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    Locals to Legends Wrestling Radio w/ Tim Donst

    in Wrestling

    This week Gene is joined by none other than Tim Donst.  Donst, the former Young Lions Cup holder is best known for his time in Chikara Pro, but with the apparent demise of Chikara, Tim Donst is working his way up the ranks of the indy scene and his next stop might just be in your hometown.  Tune in and learn about what's brought Donst to where he is now and where he intends to go in the future.  Is Kharma real? Tim Donst says it's not, and you'll find out why this week on the Locals to Legends Wrestling Radio!
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    Beazt Madness Show

    in Hip Hop Music

    Talk, Music, Comedy, Everything

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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with Lin Rountree!

    in Music

    Detroit may claim Lin Rountree as their own NOW - but he was ours back in the day ;) Lin learned to play trumpet at 11 in Alexandria, Virgina - and was accepted into the Duke Ellington School for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. He was then recruited into the Music program at Florida A & M University, where he played with the Marching 100 - training under William P. Foster and Dr. Julian White. Lin credits his motto of practice, prepare and perform to the tutelage that he received at FAMU. While studying there, his love for Jazz grew. And the work of Miles Davis, Quincy Jones, Freddie Hubbard and Woody Shaw inspired both his playing and writing.After a careful search to see what city in the U.S. "fit", Lin settled in the Motor City - where the music scene was poppin' - and the R & B groove that was as natural as the Jazz seemed to blend with a trumpeter's inclination. Two projects for BDK Records afforded him the opportunity to travel and play with artists like George Benson, Tim Bowman, Kem and Dwele. The hard work paid off in the way of big buzz: "Soul-Tree, The Soul Jazz Experience" made it's mark two years ago. With guest appearances by Althea Rene and Gail Jhonson - and a fresh approach to the hybrid (sorry:) of Jazz and Soul - Lin created a new page in Contemporary Jazz. And the invitations have kept on coming since...with Elan Trotman, "New Kidz on the Horns' was formed. Projects with Nate Harasim and Phil Denny. And a guest appearance in Whitney Houston's last film, "Sparkle."Now, Lin is coming home - to Washington's internationally known Blues Alley - on Thursday. And he was just asked to be a part of the prestigious Dubai Jazz Festival in Februrary. We'll discuss ALL of it when Lin visits the show on 1//15!

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    Choc Belefonte Interview

    in Hip Hop Music

    Choc Belafonte is from Philly (Germantown). Laidback flow and demeanor comes across bossy & confident on any track he is featured on. Choc goes in on every track with the smoothest ,illest flow that's all real no gimmicks. You get the same guy in & out the studio. He is the updated version of BDK, Long Live Choc!!!!!!! Most describe his style as smooth, elegant grown man rap. Choc says," I just do me in the booth & give you 100%" aka " keep it a BEAN!" Choc is here to deliver that "good" music & in return live that "good" life

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    The Jakob Hammermeier Experiment - Episode Zero

    in Sports

    The Bruderschaft Des Kreuzes' ring announcer turned ring combatant Jakob Hammermeier always has something to say. And tonight, he spreads his message to the world via his own podcast! What will the silver tongued maniac of the BDK say? Tune in to Episode Zero of The Jakob Hammermeier Experiment TONIGHT (6/9) at 8pm to find out!   Got a question you'd like to have Jakob answer on the air? Shoot him a tweet at @jhammermeier or @CSTCNetwork or email cstconlinemedia@gmail.com and we'll make sure your question gets to him.

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    Keeping It Reel 9: Kevin "BDK" McCarthy

    in Film

    This week on the BIG show, FOX-5 critic Kevin McCarthy stops by to discuss the list of Miramax's greatest films. Nell Minow also makes a return visit and we'll also have entertainment news and reviews on the final night episode of Keeping It Reel with FilmGordon.

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    Keeping It Reel 112: Hugh Jackman

    in Film

    This week on the Overtime edition of Keeping It Reel with FilmGordon, Infamous Movie Mob contributing member, Kevin "BDK" McCarthy and host Tim Gordon discuss and play his interviews with the star of Real Steel, Hugh Jackman and five-time world boxing champion, Sugar Ray Leonard, who served as a consultant on the film. Plus, the Mob stops by to review the English period drama, Anonymous and the off-beat tropical drama, The Rum Diaries on the latest edition of the BIG show!!!!

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    Keeping It Reel 103: New Movie Friday

    in Film

    This week in theaters: People are dropping like flies, there's no brother love and it appears the revolution will finally be televised! Join the infamous Movie Mob (Punch Drunk Critic, Travis Hopson, WTTG-TV critic, Kevin "BDK" McCarthy and PopcornReel.com critic, Omar Moore) and Keeping It Reel host Tim Gordon as we review all of this week's new releases including Warrior, Contagion, The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 and other choices in theaters this week on New Movie Friday.

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    Apex Presents...Tim Donst

    in Sports

    Join us tonight as we talk to, in my opinion, one fo the fastest rising stars on the indy scene. Join us as we talk career, training and possibly the future. From his stint in the Neo Solar Temple, to being the "Greatest YOUNG LIONS CUP champion" ever, and now to his involvement with the BDK. We will find out, what go him interested in Pro wrestling and how the ride has been so far.