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    ISSUE:  I along with many others no longer trust the State.  Who's to Blame?


    1. Did I become an anarchist?

    2. Is it because WE THE PEOPLE rectally raped innocent people?

    3.  Is it because our law enforcement can just shoot you dead and say they feared for their life?

    4.  Is it just part of growing up?


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    WHO'S TO BLAME: Rape Retraction

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    Issue:  A rape may have or may not have occured.  Who's to Blame?

    As you may know Rolling Stones has recently come under fire for writing a story titled a A Rape on Campus.  It has come to light that the publication engaged in some shotty journalism.  Jackie, a woman highlighted in the story, has recently come under fire for her story.  Now we don't know if a rape occured or not, Who's to Blame?

    Is the publication to Blame for it's shotty journalism? 

    Do you victim Blame, because she didn't go through legal channels to prosecute her rape?

    Should we Blame the fraternity for casting doubt on her story?

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    WHO'S TO BLAME: Riotous Reasons

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    Issue: The people are riotous, who's to Blame? 

    It has been almost five months since the death of Michael Brown.  Darren Wilson, the police officer who fired the fatal shot, dodged a grand jury indictment last week.   The people tried to burn Ferguson to the ground.  Why?

    Did they destroy businesses because they wanted an excuse to steal Jordans??
    Did they damage property because they are violent by nature?
    Did they burn police cars because it is not fair that police can kill Blacks without consequense? 
    Did they riot it because the media told them to? 

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    WHO'S TO BLAME: Pipeline Dreams

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    Issue:  The United States does not need the Keystone XL pipeline.  Who's to Blame?

    This pipeline is the bain of our existence.  It infected our politics during this month's elections and some people fell for it.   There are a number of reasons the pipeline should not be approved.   Frankly, I don't know why we are still discussing it.  Join me as I do a little pipeline bashing.

    Do you think this pipeline should be approved?  Why? 

    Do you hate the pipeline as much as me?  I get it if you do.

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    Natasha Josefowitz. author of Living Without the One You Cannot Live Without

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    Returning today to the show is the Natasha Josefowitz, inspirational in her humor and drive, with some humorous perspective on driving yourself and being driven ...at age 88!

    PhD Natasha Josefowitz is adamantly un-retired at age 88.  She works full time and tirelessly outruns her employees.  While her present subject focus is helping others deal with grief and loss and she is conferring with hospitals on issues of technology and aging.  In her spare time, she is writing yet another book.

    But Natasha’s recently experienced her own fear, frustration and fortitude with the required re-taking of the written driver’s exam at the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

    After over 60 years as a licensed driver, addressing the specifics of proximity to a cyclist or a fire hydrant can seem both irrelevant and perhaps daunting. 

    The woman who wrote the handbook for women entering the workplace had to  face the rulebook for entering the roadways.  For Natasha, every day is a challenge, and an opportunity, and a stimulus for humor and reinvention!

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    November 4  was election day.  Although there were some decent candidates, we have elected in some idiots.  Who's to Blame?

    Can we blame the apathetic voter?  What about non voters who are doing it to protest the system?

    I love Blaming the Kochs.  Can we blame them and SuperPACs like them?

    What about the candidates?  Who else is tired of lackluster democrats or batshit far right republicans?


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    Fantasy Hockey X: Blame WHO For The Mumps?

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    On this episode, Chris Pacheco, Michael Clifford, and myself break down the crazy fantasy hockey world and especially the DFS wing. Daily fans it has been nuts but profitable and as we get closer to the end of 2014, we begin to look ahead to 2015. 

    However, we will looks at the mumps epidemic too and the fact that no one outside of the NHL really cares about this but it does affect our fantasy bottom lines. No one is really sure when this will end because just when you think it is going to, someone else contracts it. Sidney Crosby had it, now Duncan Keith may have it. You get the idea. This is impacting your daily rosters because a player has to be isolated, according to the CDC, for at least five days. Ouch!

    Tonight the show starts at 9pm ET and I do believe our friends from Loverino should have the archive on their site. Do not forget that you can download the show off iTunes also and Stitcher. We may even talk about "The Dink" who won the Millionaire Maker last night on DraftKings (NFL). Us hockey guys can hope for something close in DFS someday....someday.


    The Phone Number is 1-347-826-7358 and bring those damn questions! We have nothing to answer if you don't. Thanks again for listening and being apart of a fantasy hockey show that is for the fantasy hockey player. 

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    Urban Blame Radio 104.9

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    Urban Blame Radio 104.9

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    WHO'S TO BLAME: Bill Cosby Beloved No More

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    Issue:  Bill Cosby is beloved no more.  Who's to Blame? 

    Blame:  Bill Cosby has a whole new wave of critics, and he's not even performing.  Is it because in 2004 he was accused of raping 13 women?  Or because comedian Hannibal Buress has brought attention to an old issue? Or is is because the media has jumbed on the bandwangon, interviewing the accusers and profiting off the stories?

     Are you still a Cosby fan?   

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    WHO'S TO BLAME: Ebola Procedures

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    Issue:  I am not certain America is prepared for any wide scale Ebola outbreak.  Who's to Blame?

    Ebola has touched down in the United States.  Thomas Duncan, the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola in the United States died last week.  This week a nurse, who treated Duncan, has tested positve for Ebola.   It seems like the people who treat those with Ebola, keep coming up with Ebola.  

    Are the individuals who get Ebola while treating patients not being careful?
    Is there a sound procedure for handling Ebola patients?  
    Is the government to Blame for not requiring better Ebola training of medical professionals?
    Is there something I am missing?  


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    Be Careful What You Wish For

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    Because of a technical glitch, we'll be trying this again.  We all have hopes and dreams but sometimes we ask and don't see that we get the answers to every request, just not always in the way we think we should get them.  Today we talk about how to ask and how to interpret what happens after we ask, pray or wish for something.  Are you willing to ask differently or interpret your life differently to get a different result?  It can be life changing in the best of ways to be open to looking at your life in a whole new way.  Join us live or enjoy the archive at your convenience.

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