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    Evan Bayh leaves the Senate

    in Politics

    Great conversations and inspiring guests that parallel trending hot topics in life and culture

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    Who Owns Federally Funded Research Products?

    in Health

    Many important medications available today have been developed with public dollars and yet are costly to patients. The government, especially through the National Institutes of Health (NIH)  has funded many seminal research directly contributing to the discovery of transformative medicines. Congress enacted the Bayh-Dole Act in 1980 which allowed universities to patent the results of federally funded research and then license these patents to commercial entities. In 2013, Senator Patrick Leahy asked the NIH to expand the availability of Myriad’s genetic tests to identify BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 which predict high risk of breast and ovarian cancer. The essential discoveries that made the test possible were developed with government funding and that the cost of the test ($3000) is unaffordable for millions of women; the request was denied.

    Undifferentiated stem cell separation technology used in bone marrow transplants was heavily supported by NIH funding, however, the procedure is extremely costly to the patient and unaffordable for patients without insurance.

    The retroviral drug, ritonavir- a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) protease inhibitor was developed with government funding to Abbott Laboratories and Columbia University. This is a major medicine for the treatment of HIV, but its pharmaceutical cost in America is 4 to 5 times higher than the same drug in other countries.

    Recently, patients with Fabry disease requested an open license for an enzyme replacement therapy developed with government funding at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and licensed to Genzyme. The NIH rejected the petition.

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    Bert Martinez talks with Jacki Zehner, Dr. Fabricatore

    in Business

    Jacki Zehner CEO of Women Moving Millions whose mission it is to mobilize unprecedented resources for the advancement of women and girls. She is also a blogger, speaker, consultant on "women, money, power and changing the world."   Matthew Bellows Founder and CEO of Yesware. He brings more than 10 years of sales experience to Yesware’s goal of helping salespeople close more deals faster.   Jay Leveton  CEO at Penn Schoen Berland, a member of the WPP family of companies. He has conducted research for major national Democratic Party political clients including: Former President Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Clinton in her successful run for US Senate in New York, Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman, Indiana and Senator Evan Bayh   Dr. Anthony N. Fabricatore Vice President of Research and Development at Nutrisystem and leads the company’s clinical research program. He is a licensed psychologist and has extensive experience in weight control treatment and research  

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    Women in sports..how far we've come

    in Lifestyle

    Join special guest, Bernell Hooker, CEO of Images of us (IOU) Sports in Wisconsin as she sits round table with our sponsor Xtreme Heat Sports Management's director LaQuita Thompson to discuss how women have gone from the side line to the front line. We celebrate 40 years of Title IX! TJRS is media for the NCAA Final Four events in New Orleans so tune in for interviews with your favorite former players like Rebecca Lobo. Hear from current players such as WNBA player Tamika Catchings, GM Penny Toler of the L.A. Sparks, Brittney Griner and Odyssey Sims from Baylor University and many more!
     Title IX of the Education Amendments is enacted by Congress and is signed into law by Richard Nixon. The sponsors of Title IX are Birch Bayh (Senate) and Edith Green (House of Representatives). Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in any educational program or activity receiving any type of federal financial aid.

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    Some Dems oppose jobs credit; Senate nears deal Ex-Ind. Sen. Coats to take on Dem Bayh

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    President Barack Obama's plan to offer tax credits to businesses that add workers is running into opposition from some rank-and-file Democrats in the House. "I don't know anybody in business who hires an employee because they will get a tax break," Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., said Wednesday. "They hire employees because they have work to do."

    Obama proposed the tax credit as part of his plan to refocus his administration's efforts to ease unemployment in the run-up to congressional elections in November. Senate Democrats were close to reaching a bipartisan deal Wednesday on their own version of the tax break, but House Democrats have been slower to embrace the idea.

    Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., chairman of the tax writing House Ways and Means Committee, offered this assessment: "It's controversial, it's on the table."

    Obama wants to give companies a $5,000 tax credit for each net new worker they hire in 2010. Also, businesses that increase wages or hours for existing workers in 2010 would be reimbursed for the extra Social Security payroll taxes they would pay.

    Senate Democrats, meanwhile, were working on a bipartisan jobs package Wednesday that includes a similar plan to exempt companies from paying the employer's share of Social Security payroll taxes for new workers hired this year, as long as those people had been unemployed at least 60 days

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    Corporations and the government have become the same

    in Politics Progressive

    Evan Bayh goes through the revolving door, Barney Frank holds a big Wall Street fundraiser. Nato continues to bomb Libya

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    Regulations Update Conference Call

    in Entrepreneur

    Enough is enough! Congress and the federal agencies must be held accountable for the effects of burdensome regulations.
    Join Former White House Chief of Staff Andy Card, Former Senator Evan Bayh, and the Chamber’s Bruce Josten on Monday, June 6, at 2:00 p.m. EDT, for a conference call on this important issue. 
    They will discuss the importance of this issue to American businesses, the current regulatory environment in Washington, D.C., and what the U.S. Chamber is doing to reform our regulatory process to make it more effective and accountable to the American people.

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    Taking Obama to Primary School

    in Current Events

    Obama has liquidated his base by caving in to the GOP on taxes. Talk of another Democrat taking Obama on in 2012 has gone from whispers on the outskirts to bullhorns approaching center stage overnight. Will it happen? Who would or could take Obama on? Is he really vulnerable? Is Clinton a possibility? What is Bayh up to? Should any liberal Democrats be taken seriously as a threat to Obama? We'll be discussing Obama's Left Side meltdown on the show. What is your take? Call in.

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    Hal Heiner Mainstream Candidate for Louisville Mayor

    in Politics

    Good afternoon, we will welcome Hal Heiner running for the Louisville Metro Mayor race. We shall speak on jobs, health care, economic development, infrastructure, welfare, and other vital topics. Another, top prospect candidate on Kentuckiana Grass Roots Radio. On another note, also discussed the news of the shocking retirement of US Senator from Indiana Evan Bayh.

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    America - Have we kept our Republic?

    in Politics

    OK, folks, I get it. So we're going to try it again here at BlogTalkRadio. Let's get together and discuss the fate of the United States. Is the Republic gone? Or do we have time to save it? Other things I'd like to discuss this week are:

    Evan Bayh - Is he going to run against Mr. Obama?

    Biden vs. Cheney - A healthy exchange or much ado about nothing?

    America and the Middle East - Should we just pull out or get more involved? How much of this is about oil or is it a religious war?

    The death of Soap Operas - Is this why politics are so ugly? Do Americans need a substitute for As The World Turns? Is FOX News the new Days of Our Lives?

    What's on YOUR mind?

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    Two Grandmas and their fight against Tyranny

    in Politics

    join barb and i we don’t honor the government, we honor our nation. We don’t want America to fail; we want the bankrupt liberal and Statist ideologies to fail. As members of the citizenry, we resist liberalism, we resist socialism, we resist collectivism, we resist any form of fascism and communism. We resist the United Nations and their "New World Order" mentality. We resist tyranny and oppressive government in any form! Can we all agree on that ? give us a call ! (646) 929-0234 Join Barbra of News Free Kookia Idaho and I AvA Indiana as we give you the News from a Grandma's point of view on world news,politic local and National come and listen as we explore The games that are being played and the lies we are being told as we sort through the mess that we all call America!

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