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    Are Black Women nicer to men they date outside their race?

    in Romance

    Tonight we are talking to award winning dating expert Erin Tillman, the dating advice girl about Black women and how we behave when we date outside our race.. Just last week before Baltimore kicked of there was a video going around facebook alleging that black women are nicer to men who are not black. It's alleged they save the ghetto behaviour for their own. Is the media creating a story that is untrue? Is there some truth in the rumour or just more lies to keep us divided?.

    The Dating Advice Girl, Erin Tillman, is a dating expert, social life consultant, author, speaker and radio host based in Los Angeles, California. Over the past 6 years she has helped singles successfully navigate through the early stages of dating through her book, The Dating Guidebook (www.TheDatingGuidebook.com), over 100 dating-related articles for various lifestyle and dating sites, radio and TV segments and through her weekly radio show, The Dating Advice Girl Radio Show on 99.3 KCLA FM (voted one of the Top 10 Best Dating Podcasts on the Web in 2013)! She has hosted singles events in and around Los Angeles, has participated in dating and self-help workshops and seminars, has gotten and given dating tips to celebs on at events and on red carpets and has collaborated with several television studios, production companies, and radio stations including WGN 720 AM in Chicago, 700 WLW in Cincinnati, and KHOW 630 AM in Denver. Find her on the WEB, FACEBOOK and TWITTER.

    Join us on 3479457556 or comment in the chatroom.

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    How to Discover Your Talents

    in Business

    A young man in one of my seminars came up to me and said that he was working as a plumber for a large contracting firm. He made good money, but he was envious of the salespeople in his company who made more money, drove nicer cars, wore nicer clothes, and had much better lifestyles.

    He had completed his training, had his journeyman’s certificate, and was at the top of his wage scale. The only way he could earn more money in his current job was by working longer hours. Instead, he wanted to get into sales

    I told him that if he wanted to get into sales, it was up to him to learn how to sell — and then to do everything possible to get his boss to give him the chance to sell the company’s plumbing services. His future was up to him. But he first had to learn how to do the new and higher-paying job.

    A little more than a year later, he attended another one of my seminars… and brought me up to date on his situation.

    He had told his boss that he wanted to get into sales. His boss discouraged him, telling him that plumbers have very little aptitude for the skills involved in selling a service. He then asked his boss what he would have to do to prove to him that he could do it. To make a long story short, his boss helped him learn how to sell the company’s services by recommending that he study manuals and take extra courses on his own time.

    He had told his boss that he wanted to get into sales. His boss discouraged him, telling him that plumbers have very little aptitude for the skills involved in selling a service. He then asked his boss what he would have to do to prove to him that he could do it. To make a long story short, his boss helped him learn how to sell the company’s services by recommending that he study manuals and take extra courses on his own time.

    People who should listen to this show are entrepreneurs, career coaches,

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    brielle Cyclery

    in Parents

    Nobody has a nicer rental fleet then Brielle Cyclery on the Asbury Park Boardwalk!

    Brand new fleet of Electra LUX Men's and Ladies Cruisers!

    Rental Rates for Beach Cruisers

    2015 Season

    1 Hour $10
    4 Hours $20
    All Day (Open to Close) $30
    Overnight (24hrs) $40
    3 Days $60
    Full Week (7 days) $100

    Surrey Bike Rentals

    surrey Bike Rental Rates 2012/2013 2 Person: $30 Per Hour / $20 Per 30 Mins 4 Person: $40 Per Hour / $25 Per 30 Mins 6 Person: $50 Per Hour / $30 Per 30 Mins

    Asbury Park (Seasonal)
    1200 Ocean Avenue Unit 505
    Asbury Park, NJ 07712
    Directions & Hours

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    Yalla Beena with Fairouz Abou Basha

    in Self Help

    Yalla Beena means let's go or let's get started. This is LCRN's first show in Arabic. It targets Arabic speaking people. 

    Fairouz Abou Basha is a Certified Professional Coach and a Master NLP Practitioner who is currently focused on working with people who want more out of life, helping them refine their souls in order to redefine their lives. To connect with Fairouz, please visit and like her page www.facebook.com/FABCoaching

    In this episode of Yalla Beena, Fairouz asks her audience to describe what will change in their lives if words cost money. She discusses how we can use words in a kinder, nicer way to have better communication with people in our cirlces. 


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    Melissa Adamo, Recruiter

    in Jobs

    @AdamoRecruits -- LINKEDIN 

    After having been traumatized by his recent job search @Apikoros18 has vowed to be nicer to candidates.

    Here are some of his New Rules of Recruiting:

    1. I will not get frustrated with a candidate who submits themselves to every role on the website. 

    2. I will not be irritated with someone who calls me every day when I told them I’d call them with news. 

    3. If someone emails me to ask why didn’t they get the job, I will try and help. 

    Melissa callss these rules unreasonable.

    Other recruiters like @WillRecruits and @StacyZapar have also promoted Nice-Guyism as the key to their success so we will examine their ideas, as well.


  • Real Talk with Kami Grayson and Friends!

    in Entertainment

    Real Talk with Kami Grayson and Friends, Join us each week for some live zany fun! Call in 347-857-1491 8pm-10pm

    Bring your topic to the table!

    Join Kami Grayson and Friends for Real Talk Wednesday night we are broadcasting live on the air at 8pm central! Come on and join the fun! Listen in on-line at http://tobtr.com/s/7877681. Call in live #347-857-1491 press 1 to join in the conversation.

    Our topic: New relationship topics to avoid

    Ahh, the blissful honeymoon phase of a new relationship. The tingles in your tummy as you think of your next date. Your faint blush as you remember the pretty complement you received on the last one. The singing in the shower. The rose-colored glasses making everything in your life seem just a little bit nicer.

    You do not want to screw this up. So don’t do so by starting a conversation that could end in fighting, tears, or, worst of all, extended awkward silences.

    Tonight we will discuss New relationship topics to avoid.

    #1...Being negative about anything...
    You’ll just be showing off how negatively you see the world. Negativity is a turn off, much like bad breath and ugly sweater-vests. No one ever wants to spend an entire evening listening to their dinner partner sound off about how they get no appreciation, live in the worst part of town, or just can’t get through to their mother. Avoid this. A few light-hearted, maybe deprecating comments here and there don’t hurt, but let’s not rant. Okay?

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    How Can Fasting Improve Your Personal Relationship?

    in Religion

    This month of Ramadan for the Muslims across the world is an opportunity for may who observe the fast from sun up to sun down every day to develop self restraint and self control.  Not only are those fasting obstaining from food, water, and sexual intimacy during the day, they are also to obstain from any unkind or vulgar speech. How will this period of self control and self denial affect your marriage? Will it mskr you nicer, more polite, more patient, more loving? Or will the depravation of food make you irritable and cranky? How can you benefit from this time of fasting so that you are a noticeably better person to the loved ones around you?

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    Sacred Sunday~I Corinthians Chapter 9/Support Your Local Apostle

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to Sacred Sunday! Today we are reading I Corinthians Chapter 9.

    Support Your Apostle

    Paul is kind of a big deal. He's an apostle. He's seen the Risen Christ. Even the fact that the church in Corinth exists is proof that God is working through him. Boo-ya.
    He explains that, as an apostle, he is entitled to monetary support from his fellow Christians. Must be in the fine print of his contract.
    He should get free food and beverages (no more BYOB for Paul!). He should have a faithful wife traveling by his side (a really cute one!). He shouldn't have to work little side jobs (tent-making can be a real drag). Really, the Corinthians should be fully supporting him.

    Eyes on the Prize

    But Paul doesn't roll this way.
    Even though these are his rights, even though this is what God demands, Paul never took advantage of these perks.
    And don't worry, he's not going to start doing it now. He's just trying to make a point. So put away your wallets, okay?
    All Paul is saying is that he chose this life freely. He gets to spread the gospel around free of charge to everyone.
    Paul might be free, but he's made himself into a slave (sans chains) in order to win more converts to Christ.
    Wherever he goes, he becomes like the people he's with so that he can help convince them that Jesus is Lord. We believe this is called empathy.
    And you've got to stay strong throughout. Christians are like world-class athletes. They have to train and be super discipled in order to win the prize at the end. The prize in this case is a little nicer than a trophy.
    This is how Paul lives his life. Just a hint, Corinthians. Thanks to www.shmoop.com

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    TOTM! Tea Talk Periods, Picnics and Barbeques

    in Women

    With the weather getting nicer and nearing Memorial Day weekend which is the official kick off to barbeques and summertime women will still have their time of the month.  Val discusses how to be on your TOTM! and still enjoy the summer activities of picnics and barbeques with confidence!


    Call into 323-870-3792 to join in the conversation.  Or join in the chat room!

    TOTM! Tea Talk is the only talk show where women and girls come to talk about all things relevant to that Time Of The Month!

    Val Carey is the creator of  TOTM! Time Of The Month! a female movement for menstrual wellness and awareness.

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    in Wrestling


    I am typing this as Raw is on tonight (I took a nap earlier) and it's with a heavy heart that I do. Is there a nicer guy in the business then Daniel Bryan? Why can't that poor guy catch a break?

    We'll talk Bryan himself and the rest of the go-home Raw for this Sunday's WWE Payback paperback view. Harry puts the predictions title on the line as well as Jimmy C and Tony challenge for the crown once more.

    So, join us tonight at 11:30 PM (EST) as Harry Broadhurst (PBP voice of Real Action Pro Wrestling), Tony Acero (411mania's Raw Reporter) and the "World Fat-Ass Champion" of the World Jimmy Christopher present the "Raw Reaction" right here on the VOC Nation network.

    Also, you can call in and join us by dialing 914-338-1885.

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    Truf Bros. Radio: Where's the LOVE?

    in Entertainment

    A video came across The Truf Bros.News Desk the other day, calling out Black women for changing their personality when dating White men. The video hit close to home, are sisters harder to get along with when dealing with Black men?  There are plenty of videos and Facebook posts that shows women fighting,cussing and downing brothers, and others that shows a whole different side when they are dealing with White men.  These videos show a softer, nicer, sweeter side of themselves, is this an unfair charge to throw at Black women?   Are Black Men any better?  Tune in at www.trufbrosradio.com as we ask, "Where's the LOVE?