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    Bee Venom Therapy and Acupuncture Meridian Lines ~ Where the heck do I sting? #6

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    Now that you want to sting, where the heck do you place those stings?

    We know that placement of the Bee Sting, is one of the primary questions to the new BVT patient.

    This is prudent to learn the why's of how this works in it's symbiotic relationship.

    I know myself I was harshly shoved into the Beek world, where some expected them to know where to place stings.

    Sadly, that's not sound advice. The Acupuncture world knows these matters well.

    How does application of Bee Venom stings relate to the Acupuncture points & sites??

    Does time of day matter?How does your infection load affect your treatment plan?

    So many variables to consider! We have Amber Rose here to discuss the interrelationship of BVT and Acupuncture. Her book, Bee In Balance discusses much of these choices and why them matter.

    Why does this meridian line work for your condition and others don't.

    Please join us to reveal the keys to proper placement, at the right time in your own, personal BVT journey.

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    Topic; We will be discussing the responcibilitys we have to each other as a People Culture and Humanity,What is our roles and what part do we all play? What are our obligatios to one another?  have we been furfilling them? Far to long selfishness,stupidity and greed have kept us from truly progressing, and so today this is were at,Weve lost the directive and have become entangled in the illusion of fame and fortune,What about culture? What about the youth? What about the future? We cant run from ourselves,Until we first understand that theres no me with out you,and no you with out me,we are one "UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL",

    We cant allow those who practice in behaviors and activitys that keep us from reaching our potential to be in the fore front of our representation,we have enough house niggers in the game,and alot of sell outs,who dont see the true spectre of the situation,They are blinded by the illusions of grandure,i call em "SLEEP WALKERS" or better yet "ZOMBIES"






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    FantasySavvy's Radio Show: 2015 Preseason Intro

    in Sports

    Join us tonight live as we break down the NFC East & North as well as discuss some sleepers and key rookies. You can call us with any questions you have regarding your upcoming drafts & auctions. Make sure to follow us on Twitter @ FantasySavvy and check our site out FantasySavvy.com which will have our Player Tiers posted over the weekend. You can also listen to the show On Demand. Thanks for listening!!

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    Reach Out America: Mind Pool

    in Current Events

    This s time on Mins Pool, Keeper talks with people exposed to toxic gasses. The corporation responsible settles for 85 million that gets tied up in escrow. Then the lawyers clam up and side with money and greed. Anyone need a new Mercedes?


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    Wise up Wednesdays

    in Indie Music

    Whatup its wednesdays Peace love and light 2 all today we have Saten bey swerving thru to drop some Jewels on us "the revolution will not be televised" its alot going on in our community and we cant keep ignoring it.. we must take action, alot might know him by Eezy green hes also a music artist so we will be leaking his new tunes and discussing his book!!! Its all about the independent artist want your music played on the next show?? send mp3s MP3S ONLY to dippedinthemorn@gmail.com all we ask is help promote the station the lines will be open until 5 pm 929-477-1796 but we will be jamming until 6pm looking to get interviwed or advertise your company or brand Hit us up we got you NETWORK TO MAKE THE NETWORTH inbox or call in with your request and to all the Dj's send us a 30 minute mix 4 the show Artist send us some drops to for ARE RADIO visit www.queencityawards.com and nominate #daidizzle hiphop youth artist of the year thanks for all your support LOVE PEACE AND WAVE GREESE WE JAMMINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN Salute Queen Bee she will be callin in dropping the health tips so be sure 2 tune in ASE

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    Dynasty Time 2015 Pre-Draft Special

    in Sports

    Join us as we discuss the newly released keeper list, the new league website and much more!

  • Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio with NEW HOSTS

    in Podcasting

    Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio with New Co-Hosts Tanisha J. Blanton and Barbara Williams Cason.

    In this episode we will pretty much talk to the new hosts and let them talk about themselves.  

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    SLZE Sports Fantasy Draft - 8/25/15

    in Sports

    Listen in the all of the debauchery when Annie, Beamer, Bruno, Coach, DNash, Howie, Hugh, Lou, Rome, and Zo have their 4th annual Live Keeper Fantasy Draft!  Who's the players to stay away from the the hidden gems?  Listen in to find out!

    Listen in as Coach Scott, Sweet Lou, D.Nash and Zo tear apart the sports world.   Listen in for the weekly segments where we crown our SLZE of the Week, Scotty Doesn't Know, the Hot Seat (done outside of football season), our picks for the week, and the Sound Off, Send Off!  Also, the fellas are proudly the radio voice of the DC Rollergirls! 

    Call In! Let us know what you think!!

    We go LIVE every Tuesday night at 9:00pm from the Basement/Penthouse Capitol of the World.  Check out the website: www.SLZESports.com, like us of Facebook, follow us on Twitter @SLZESports


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    Dakota Discus & HannaPro Discus Talk Discus: Stendkers VS Asians

    in Pets

    Dakota Discus has been breeding Stendker Discus while I'm attempting to breed Asians. Dakota Discus believes in Stendker Discus while I believe in all the different strains of Asian discus. Stendker Discus are very limited in the types they have. I think Asian Discus are beautiful Fish. However, I do agree that Stendker Discus are hardier so, come listen as AJ from Dakota Discus explains why. You can call in at 1-347-677-1837. AJ is an avid snake and fish keeper so come join show at 8 pm EST this evening.

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    Taking over tuesdays

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    Taking over tuesdays and we are taking over the radio airwaves Turn up Turn up Turn up lol its your girl honeydip and mz tigga live rom the carolinas and stl salute to eveyone who's tuned in and supporting the station we play the hottest of the hot so when you send us music make sure you sending that heat MP3 files only send to dippedinthemorn@gmail.com WE need drops to ASAP for ARE RADIO DJ's we need some 30 minute mixes lines open from 3-5 but we are jamming until 6 pm 929--477-1796 Queen bee will be calling in with the health tips Eat healthy to be wealthy salute my CEO. Looking to adverise your company or brand send us a mp3 audio commercial and we will run it for you, any artist looking to do interviews email us and we can set it up for bookings or features contact anotherrealm.entertainment@gmail.com 13love 13knowledge 13wisdom 13RA Spect inbox your request Have a wonderful day salute