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    "Beauty Pageant Do's and Don'ts"

    in Romance

    The Girfriend Network with host Taheerah, Nacone and Karishma discuss beauty pageants.  Taheerah adds a first-person view as she was just crowned Miss Tri-State.

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    Start-Up Financing; Beauty Pageant Contestants As Job Candidates;

    in Business

    Fatima Coello, Executive Director of the Miss Art Deco Beauty Pageant in Miami, Florida, contestants in modern pageants demonstrate many characteristics valued by potential employers. Therefore they Beauty pageants are shedding old stereotypes and becoming a source for employment recruiters searching for the perfect job candidate. 

    Manu Rekhi, Director at Inventus Capital Partners, talks about early-stage startup financing and highlights the post-money valuation issue of startup dilution and investor ownership while offering solutions.

    Monica Van Cleve, owner of The Van Cleve Seafood Co.talks about successfully creating a prepared food company .


  • All Hail The Queen

    in Lifestyle

    I Wish I was a Beauty Queen

    Sarah Cummings

    I spent too much time wishing I would be someone I'm not
    I wish I had smaller thighs
    I wish I had prettier eyes
    I wish I had cuter toes
    I wish I had a better nose
    I wish I had fuller lips
    I wish I had smaller hips
    I wish my stomach was flatter
    I wish all this didn't matter
    All this wishing
    And compliment fishing
    Does nothing to change my soul
    I'm just trying to fill a hole
    A hole created by this warped definition of beauty
    But I'm unique
    I'm no longer weak
    No longer wanting to change
    all because
    told me they swear
    Fall under this 'category' of beauty
    But I am here to prove them wrong
    And show that I am strong
    And show I belong
    And she
    And we
    All belong
    in this 'category'
    of  Beauty
    no longer warped
    no longer having to be worked
    to be given the title
    Of a Beauty Queen

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    How I Attracted Over 120 Contestants to Compete in my Pageant

    in Entertainment

    Dear Festive Friend,

    Today I am bringing you a new show on the topic of Attracting Clients. 
    I think this is the NUMBER one frustration or struggle that most Entrepreneurs have so I thought that I would kindly share how I regularly attract Beauty Pageant Contestants in my pageant business UK's Dazzling Beauty! I have also have approx 1000 people attend my events too and so I have also sold a lot of tickets in my time too, these people are also clients that I have attacted into my life so the information that I will present to you today will really help you to go out there and do the same :-) 

    You will learn:
    - How to create your Dream Client Profile (Know who you want to serve and why) 
    - How to Attract your Dream Client 
    - How to stop attracting Nightmare clients (Or How to Spot a Nightmare Client early)
    - How to Marketing and Promote your Business More effectively 
    - How to Buid your Pageant Competition if you run Beauty Pageants too 
    - How to Cope with having an Abundance of Clients 
    ...and so much more!

    Thanks for LISTENING, please share this show on Faceboo& Twitter.

    Click here to sign up to my Festive Success Newsletter for success tips, encouragement, videos& freebies that can help you to become the BEST version of you:

    If you would like to work with me 1-1 please contact me today! I offer Success Coaching and I can only work with 4-5 coaching clients per month. So hurry :-) 

    Many blessings.

    Queen x


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    Pageant Life - Finding that perfect dress...does it exist?

    in Entertainment

    Ever been in a pageant?  Then you know the woes of trying to find that perfect pageant dress.  The one that is going to set you apart for the rest.  Well, here are some awesome tips on how to make this task "somewhat" easier and relieve some of the stress!

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    Intuitive Beauty, Dating and Healing Show

    in Spirituality

    Goldylocks Productions Presents the Intuitive Beauty, Dating and Healing Show with Cheryl Domino.

    Cheryl is a Reiki Practitioner and a licensed Esthetician for over 16 years. In the salon, she gives clients a combination of a facial, healing, and reading. She also a medical intuitive that cannot only see issues you may have with your health, but any blocks in your chakras.

    Cheryl will have new guests every week. These guests will be skin care experts, dating experts, amazing psychics, healers and astrologers. There is something for everybody! Please join Cheryl for an hour of insightful information, fun and healing.


    Special Guest: Carl Young

    Carl is a multi-generational psychic/medium and Tarot reader. He has 20 years experience in the field of mental health both in counseling and nursing, where he worked with adolescents, trauma survivors, people recovering from sex addictions, chemical dependencies and developmental delays. He has also taught special education with both gifted and remedial students.

    He has a degree in History from California State University Long Beach and extensive knowledge and practice of spiritual and metaphysical traditions, both east and west. He also has a deep knowledge and experience with psychology, Jungian analysis, dream interpretation and philosophy. He has worked successfully with many private clients not only as a psychic reader, but as a private intuitive counselor for clients who have found traditional psychotherapy ineffective.

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    American Dreamer Taking A Stand Against Child Abuse

    in Radio

    If you don't stand up for the children; who will?  Monica Tanner will that's who.  Monica is a fighter she will take on those who hurt children.  She fights with her crown and sash.  This Queen is working hard to make this world safe for all children.  Monica is Ms. Florida American Dream 2016 and will be competing in July in the Nationals.  This Queen volunteers, form walks and do events to bring Child Abuse Awareness in Citrus County.  She has joined forces with Together We Rise a non- profit organization.  

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    Sunday Morning Word W/ Rev. T Russell Moore : Your Flower fades in time

    in The Bible

    God's word is eternal. Flowers keep their beauty for only a few weeks   God does no want you to make a great investment  in the glory of this world. All the glory of the world passes away therefore do not  invest alot in what you can't keep.  The Lord wants us to trust what endures thats his word.

  • Beauty and The Beat

    in Music

    Ms. Danyelle Radio is chatting it up about BEAUTY!!!! Come tune in and take a listen.

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    Let The Games Begin NAILYMPIA LONDON

    in Education

    Athena travels across the pond  to take place as one of 21 international nail judges for SCRATCH Magazine. Us Head Judge, Elaine Watson sits in as cohost for a fun show filled with the best of UK's "nail knowledge" !

    Special guest nail tech Charlie Craggs, a social media sensation and activist revolutionising transphobia.



  • Green Egg Radio with Tesea Dawson

    in Spirituality

    Tesea Dawson is a native of Tennessee and is one of the founding members of the Celtic, Tribal, Gypsy, Rock band Tuatha Dea.  She’s toured with the group for five years playing the bass guitar, the flute, keyboard and various percussion instruments.  Her final show was December 31, 2014 after deciding to leave to raise her two children.  Today she remains involved with the group by assisting with bookings, promotions, etc. 

    After spending 5 years touring the festival circuit she is now using that knowledge and close network of friends and tribe to build a new convention in Nashville, TN.  After being inspired by a smaller festival she was asked to help coordinate in April of 2015, she began building a convention based on the idea of unity.  ODD Con personifies that as it’s main message is be original, be diverse, be different.  Though not labeled a pagan event it remains pagan friendly and hosts a variety of pagan speakers, authors, musicians and presenters.  In order to bring folks of all walks of life together she has incorporated mainstream acts and presenters and incorporated events that reach a diverse audience to include a zombie pin up beauty pageant, a professional drag show and a cosplay contest.  Her belief is that societies view of normal is nothing more than a façade and deep down we are all just a bunch of weirdos.  To prove that, she blends the strange, unique and odd into one giant melting pot of weird in order to celebrate everyone’s individual brand of YOU.   No matter your race, religion, sexual orientation, upbringing or age, her goal is to build a community where everyone has a place and show that we all really can get along. 

    For more info please go to www.oddconnashville.com