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    Data Systems Made Simple for Behavioral Health: TMS Behavioral Health EHR

    in Psychology

    There are few enough women in technology fields, even fewer in Behavioral Health EHR technology. Our listeners can only imagine our surprise to find what we refer to as a unicorn. We are honored to interview Dr. Kelly Hyde and Mary Curry of Social TecKnology. 

    Please enjoy the full blog which includes their bios here.

    Questions we cover on the show are listed below:

    Why is the behavioral health field your passion?
    How did you come to the business of developing an EHR for behavioral health?
    Tell us about the TMS – Technology Made Simple EHR, and how the EHR is an innovation in the field of behavioral health and integrated physical and behavioral health EHR?
    What role has the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) NIH grant played in Social TecKnowledgy’s EHR offerings?
    How many users of TMS are there?
    What are the clinical and quality assurance mechanisms for TMS?


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    Behavioral Health Compliance: An Interview with Theresa Wray, LMFT

    in Psychology

    Today we interview business owner, clinician, and consultant Theresa Wray of Synergy Consulting Services. A rare and exciting connection for us because of one major factor: Theresa loves finding needles in haystacks. In fact, she excels at it. All of the necessary yet hair pulling work that counselors and Behavioral Health organizations dread to do are actually fun for Theresa.  Things like reading your Managed Care contracts, auditing your charts, reviewing compliance plans, and verifying state regulations.  Enjoy getting to know her during our interview on Mental Health News Radio.  More importantly, enjoy getting to know what she can do for your Behavioral Health organization.

    What made you start your consulting firm?

    Why the name ‘Synergy’? What exactly does that mean?

    You “officially” launched earlier this year. How are things going?

    So who do you typically work with?

    How so? What types of services do you provide?

    Managed care, particularly around Compliance/Fraud, Waste, and Abuse, documentation, state-specific regulations, as well around some of the business-related issues that we weren’t taught about in grad school. For example, NPIs, CAQH, taxonomy codes, coming on board with managed care organizations, developing paperwork. 

    What would you say sets you and Synergy apart from many of the other coaches and consultants who are available to providers?

    What advice would you give to someone considering opening their own practice or expanding their services?

    How can people find out more about working with you?

    Please enjoy the full blog article HERE.

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    Where Behavioral Health EHR Vendors are Missing In Action with Doug Edwards

    in Psychology

    Join Doug Edwards, Vice President and Managing Director of Vendome Healthcare Media’s Behavioral Healthcare division, joins us to today to discuss what is trending in Behavioral Healthcare today and what EHR vendors are missing when it comes to marketing their software.  

    Some of the questions we asked Doug are listed below:

    What big trends have you seen in the behavioral health field during your 15 year career? 

    Why do you think investors are interested in behavioral healthcare now? 

    Should providers be concerned about the amount of “new money” flowing into the field? 

    Does the increased investment in the field only apply to for-profits? What about for not-for-profits? 

    What is the role of information technology and EHRs in relation to the investment flowing into treatment centers? 

    Where can providers turn to for information on selecting EHRs?

    What trends should providers be preparing for now? 

    How can listeners become more engaged with Behavioral Healthcare magazine? 

    Please read the full blog article here.

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    Behavioral Health Organization Efficiencies: Scott Lloyd, President MTM Services

    in Psychology

    Scott Lloyd, President of MTM Services, National Council for Behavioral Health Consultant, and the author of Using Data to Drive Your Service Delivery Strategies: A Toolkit for Healthcare Organizations joins us on Mental Health News Radio to discuss the following:

    What is MTM Services and why Behavioral Healthcare ?

    What was your take on this year's National Council for Behavioral Health conference?

    What are the trends you are seeing regarding Behavioral Healthcare?

    What about Behavioral Healthcare technology?

    What is your take on EHR vendors holding patient data hostage or charging fees for providers to have access to that data when a provider leaves a system?

    What areas of Behavioral Health does MTM cover?

    How would a Behavioral Health organization contact you and what are the steps an agency needs to take to engage your company for services?

    What kinds of services do you provide?

    Enjoy the full blog article here.

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    Bringing Some Latin Flavor to the Behavioral Health EHR Market

    in Psychology

    A pleasure for all of us at everythingEHR is finding organizations that truly care about and have credibility in Behavioral Health. One of our favorite EHR vendors is ClinicTracker by JAGProducts. We had the opportunity to meet their entire team in 2014 and again in June of 2015 at their offices in New York. We want to know who the people are that work behind the scenes to bring excellent technology to our mental health providers.  

    Enjoy the full article here.

    We asked Matthew Cullipher who wears many hats at ClinicTracker (support, sales, marketing, video production – need we go on?) to join us on Mental Health News Radio. Matt started a not-for-profit in Latin America www.peopleprojectinc.com working with their mental health population. Sharing Matt’s passion for this field and how he spends his personal time will inspire you.These are the kinds of people you want handling mental health records.

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    Browser Based Behavioral Health EHR: Checkpoint by Integrity Support

    in Psychology

    Integrity Support is a North Carolina based electronic health record software company created for Behavioral Health providers. They have a unique and browser-based product. The founding members are comprised of a clinical psychologist and software engineer.  Please read their accompanying blog article here.  We interviewed both their CEO and Vice President on our show and covered the questions below:

    1. How and why did you get started?

    2. Why the name Integrity Support? 

    3. Why do you do what you do?

    4. What are your company strengths? 

    5. What makes your Checkpoint software different from other EHR’s? 

    6. What are your biggest challenges?

    7. How have you competed with the big EHR’s? 

    8. You’ve said that the most common feedback you hear about your Checkpoint software is that it is the easiest system available. Why is that?

    9. How sustainable is Checkpoint by Integrity Support for the future? 

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    Behavioral Health EHRs: ClinicTracker Connect with Dr. Michael Gordon

    in Psychology

    Today we have the pleasure of interviewing Michael Gordon, Ph.D. who is a Professor of Psychiatry and Director of Research & Development for JAG Products premier Behavioral/Mental Health and Chemical Dependency EMR.  Also joining us is the Director of Sales & Marketing, Mr. Mark Shriro. Enjoy the accompanying Blog Article here.

    Some of the questions we ask on today's show:

    How did ClinicTracker come about? 
    What were the principles you followed in developing the software? 
    How has the software evolved over the years? 
    Why haven’t you expanded ClinicTracker to serve markets other than those related to behavioral healthcare? 
    ClinicTracker was one of the first Behavioral Health EHRs to obtain Meaningful Use Stage 2 certification. Why? 
    Why do you think ClinicTracker has been so successful over the last 15+ years? 
    What are some of your most popular features?
    Talk to us about some of your clients and also what is on the roadmap in terms of features.

    No, this is not your typical vendor showcase radio show.  ClinicTracker was developed by Joshua Gordon a Cornell University School of Engineering graduate and Dr. Michael Gordon, clinical psychologist.  The software is virtually bug free and we delve into why, how, and what this incredible program can do for your agency.

    Please review the full blog article about the show here as well as their contact information.

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    Behavioral Health

    in Education

    The Cost of Ignoring Mental and Behavioral Health Issues II.
    This episode will continue the discussion of who is responsible for providing behavioral and mental health services to those in our community who have the greatest need. We will talk about the involvement of schools and community based organizations in providing services for youth and their families.
    You are invited to weigh-in on the topic and pose questions for our panel.

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    How to Comply with HIPAA in a Behavioral Health Practice by Roy Huggins, LPC

    in Psychology

    It was our pleasure to interview one of the few experts on HIPAA compliance for Mental Health practitioners.  Roy Huggins, LPC NCC is Director of Person-Centered Tech, a consulting and continuing education firm that serves the healthcare community. Roy worked as a professional Web developer for 7 years before changing paths and makes it his mission to grow behavioral health clinicians’ understanding of the Internet and other electronic communications mediums for the future of our practices and our professions. Roy also acts as Technology Chair for the Oregon Counseling Association, is an advisory board member for the Zur Institute, and is an adjunct instructor at the Portland State University Department of Counselor Education. He routinely consults with healthcare professionals on issues of technology in practice as well as compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule.

    Roy can be contacted via his website at www.personcenteredtech.com.  His CE courses and written interview can be found here.

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    Addiction And Sobriety With New Roads Behavioral Health

    in Youth

    Today on GUC, I am sitting down with Jake Marcus and Ray Russo, graduates of the New Roads Behavioral Health Treatment Program in Sandy, Utah. New Roads specializes in providing affordable drug rehab programs for young adults. 

    Jake and Ray will be walking us through everything that we need to know about young adults and recovery. Nothing is off limits!

    Some of our exciting topics of discussion include: Jake and Ray's personal stories of recovery, pot smoking, overdoses, asking for help, having fun in sobriety as well as some sage advice for parents and loved ones. And much, much more!

    For more on New Roads Behavioral Health, click here.

    All information in this episode is intended for informational purposes only. You should talk to your doctor or therapist before beginning or implementing any course of treatment 




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    Episode 1151: Firefighter Behavioral Health

    in Training

    Discussing all things mental health and wellness. Dr. Beth and guests will address topics in the fire service from entry level psychological evaluations to ongoing mental health issues, from routine to the unexpected.