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    The Magical Child Within You

    in Spirituality

    The Magical Child Within You speaks to that hidden place in each of us where the most precious commodity is trust - in ourselves and in others.

    Remember me?

    I'm your feelings, your dream and fantasies. I am the one who used to enjoy going to the park. I am the one who likes pizza, candy, mountains, sunshine, and who wants to play. I am also the one who likes to be held and told I am loved. I am the child within you, I am you.

    There is a child within each of us crying out for attention. While it's important tobe the adult, make a living and take care of others, it's imporant to be nicer to ourselve. When we nurture ourselves, taking care of others is not so much of a burden.

    If you want something beyond merely learning to trust and to live someone else's theory and technique and if you want to find your own way and relearn to trust IT and to live IT, this is the means to do just that.


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    "Consciousness Archaeology" with Maximus Freeman

    in Self Help

    My guest today is Maximus Freeman, the "Consciousness Archaeologist."  Many years ago he was, as he puts it, a "self-centered, egotistical, judgmental know-it-all."

    "Needless to say," he adds, "I was not very well-liked or respected. I chalked this behavior off to 'This is just who I am; take it or leave it. It's not as if I can change or anything!'

    It wasn't until he started reading self-improvement books in the mid-90s that he discovered that change is possible.  He also realized that if he was just a little bit nicer, less arrogant, egotistical and judgmental, people would start to like and respect him a little bit more."

    Fast forward to today, and Maximus is the author of a new book, titled Consciousness Archaeology, where he chronicles his 20-year "exploration of the ebbs and flows of life from the dark night of the Soul to the radiant light of Presence." as he shares his unique perspective on many ancient truths and introduces several insightful theories of his own while injecting just a hint of humor. 

    To learn how you can also be a "consciousness archaeologist," listen in today!

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    The Wake Up Mission Radio Show Welcomes Nancy Schwartz

    in News

    The Wake Up Mission Radio Show Hosts Chelene Nightingale and Randy Dees would like to welcome Nancy Schwartz.

    She has been an executive recruiter in corporate America for 19 years,her current position being Sales Talent Acquisition Manager.

    Nancy was introduced to Network Marketing in 1994 and she will share with her glipmse as to what the future holds for her and for Daryl Yg's Team-All In.

    One would have to look far and wide to find a nicer,more positive and friendly person.Her bulletins,Facebook posts and meetings combine professionalism,good humor and positivity.

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    Wisconsin Sports Report 103.5fm JCR

    in Current Events

    Wisconsin Sports Report uses a bold blend of topics not always sports related to engage and entertain all listeners weather you're a sports fan or not. It's truely unique. Give us a listen! Dave, Dadio, and Joe broadcast live every Saturday night from 6-8pm cst. Feel free to call in to the show to speak with the guys!

    Due to time constraints on the last broadcast we were not able to play the interview with the owner of Charlies Place in Janesville, Wisconsin. This interview will be played 2/28/2015 during the first segment. Check out Charlies Place for great food and drinks, the staff is always great too!
    We will be broadcasting on USTREAM as well from now on! Maybe the cast will start dressing nicer but seriously doubt it.
    Robert Coon, the director of media relations and marketing for the Beloit Snappers will join us live in the studio. We are all very excited about our new partnership with the Snappers!
    A.J. Hawk is released by the Green Bay Packers. We look back on his career.
    Will the Packers be able to keep Randall Cobb? 
    The Milwaukee Brewers have reported to Maryvale Stadium in Phoenix, Arizona for the start of Spring Training.
    Ryan Braun tells the media that he'll be one of the greats again. 
    Badgers mens basketball suffers a loss on the road in Maryland. Cause for concern?
    Jason Kidd is making a nice impression in Milwaukee with the Bucks success. Will the Bucks make any noise in the playoffs?
    Join Dave, Dadio, and Joe live every Saturday night from 6-8pm cst! Give us a call in the studio, we might even answer!. 

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    LIVE! with Cathi-Formula for Positive Change-2015

    in Fitness

    New updates...Local, nationaly and intetrnational...

    2015...we all have good intentions, but lousy on execution!

    Does this sound familiar, "I'm going to lose 25 pounds...I'm really going to be nicer to me and my family, words that hurt, words that empower...I'm going to exceed my sales by 15%.  I no longer am going to embrace TNT, toxic negative thinking and the list goes on and on and on.  This is the time of the year that resolutions are made and soon abandoned.

    Ze formula for POSITIVE CHANGE...OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW, BURY 2014, IT'S DEAD, GONE...FINI.  Get rid of everything that is unwanted.  Time to start fresh, wipe the slate clean.  Change your worn out  negative expressions that you sprinkled in all your converstions in 2014.  Forget how you  managed your money in 2014.  Strive to improve your finances.



    Be realistic...etc.

    Omit 'DON'T' in your...etc.

    Give yourself...etc.

    See it, Say it, Belive it...etc.



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    Prayer and Prophecy and Dream Evening With Yahweh and Rosalind

    in Religion

    Call in 646-478-4770 Time 9m to 11pm EST This Friday Dec 12th, New website. Someone did a nice ministry site for me .I had only the blogs. They took it back did not like my Godly Teaching .So God gave me another one a  few days later and it is  so much nicer and better and it is  Minitry professional. I build the web site my self still working on it .Yahweh can teach us to do any thing. all things are attainable through yahweh here is link and be bless www.proheticvoiceofyahwehministry Also new book called                                                 Witchcraft In The Church Becoming The Church Structure Will be Release on Wed Dec 18th Pic is on profile be bless

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    in Entertainment

    We hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Time to work off those calories becuase it's heating up tonight! Our culture is one of  the most materialistic and ego driven in American Society. Whose car is nicer? Whose house is bigger. Whose a better catch? Whose daugher/son is cuter? Whose more religious? Whose richer?  And so on... How do we combat these issues so we could have a more sustainable mindset? In our second segment, we deal with the issue of Chaldeans attending Latin Churches. Some Priests have spoken emphatically against this. Why do some Chaldeans attend these Churches instead of our own? Margaret Shamoun will be on live to discuss and share her thoughts with all of us. During the Christmas month of December, The Boiler Room will be giving away special prizes to random callers. Listen in for your chance to win, Listeners are encouraged to call in @ 347-857-3847.

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    Incubi Incarnate Broadcast with special guest Dustin Pari - October 22,2014

    in Paranormal

    Tonight your host Bill Bachman interviews the Paranormal Rock Star and star of the Syfy channel's hit show 'Ghost Hunters', Dustin Pari. Dustin has been interested in the paranormal since he was a child and he's been investigating with friends at local hot spots since his early teens. When he's not hunting ghosts, he's busy holding down three “normal” jobs. In Dustin's free time (if he has any) he enjoys spending time with his family, working on classic cars, writing satirical social commentaries, playing Guitar Hero, eating cereal and watching cartoons. As to why he's still pursuing this field today--well, he's a very spiritual individual and he is constantly looking for proof of the afterlife, not for himself but for others.  If nothing more than to show nonbelievers that there is something more out there to consider- and that maybe- we can all live in this life, just being a little nicer to each other. He loves the paranormal community because it is filled with people just like himself. People who are just doing the best they can with the resources and time they have available. Lets face it, you could do anything for a day job, but once you have that life changing encounter, your heart will always lead you back to this field and to the unknown.
    Follow Dustin Pari on Twitter: @DustinPari

    Don't forget to enter our giveaway from our sponsor Spectrum State for the brand new Spectrumlite! See complete rules on our website at www.incubiincarnate.com.....

    and remember "Keep A Nightlight On".

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    Why Black Men Want White Women

    in Romance

    Why do black men what white women. Is it because there hair is naturally long, no weaves ?Are white women nicer than black women? Do white women treat black men better than black women?  Are white women more supportive than  black women? Are black men curious more about being with white women than black women? Does color even make a difference? How do black women feel when they see a black man with a white woman? Is this the new form of racism?

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    Are Side Chicks Winning?

    in Entertainment

    In a relationship, the woman likes to be made a priority. She wants to feel important to you! There may be times where she expects you to put her needs before your own. The side chick is willing to accept being in second place. She is less likely to require priority treatment or excessive quality time. Author, Michael Baisden wrote, “Many women today are so desperate for a man they will accept that he’s married, living with another woman, or has several other women. As one woman told me, “A piece of a man is better than no man!” In addition to their willingness for second best, they may be freakiest in the bedroom as compared to the main chick. I have tons of married friends with limits in the bedroom; however I have tons of single friends who have no limits. I wouldn’t say that my single friends are willing to be side chicks, but I noticed that we are more willing to do things just to prove that they are wife material. Girlfriends or wives often “get too comfortable” which is a nicer way of saying they lose what got them their boyfriend or husband in the first place. When a woman gets comfortable she often gains weight or doesn’t make an effort to keep herself sexy. The side chick who hopes to one day take the spot as the main chick will always be at her best! It is because of their competitive nature that they are also willing to do for him what the girlfriend or wife will refuse to do. Another reason is the side chick may tolerate the lies and cheating that comes with a man who has side chicks. A wife or girlfriend is less likely to accept this which is why most side relationships are kept a secret.

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    Why Black Men Want White Women

    in Music

    Why do black men what white women. Is it because there hair is naturally long, no weaves ?Are white women nicer than black women? Do white women treat black men better than black women?  Are white women more supportive than  black women? Are black men curious more about being with white women than black women? Does color even make a difference? How do black women feel when they see a black man with a white woman? Is this the new form of racism?