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    Malcolm X said that you have been "hoodwinked" and "bamboozled". The latest mass media trick is the #transracial lie. Listen in as #2RAW4TV deciphers the deception and let's you know what you are being distracted from.
    CALL IN 3234100036

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    F it Friday

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    today is just what the name say F it! If you had a hard work, the kids out of damn with nothing to do but get on your damn nerves, cookout with us! Let it all hang out, f it we don't mind. Yay yes it's Friday and the weekend here

  • The Empowerment Zone with Guest LeTonya F. Moore

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    LeTonya F. Moore, independent author of an upcoming book, "Live Like A Champion: Discovering Keys to Unlock Your Destiny".  We have developed the “Live Like A Champion Book Tour” based around Ms. Moores book writing journey and her book tour stops are being filmed as part of a new show pilot entitled (working title), "Champion Life" and focuses on ordinary people who take the leap and walk in purpose.  This show will feature the book tour in conjunction with other endeavors in which the author is involved.

    Host Psychic Healer Bonnie Jean www.psychichealerbonniejean.com and Co-Host Belle Salisbury www.bellesalisbury.com  will be interviewing Christian.

    We invite you to call in if you would like to talk with our guest tonight and receive a FREE READING from Bonnie Jean and Belle Salisbury. Our call in number is 718-664-9091 or you can join us in our Live Chat room.

    SPECIAL OFFER: To Receive COUPONS for Psychic Readings and Healings as well as enlightening and uplifting spiritual Articles SIGN UP for the http://www.bellesprit.com/ Exclusive Benefits Newsletter and have Information That Matters to You Delivered to Your Inbox Weekly. Stayed Informed and Receive Exclusive Benefits only Members Receive.


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    AmongstFriends: Living a Lie

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    Amongst Friends is a group of friends who get together to discuss the everyday nuances of life.  We talk about it all.  Love, Sex, Politics, TV, Movies, Education, Church!  Nothing is too taboo for this crew. This show will make you laugh, scream, gasp, think, wonder, and respond.  Come chat with us for a spell and LET IT ALL HANG OUT. Join us every Wednesday night @8pm and be Amongst Friends!!!

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    Monday Miracle Messages with Mary F KARMAn

    in Spirituality

    Join me in connecting with what I've come to call as "The A Team" from the Other side of the veil!  

    I had a "Near Love Experience," not a NDE, I couldn't refer to it as a death, because there is no death, and we are all Divine Eternal Beings!

    I was shown at a young age how to communicate with The Archangels, Ascended Masters, Ancestors, and loved ones who had crossed! I use to call them my babysitters, and possessed most of the  "Claires," until I was told to be seen, and not heard, at the age of 8,

    At that time, I buried these gifts very deep, which took my "N.L.E., to Re-Member who I was, and the messages needed to be brought forth at this time!

    Please connect with me, Mary F. KARMAn, on Monday's Miracle Messages, to talk and share in The Support, The Love, and The Light from the Angelic Realm, The Other Side of The Veil!


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    ...We're back at it again #TTCT 10PM EST / 9PM CST , Battle of the Sexes pt.2 . Last time the ladies showed up and showed out with That's Them Chicz Tho ......." ******** Who's Freakier Men or Women"? Grab your glass of wine, wine cooler, favorite drink and listen to the wildest late night talk show. Tune in an get crazy with the hottest show and the hottest host Boss Ladii and Breezie F Baby call us an join in the conversation 657-383-1848 press 1 to go live.



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    Featuring Evangelist Sam F. Gill -GCE Christ Band

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    Today on the broadcast join your host evangleist Montell Field's as she sares and features Evangelist Sam F. Gill from Pakistan. He is an amazing man of God and anointed musician and singer.

    I will be sharing his bio and music join me and you will be blessed by his amazing sound 

    As you now my name, Evg F,Sam Gill, our band name is, G.C.E Christ's Band, i am from pakistan, i live in karachi

    His vision

    Sister my vision is

    I serve the Lord being a worshiper and evangelist,

    i wish i can do the best job for my people

    They need God and the word's of God,they need general education.

    They need music field facilities,as you know. He wants to build Pakistan Christian Art Council.                                Therefore he can reach among all kinds of needy people being the servant God called him to be.

    I hope you can join us I know His vison and music will bless you.

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    No Filter Friday- "Females Lie To Niggas About Dick Size"

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    Topic:"Females Lie To Niggas About Dick Size"

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    Tonight 9pm est/ 8pm cst. We have legendary Group eMC live with us tonight taking over the show. Were discussing upcoming prodjects an breaking Xclsuive tracks right here. Tune in as Master Ace, Stricklin, and Wordsworth will be in the building dropping alot of hip hop knowledge an history and todays music an much much more.... TUNE IN OR CALL 657-383-1848 PRESS 1 TO GO LIVE

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    Tomás F. Summers Sandoval, Jr., Ph.D., Oral Histories with Chicano Veterans

    in Business

    Tomás F. Summers Sandoval, Jr., Ph.D., Oral Histories with Chicano Veterans of the Vietnam War and their Families

    Pomona College History Department and author of "Latinos at the Golden Gate" from UNC Press (2013)


    Tomás F. Summers Sandoval, Jr., Ph.D., historian of the United States, with specialties in Chicana/o histories and California. 

    Currently working on a book exploring the impact of the Vietnam War on Latino communities in the United States, based largely on oral histories with Chicano veterans of the Vietnam War and their families.


    Dr. Sandoval, Jr. is the second of three children born to two Chicanos from East Los Angeles, and the grandson of Mexican immigrants who arrived to California in the early and mid 20th century. He grew up in La Puente, CA.

    He states "teaching is my vocation". Dr. Sandoval, Jr. views teaching as a collaborative process of fostering learning in others. 

    He shares "As a child, no one in my immediate (nuclear) family could call themselves a “college graduate.” Today, all five of us hold at least a Bachelor’s degree, four earned a Master’s, and two of us earned our Ph.D."

    Dr. Sandoval, Jr. attended St. Joseph’s Elementary School and Bishop Amat Memorial High School, both in La Puente. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Claremont McKenna College in 1994. Then attended the University of California, Berkeley, received both a M.A. degree (1996) and a Ph.D. (2002) in United States History.

    In January 2006, he joined the faculty of Pomona College, one of the collection of higher education institutions collectively known as the “Claremont Colleges.” 

    Tomas holds a joint appointment in the History Department and Department of Chicana/o ~ Latina/o Studies. In 2012 he was awarded tenure Associate Professor.

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    NWO Radio W/Nine Eleven The Biggest Lie

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    New World Order Radio w/911 The Biggest Lie  Nwo Radio's While You Were Sleeping. We scorch the fringes of conversational societal norms, scrutinize applied realms of education, all in attempt of shattering the mental fabrication which impedes ur "reality" Other shows claim to question everything with blatent partiality. 
    Be it host guest or caller, everyone gets a say on the topic. If not, & you have enough material in proving your say, we then invite you 
    to set up your OWN show. Not enough material? Have an idea for a show? Book a show> vianwotruthradiomedia@gmail.com 
    Subscribe & Like > to this show and others https://www.youtube.com/user/nwotruthradiomedia/videos                          https://www.facebook.com/nwotruthradiomedia

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