Jesus) and his coequal consort, Mother Spirit. We learned about their startling affection for us, their sons and daughters. In this sequel, we now focus exclusively on Mother Spirit. As revealed in The Urantia Book, Mother Spirit is the majestic source of the Holy Spirit and of life itself, and she is the creator of the vast angelic host who minister to us every day of our lives.

    Jerry Lane is retired carpenter and foreman supervisor with a masters degree in creative writing who has transmitted lessons from Michael and Mother Spirit for the last ten years. He is the principal author of The Adventure of Being Human, and is a long-time student of The Urantia Book as well as a Zen pracitioner. He resides in Marin County, California.

    www.padaran.com for all of Rev. Daya Devi-Doolin

    www.akalevelseven.com  for all of Daya & Chris' music

    padaran@padaran.com - Prayer requests, healings and Reiki healing in training

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    Mental Health is the Root Cause of Violence

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    Psychiatric Social Worker Octavia Carlos explains how mental health issues, such as, rage and despair are the root cause of the increase in violence in the United States. From a racist rage that results in church shootings to the increase in murders by police officers, mental instability and the inability to process anger is thecire issue. Ms. Carlos gives us insight and leads us toward personal and societal solutions.