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    Beards on MMA - The Return of the Kings! World MMA Awards, Drug Testing

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    Yes welcome back folks to the best MMA podcast in all the land - Beards on MMA!  On this edition of Beards on MMA, we discuss the World MMA Awards which occurred in Las Vegas in late January and was attended by Cutman Matt and Pro Matt.  How did Team Matt fare in Vegas, and what did they think of the overall presentation?

    We will then talk about the stunning number of failed drug tests in MMA recently and discuss, among other things, whether or not we really believe it's hurting the sport, and who it is hurting as well as consequences.

    Also...Jon Fitch? Really?

    Lastly, we'll close out by chatting in length about Bellator 133 and UFC Fight Night: Henderson vs. Thatch (though we spend more time talking about some of the awful nicknames on the card) and briefly touching on World Series of Fighting 18.

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    Beards on MMA with Michelle Ould

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    Tonight on Beards on MMA, we welcome the exciting, the unabashed, the very direct Michelle "Thundercat" Ould, the world's #3 ranked womens' Flyweight in the world.  Michelle has been on the sidelines nursing injury since her victory over Munah Holland at Bellator last year, but it sounds like she's ready to go, and recently tweeted that she was sent a bout agreement.  When can we expect to see her back?  With who exactly? 
    After that, we'll switch gears to Bellator 103 and UFC 166 to close out the night.
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    Beards on MMA with Jade Porter

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    Tonight on this tremendous edition of Beards on MMA, we check in with our old friend Jade Porter.  Fresh off signing with World Series of Fighting, Jade makes his way back into the cage for the 2nd time in 2013 to fight Alexandre Pimental.  Jade's a longtime mainstay of n3rds on MMA, and this is the first time we've had the opportunity to bring him on, and just in time.
    Time pending, we'll also chat a bit about UFC 166, the upcoming UFC Fight Night, Bellator 105 (the last one before the Pay Per View) and World Series of Fighting 6. We'll also talk about the No Shave November contest.  Details are available on our Twitter (@BeardsonMMA) or Facebook page:
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    Beards on MMA with Michelle Ould - Week of 2/23/2015 - Bellator 134

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    On this week`s episode of Beards on MMA, we welcome Michelle Ould back to the jungle to discuss the usual - Power Rangers vs Ninja Turtles, cool nicknames and even a little bit of MMA.

    The guys also get into Bellator 134: The (slightly less) British Invasion and try to touch upon UFC 184 and Invicta FC 11: Cyborg vs. Tweet, but fail in doing so.

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    Beards on MMA with Marc Montoya

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    Coming up on this week's edition of Beards on MMA, we've open October with a visit from our bearded brother Marc Montoya.  Marc was recently in Portland with Joe Warren at Bellator 101, where he watched the Baddest Man on the Planet defeat Nick Kirk.  Marc will talk to us about the week's leading into Joe's return and his whirlwind 2013, as well as hunting, and the benefits of having a good beard (of which there are many of course.) We'll also talk about Beards on MMA invading Portland last weekend, and the next steps for many of the fighters involved.  If somebody finds Producer Matt's jacket in Portland, please return it to him because Canada's damn cold right now! We'll close out tonight by talking about Bellator 102, some strategic moves in the UFC and some of our possible guests for the month ahead. 
    (We'll probably play Danger Zone at some point too)

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    Beards on MMA with Jon Jones

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    On this edition of Beards on MMA, we welcome Jon Jones.  Not that Jon Jones, but Jon Jones.  Which Jon Jones?  Why, Jon Jones from New York.  Wait what? This Jon Jones is completely unconnected to MMA - He's an Outsourcing Manager in Video Gaming.  Last September, he inadvertently rose to prominence when UFC 151 was canceled, and he started to receive a steadier than usual stream of hate, insults and general threats.  Rather than ignoring it all, he's taken it in good humor, even dishing back.  In some cases, people even fail to see he's not the UFC's Jon Jones and continue their tirades.  Why you ask?  He's the owner of Twitter handle @jonjones - That's why. What makes this guy tick, and what keeps him in such good spirits despite all the unnecessary hate?  Has Bones ever acknowledged his existence?  We'll see. Following that, we welcome on World Series of Fighting's Jade Porter.  Jade makes his promotional debut at the upcoming World Series of Fighting 6 card against Alexandre Pimental.  Both fighters have not fought in around 6 months, and we'll talk to Jade about signing with WSOF, what it means for his future, and how he's approaching his fight.
    We'll also talk briefly about UFC Fight Night 29 tomorrow, including the twisted tale of Thiago Silva, and if we get time, the recent sponsorship woes lamented by the likes of Cole Miller and Renan Barao's management.  How can you resolve this issue?  Pro Matt has an idea, which seems easy in theory, but is probably far more difficult than his feeble mind can comprehend.
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    Beards on MMA with Stipe Miocic

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    On this edition of Beards on MMA, we're joined by UFC veteran and all around nice guy Stipe Miocic.  Fan favorite Stipe is fresh off his victory over Roy Nelson at UFC 161 and we'll talk to him about what's ahead, and about some of his other summer hobbies, including his hometown Cleveland Indians and Browns. We're holding a contest too!  Before the live show at 6 Pacific / 9 Eastern, join us on Twitter (@BeardsonMMA) or Facebook (Beards on MMA) and play the "Nickname Stipe" game.  Since Stipe doesn't have a nickname he walks into the cage with, we're turning to Beards listeners to get in his ear and throw some ideas out there.  Send us your best and brightest, and we'll read them on the air.  We'll ask him to pick 2 winners, both of which will receive a pack of Topps UFC Knockout 2013! (MSRP $25)
    We'll then close up shop by talking about Invicta Fighting Championships and their card this Saturday, fighter pay and whatever else we can think of.  Beards on MMA goes live at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern.
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    Beards on MMA with James Krause

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    On this week's edition of Beards on MMA, the hosts will be joined by James Krause, who makes his UFC debut on short notice against Sam Stout at UFC 161.  After a whirlwind last few days, James will sit down to talk about the events leading to his debut, the challenges ahead in the next 10 days, and his 23 fight path from debut to Sam Stout, the battle tested veteran who has been in the UFC for longer than Krause's entire pro career.
    We'll also talk about shakeups in Bellator's lightweight division, including Dave Jansen, David Rickels and John Alessio and the upcoming UFC on Fuel TV: Nogueira vs. Werdum.
    Lastly, we'll be announcing an upcoming contest thanks to our friends at Topps.  All this and open phone lines at 646-64-1332.  Look forward to an action packed episode of Beards on MMA, kicking off at 9 PM Eastern / 6 PM Pacific.
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    Beards on MMA with Mike "The Marine" Richman

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    Tonight on Beards on MMA, we welcome back our friend Mike “The Marine” Richman.  Fresh off his first round knockout of Akop Stepanyan at Bellator 102, he returns for the Featherweight Tournament on February 28th and steps in against Desmond Green.  We’ll catch Mike’s plans for Desmond Green, the tough competition in this tournament and rising to the top of a jam packed Featherweight Division.


    We’ll also discuss UFC 169, and where dominant wins leave Renan Barao and Jose Aldo, and a not so dominant win at Flyweight for Ali Bagautinov leaves the prospects for that division.


    We also say goodbye to Cutman Matt, as this will be his last show with us.


    With only 3 shows to go until Beards on MMA says goodbye, the lunacy will only continue.  We’ve added Morgan Sickinger and Mike Biddle to next week’s Valentines Day show.  What better way to “I love you” than subjecting your significant other to Cody Garbrandt, Captain Morgan and Mike Biddle?


    Join us at our usual time - 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern.


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    Beards on MMA with David "The Caveman" Rickels

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    On this amazing episode of Beards on MMA, we go neanderthal with our pal the Caveman David Rickels.  David’s first appearance on Beards on MMA was one of the best remembered and we thought we’d bring him back again to discuss his new contract with Bellator and his upcoming appearance in the Season 10 tournament, where he has a tough draw against Patricky “Pitbull” Friere.


    After that, we discuss a glurge of everything that’s happened this past week - Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva filming TUF Brazil 3, UFC on Fox: Henderson vs. Thomson, Nate Diaz and anything else that crosses our minds.


    At the end of the show, we have another big announcement to close us out, which you won’t want to miss.


    That’s Beards on MMA kicking off live at 6 PM Pacific / 9 PM Eastern Time.


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    Beards on MMA with Cody "No Love" Garbrandt

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    Tonight on Beards on MMA, we bring on Beards on MMA family member, and leader of the Sailor Gang Cody Garbrandt.  Affiliated with Strong Style MMA, and now out West with Team Alpha Male, Cody is set to enter the cage on November 27th for the first time in a year when he faces Shane Manley.
    Recovering from a couple injuries, we'll catch Cody's perspective on training out West, his upcoming fight, and what exactly the Sailor Gang is!
    We'll then talk about the new look Bellator event this weekend, from the cancellation of the Pay Per View and shuffling around of the event to Spike TV.
    Lastly, we'll close out with something nonsensical.  That's what we do.  Just remember that 92 times out of 40, it works 107% of the time.
    Remember that No Shave November is coming! Check the episode image for more information.  Follow us on Twitter @BeardsonMMA and send us your Beard (or lack thereof) on October 31st, and then what you grew over November.  Participants will win everything from Coffee via Coffee Bean Direct to gear from us, Currine and Future Legend!  Don't forget Mod Cabin's Beard Care Package too.

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