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    Beate Chelette: Thinking Your Way to the Top

    in Self Help

    As the amount of information continues to pour in about how maintain a healthy lifestyle, it still comes down to having a positive mindset and to find your sense of purpose in life which will help you to live longer and happier, no matter what age you are.

     “The right mindset, and something to look forward to can help you to live longer – even when your purpose hasn’t become clear yet.”

     We all face challenges and adversity that seem to weigh us down at some point in life, but if we allow our negative thinking to control our psyche we can’t see or enjoy life’s gifts.

    My guest today is Beate Chelette who will elaborate on how maintaining a positive outlook, even after the obstacles life throws in your path, can help you understand your purpose and succeed.


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    Frank V. Vernuccio, Jr. and Beate Chelette join us "In the Pickle Barrel"

    in Politics Conservative

    Showtime 8AM-10AM EST

    Since so many progressives and intellectuals think collectivist governments are so cool, it’s time they surveyed the result of those administrations on the countries they control. Frank V. Vernuccio, Jr., J.D., editor-in-chief of the New York Analysis of Policy & Government and the " Co-host of the Vernuccio/Novak report on the nationally syndicated amfm247 network", columnist and contributor for media outlets will join us "In the Pickle Barrel" to discuss MAYDAY: A CELEBRATION OF HYPOCRISY.  

    Ladies, you do not want to miss this segment: Dallas businesswoman Cheryl Rios, the CEO of Go Ape Marketing, said on CNN's New Day and Facebook that women aren't fit for the U.S. presidency is standing by her views in a very indignant manner. "...the woman should cook the meal for the man, like I believe in staying home when you have your child.

    Beate Chelette, Creator and Owner of The Women’s Code® and ego-RHYTHM® will elaborate on this developing story and how it relates to her continued battle to keep women in power on the front line. 

    Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" and share your thoughts on these two topics in the online chat room or call in at 855-236-2486.


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    Beate Chelette: How to Overcome Fear & Find Happiness

    in Self Help

    Fear holds us back from realizing our dreams. It paralyzes us even when we can see success is within our grasps. Because of fear, many of us give up too early and never reach our most important goals. It’s our fear of failure, fear of inadequacy, and fear of the unknown that makes it so difficult to keep moving forward. But why? The answer is etched deep in our psyche because we have all experienced adversity. If you have ever been bullied, abused, ignored, or made fun of, those negative experiences can destroy a person’s self-confidence. We need to overcome those experiences to drive away our fears. Then, we free ourselves to pursue our dreams and live the life we’ve always wanted. 

    Beate Chelette, creator of The Women's Code, reveals the secret that allows you to overcome your fears and find true happiness. 


    Visit Beate Chelette at the following websites:  




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    Women are better than Men? Featuring Beate Chelette, Author

    in Current Events

    U&I TALK : Women are better than Men? Featuring Beate Chelette, Author.  

    Of course a woman would say that! But Tune in anyways to find out for yourself...

    Tune in to hear from our Featured Guest Expert :

    Beate Chelette, Nationally Known Gender Decoder, Social Media Expert, Speaker, Creator of The Women's Code and Author of Happy Woman Happy World

    According to her : Women were more likely than men to make money in the market, mostly because they didn’t take as many risks. And why are they risk-averse? Because they’re not as overconfident as men...

    Find out more on her Website : http://thewomenscode.com/


    Tune in to hear this conversation with U&I TALK SHOW's Host :

    Louise UWACU, Author, Talk Show Host, Philantropist and Motivational Speaker...


    Welcome to another great Episode of U&I TALK SHOW with Louise UWACU.

    LIVE as of 2pm Pacific. 5pm E.T. 10pm London. Mid-Night in Nairobi. KMT.

    Brought to U&I by IMANA & UWACU PRODUCTIONS.







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    #YourDailyMindjuice w/ Beate Chelette

    in Motivation

    Beate Chelette is a single mom, entrepreneur and self-made multi millionaire. Her career in the creative industry with emphasis on photography spans over 25 years. Chelette immigrated to the USA in 1989.
    Shortly thereafter she started and ran her own small business providing full support services for photographers, advertising agencies and recognized clients such as Levi's, Mercedes Benz, Mervyn's and Coldwell Banker. For 13 years to the day she weathered adversity both financially and privately but her desire to succeed and refusal to quit paid off in the end. In 2006 Chelette sold her stock photography business to a company privately held by Bill Gates. Chelette got her feet wet in the corporate world following the acquisition of her company but went back to her roots of being an Entrepreneur shortly thereafter. She lives in Los Angeles and consults and speaks of Entrepreneurship, Success and Women Who Want It All. Chelette is currently writing a book and developed her breakthrough method ego-RHYTHM to challenge and help women to wanting it all and getting it, too.

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    Beate Chelette Brings Happy Woman to Rock 'n' Roll Success

    in Entrepreneur

    Tim Gillette is an Author, Speaker, Radio Show Host, and the creator of The Rock'n'Roll Keys to Business Success. Helping entrepreneurs stand out as leaders in their industry.

    Join us each week as we share an outside the box success story. Interesting people who took a different path and built success doing it.

    This weeks guest:

    Beate Chelette to share about her new book Happy Woman Happy World


    Beate Chelette is a respected speaker, coach, and successful entrepreneur.After selling her creative company in 2006 to Bill Gates for millions of dollars, Chelette pursued her mission to build a global community of women who will collaborate and support each other. In business and in her personal life as a single mother, Chelette witnessed first-hand how women treat other women, how they boycott, bully, and backstab other women’s careers and personal lives. She is fiercely determined to turn that around by creating a new Core Code of Conduct by which women will live happier, more successful lives and as results show – have better relationships with other women and men.

    In 2011, drawing on the tools, hard knocks, and strategies she learned on her road to success, Chelette founded The Women’s Code. Chelette has created programs to improve Work-Life Balance, Leadership on C.U.E., and Career Advancement for Entrepreneurs and Creatives.

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    The Transformational Power of Classical Music

    in Lifestyle

    lassical music can literally move us. Every music is musical multimedia and it is a contagious vibration. Today on our show we have guest, Beate Willma a Classical & Transformational Coach! Beate is a classical musicologist, choral conductor, organist and opera dramaturge. We will be playing a piece of music that Beate has choosen. You are in for a real treat! The music is “LULLABY (NANA) from the album: Federico García Lorca, Blood Wedding. Music by Hans-Erik Philip. Simone Kermes, soprano. Budapest Radio Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. Béla Drahos, conductor.”  Beate will be sharing with us how classical music can literally move us and how the Ancient Greeks wrote about this. In the work that Beate does, there are two types of coaching. One being Classical music in coaching which is opera introductions and opera intensives and how they identify with the journey of the heroine, unbury emotions and projecting one's own plot. The other is Coaching classical musicians, your dreams, pressure, possibilities and creating space for creativity. Have you ever felt a calling to dive into the world of classical music? Have you thought about being coached in classical music? Are you already a classical musician and looking for coaching? Then you will want to listen to this show! Join us to see how the classical music has the power to transform. Listen in at www.blogtalkradio.com/lindasconscioustalks or call in and ask questions at (847) 850-8423.

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    Interview with Beate Chelette Founder of The Women's Code

    in Management

    Beate Chelette is a respected career coach and successful entrepreneur.  After selling one of her companies in 2006 to Bill Gates for millions of dollars, Chelette pursued her dream of building a community of women around the world who would help each other.  In business, Chelette had seen how badly women treat other women, and she was determined to turn that around by creating a new code of conduct by which women could live happier, more successful lives.  In 2011, drawing on the tools and strategies she learned on her road to success, Chelette founded The Women’s Code, a movement that is transforming the lives of women everywhere.

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    BGE Radio powered by BlogTalk: BGE Presents

    in Entrepreneur

    #BGEPresents with host @jiggyjaguar

    Beate Chelette, Nationally Known Gender Decoder, and Speaker; Creator of The Women's Code and Author of Happy Woman Happy World


    "Social Media Gets You Hired"



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    The Serpent on a Pole by Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith

    in Religion

    In this session Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith shares his insights about the serpents in the wilderness with some children. He emphasizes to them the necessity to always be in a position in life where we can see the “serpent on the pole” meaning…always be ready to look to the cross when the serpent bites. Dr. Smith’s wife Beate also shares a bit in this about how they raised their children to fall in love with the scriptures. Please check out our website @RemnantXRadio.com!

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    Beate Chelette--Happy Woman-Happy World? #2640

    in Finance

    The Originator and Creator of The Women's Code and Nationally Known Gender Decoder Beate Chelette (herself a survivor of a decade of bad luck)can elaborate on this developing story and how it relates to her continued battle to keep women in power on the frontline.   


    Meet Beate Chelette:


    * Respected Speaker, Coach, and Successful Entrepreneur


    * German Immigrant


    * Start-Up Business Specialist


    * Single Mom


    * Social Media Expert


    * Creator and Owner of The Women’s Code® and ego-RHYTHM®


    * Worked as a Photo Editor for Elle Magazine


    * Owner, President, and CEO of Beate Works for 13 years until she sold it to Bill Gates


    * Senior Director of Photography Entertainment for Corbis, one of the world’s largest providers of images


    * Author of Happy Woman Happy World