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  • Drunk Driving

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    We will be discussing drunk driving do to the fact that the wheather is getting nice and more people are going to drink irresponsably! Also to express the fact that in one instince your life can change for ever do to drunk driving.

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    Winter Driving Tips for Teens

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    welcome to a theory of parenting on blogtalkradio.com

    my name is tammi joyner

    i am your host for the show

    today we would like to bring to you a serious topic about winter driving 

    we would like to offer you winter driving tips for teens

    www.familycircle.com says:

    Know when to call it quits.

    Emphasize to your teen that there are times when you have to play it safe and pull over. Talk about a weather emergency game plan to keep him or her prepared in case of conditions that make it unsafe to drive. "The big three things to avoid are freezing rain, black ice and whiteout snowstorms," says Bolio. He recommends keeping the car stocked with essentials like extra blankets, a phone charger and food in case someone gets stuck on the side of the road for several hours.


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    Tuesday's Gone #09: The heat is On! On the Beach.

    in Comedy

    *TONIGHT!! MEGA STARS! MEGA TUNES!! THE BEACH!?! and a Bottle of Sand!

    Mike Santore is BACK!! in this crazy sequel to the wildy popular RIppin Friday's, HANGIN with SAntore, and his last show Saturday's with SAntore.

    *Comedy in Florida

    *Updates on Mike and Disney

    *Doctor Detroit

    *Engineer Hollywoodtonyp

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    Game On Features Alex Daoud, Former SOBE Mayor & Author of Sins of South Beach

    in Pop Culture

    Alex Daoud , a native of Miami Beach, became a city commissioner in 1979 and then served three terms as mayor from 1985 to 1991, during the height of Miami's cocaine trade and Fidel Castro's infamous Mariel boatlift.

    After a fall from grace, he penned his first book, a riveting best seller, titled Sins of South Beach, The True Story of Corruption, Violence, Murder and the Making of Miami Beach. 

    In Sins of South Beach, Daoud offers an honest and unabashed account of his life and career, and warns of the intoxicating nature of political power.

    The autobiography focuses on Daoud’s contributions that propelled South Beach’s transformation from crime-ridden, slum-infested neighborhood into one of the world’s premier playgrounds.

    Daoud is not bashful about the seedy underside that fueled his administration, falling into a self-destructive pattern of behavior that permeated his political and personal life.

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    Heatherwood presents Driving Lessons

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    Driving Lessons

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    Frank Relationships: Karyn Beach, “Get it Together Girl”

    in Romance

    Ladies: Ever used or heard the expression “Get it Together Girl.” Our guest has coined the phrase and she is here to help you get it together … on this edition of Frank Relationships.

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    Tech: Inside Google’s Self-Driving Car Project

    in Finance

    On this episode we recap everything we know about Google’s self-driving car project.

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    Tech: Inside Google’s Self-Driving Car Project

    in Business

    On this episode we recap everything we know about Google’s self-driving car project.

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    Redondo Beach Chamber Ambassadors

    in Current Events

    Our guests this morning are Faisal Hashmi, Chanel Garcia, Mark Applegate and Meaghan Kautzer, all current Ambassadors for the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce.

    Faisal Hashmi is the branch manager at Farmers & Merchants Bank in Redondo Beach. This branch of opened in April 2015 and since then, Faisal and his team have been active members of the Redondo Beach community.

    Chanel Garcia is currently the Business Development Manager of FirstLight HomeCare of SouthBay. With her 10 years of experience in health care, and a comprehensive background in non-medical in-home care, she is committed to helping adults of all ages stay safe and comfortable in and out of the home.

    Mark Applegate is the owner of Mark E. Applegate Insurance Agency as a Farmers Insurance Agent and insurance broker.  He has been in business for 20 years and has been a member of the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce for 19 of those years.  Mark is currently the Vice Chair of the Ambassador Program for the Chamber, a past member of the board of directors, and a future member.

    Meaghan Kautzer has been in the financial services industry since 2007. She began her career with Wells Fargo Bank as a teller and worked her way up through the Retail Bank sector. She managed customer transactions on the teller side, built her own book of business as a personal banker, oversaw operations as an assistant  manager and has just become the Business Development Branch Manager for Comerica Bank in Redondo Beach.

    This morning, our guests are going to tell us what it takes to be a Chamber Ambassador and what the position entails.


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    Topic;We will be taking a serious look at the way society has munipulated our thinking ,our being,and our perspectives.Do we have the freedom to think on our own anymore?.what happen to the conciousness we once fought for? What happen to the moralism and values we once walked with? Why have we now become part of the social stupidity and the war on truth,commonsense and rightousness and intelligence?

    What have we become? some say were no longer HUMAN,in fact they say we have become SUB-HUMAN.Because of the situations we have allowed to unfold as we made no new efforts to rectify them we continue to march and destroy our own communitys but never bring the battle to the door of the ENEMY

    We have allowed the immorality of our government to create laws that are blatantly insufficient and uncivilzed and which totally go against the freedom and liberties of people of Melanin,and we have sat on our asses and submitted to it so the question is "ARE WE FREE THINKERS OR IS SOCIETY DRIVING US INSANE?...WELCOME