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    Battling and Beating Cancer -- Coping With Legal & Financial Issues Presented By Cancer

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    Coping With Legal & Financial Issues Presented By Cancer: Sometimes cancer seems to be the unwanted gift that keeps on giving. A cancer diagnosis does not just raise a host of health, medical, and mortality issues – it often presents a panoply of legal and financial issues. Joining Charlene and Scott on this episode of “Battling and Beating Cancer” is Monica Fawzy, Esq. Monica is the Chicago-based attorney at the Cancer Legal Resource Center. We discuss topics such as health and disability insurance, employment issues, access to health care and government, estate planning, and resources available to people battling cancer. Monica will participate in a conference on June 18, 2010 at Loyola University of Chicago School of Law in Chicago so this is a great time to welcome her to "Battling and Beating Cancer."

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    Our Anchor Of Hope For Battling And Beating Breast Cancer

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    Lisa Aprati is bright, beautiful, talented, and compassionate. This television and radio anchor, reporter, and producer also is an "Anchor of Hope" for woman battling breast cancer. Lisa joins Charlene and Scott to discuss breast cancer, her battle with the disease, and the remarkable way that she has turned her tragedy into a blessing for other families impacted by breast cancer.

    October may be Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but here on "Battling and Beating Cancer" every month is a month for education and awareness of all forms of cancer. Even Scott wears pink for this must hear edisode of "Battling and Beating Cancer."

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    Coping with the Psychological & Social Aspects of Cancer: An Integrative Approach

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    Cancer impacts the whole person – our mind, social life, and family life as well as our body. So it is important that we fight cancer on all fronts and take advantage of the full range of available therapies.

    On this episode of “Battling and Beating Cancer” we are joined by Dr. Janine Gauthier, Assistant Professor and Director of Psychosocial Oncology and Clinical Services for the Cancer Integrative Medicine Program at Rush University Medical Center.

    We will discuss stress, fatigue, chemo brain, psychological and social issues that impact cancer patients and how to cope with these challenges. We will talk about acupuncture, yoga, massage therapy, stress management, biofeedback, relaxation, guided imagery, and medical hypnosis. You won’t want to miss this “all hands on deck” cancer show!

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    "Battling & Beating Cancer With Jamie Reno The Modern-Day Renaissance Man"

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    Jamie Reno is one of the nation’s most honored journalists, an internationally known author, acclaimed singer-songwriter, and tireless advocate for cancer patients. A three-time, 14-year survivor of stage IV non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer who was told when he was first diagnosed that he would not live more than three years, Jamie continues to beat the odds and inform and inspire people all over the world. Most important to us, Jamie is a wonderful man and champion for people with blood cancer!

    Jamie's book “Hope Begins in the Dark: 50 Lymphoma Survivors Tell Their Exclusive Life Stories,” http://www.hopebeginsinthedark.com/, is an inspirational and informative book that has become an enormous success worldwide.

    Jamie has just released “Snowman on the Pitcher’s Mound,” his first novel. It is the unique and poignant story of a 10-year-old Little Leaguer who is coping with the blood cancer diagnosis of his mom. It is part of The Pitcher’s Mound Project, a national program for kids and families coping with cancer. The book, written in the voice of the ten-year-old, is for both kids and their parents to read together. This book has received widespread acclaim. http://www.pitchersmound.org.

    Jamie was the San Diego correspondent for Newsweek for 17 years and has covered it all. Jamie has created and directed numerous national marketing, awareness, and fundraising campaigns with numerous cancer non-profits. You won’t want to miss this episode of “Battling and Beating Cancer” with the modern-day Renaissance man Jamie Reno!

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    Radioimmunotherapy -- Is This Lifesaving Therapy For Many Lymphoma Patients On The Ropes?

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    What if we had a treatment that was effective in treating cancer and did not involve all of the side effects of chemotherapy? Radioimmunotherapy involves the use of radioactive antibodies that seek out tumor cells. It has proven to be effective for patients with follicular lymphoma – even lymphomas that did not respond to other forms of treatment. Yet, the treatment in the view of many remains underused and underpublicized. Cancer patient advocates have had to fight to keep this drug on the market. Medicine, research, advocacy, and even politics enter into the discussion on this episode of Battling and Beating Cancer.

    Dr. Mark Kaminski, Professor of Internal Medicine Division of Hematology/Oncology University of Michigan and Director of the Multidisciplinary Lymphoma Clinic University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center, joins Charlene and Scott to discuss radioimmunotherapy on “Battling and Beating Cancer.” Dr. Kaminski knows a lot about radioimmunotherapy – after all he is one of the pioneers of this treatment. We discuss the treatment and how it was developed; its use on follicular lymphoma refractory to other treatment, its use as a front line and secondary treatment, and its potential use for aggressive lymphomas; the benefits, efficacy, and side-effects of RIT; how RIT compares to other treatments; the two different approved formulations of RIT; the underuse of this treatment; and the role of physicians, patients, advocates, drug companies, and providers in educating physicians, patients, providers, and advocating to sustain this important treatment.

    You won’t want to miss this episode of Battling and Beating Cancer.

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    Everyone Battling Cancer Deserves One-On-One Support From An Angel

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    Everyone battling cancer should have an angel. Scott was fortunate to be married to an angel named Charlene. Many people diagnosed with cancer are not so fortunate. That's where Jonny Imerman enters the picture. At age 26, Jonny was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Jonny had loving support from his family and friends, but had never met anyone his age who was a cancer survivor. He wanted to talk to someone just like him, someone who truly understood, and someone who had already beaten the same type of cancer.

    In 2003, Jonny founded Imerman Angels. Imerman Angels matches a person impacted by cancer (a cancer fighter or survivor) with someone who has fought and survived the same type of cancer (a Mentor Angel). Cancer caregivers also receive 1-on-1 connections with other caregivers and survivors. The service is free and helps anyone impacted by any type of cancer, at any stage, at any age, living anywhere in the world.

    Jonny is an ordinary person doing extraordinary things to help others. If it sounds like Jonny should be a Jefferson Award winner, you are right. On this show Scott and Jefferson Award winning Charlene talk to Jonny about his experience and Imerman Angels. The following week, Charlene will present Jonny with a 2010 Chicago Jefferson Award at Chicago Celebrates Service -- 2010 Jefferson Awards Gala.

    Visit http://chicagocelebratesservice.kinera.org and join the Jefferson Awards for a service star studded evening honoring Rocky Wirtz (Chicago Blackhawk Charities), Erin Vaughan (ARAMARK) and Jonny Imerman (Imerman Angels). Tickets are limited.

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    "Melanoma, Skin Cancer, Research & The Dawn Of The Age Of Personalized Cancer Treatment"

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    Dr. Howard Kaufman, Cancer Center Director at Rush University Medical Center, joins Charlene and Scott to discuss melanoma, other skin cancers, the importance and impact of cancer research and clinical trials, and the dawn of the age of personalized cancer treatment. You will not want to miss this informative show.

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    “Battling & Beating Cancer As A Web-Savvy Patient”

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    On this episode of “Battling & Beating Cancer” we are joined by Andrew Schorr.  Andrew is founder of Patient Power, a leader in online and radio talk shows for patients on a full range of medical and health topics.  Andrew is the author of a new book entitled, “The Web-Savvy Patient.” This book is a tremendous resource for families and individuals confronting cancer or any other health challenge. 
    As a 12-year survivor of leukemia, clinical trial participant, and veteran medical journalist, Andrew has a wealth of information to share with our listeners.  The internet is a tremendous source of information and misinformation and we will discuss navigating the internet and using it to your advantage on this episode of Battling & Beating Cancer. 
    Battling & Beating Cancer is a production of Chicago Blood Cancer Foundation.  http://www.chicagobloodcancer.org.

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    Breast Cancer, Young Women, and Fertility Preservation

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    Everyone knows that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Virtually no family has escaped being impacted by breast cancer.  There are many types of breast cancer and an alarming number of young women are afflicted with breast cancer.  The subject of young women and breast cancer does not receive nearly enough attention and much more public awareness and education are needed.  Accordingly, on this episode of “Battling and Beating Cancer” we focus on young women with breast cancer.  One of the many things that breast cancer – and other cancers – and cancer treatments can take from young women is the ability to have children.  We will address the important subjects of infertility and preserving the ability of cancer patients to become mothers with Mindy Berkson, a renowned fertility consultant and founder of Chicago-based Lotus Blossom Consulting.  We also will be joined by Alice Crisci, a remarkably woman who took her experience with breast cancer and turned it into a blessing for many other woman by helping them become mothers through her non-profit organization Fertile Action.  This is a must hear pink episode of Battling and Beating Cancer. 

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    “Children with Cancer and Their Super Siblings”

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    There is nothing more tragic than witnessing any child (especially your child) having to battle cancer. With blood cancer (leukemia and lymphoma)being the most common cancer in children we see this far too often. A diagnoses of cancer impacts the entire family, including the brothers and sisters of children diagnosed with cancer. What about those super siblings? Melanie Goldish, as a mother of a pediatric cancer patient learned first-hand about how overwhelming the fight against cancer can be. It is very draining to attend to all the needs of the child with cancer, understand all the medical information and make decisions on treatment, let alone find the energy necessary to be fully present with the other children as well. Melanie not only identified the issues involving siblings, she came up with a solution. Melanie founded SuperSibs to honor, support and recognize these special children - the brothers and sisters who wonder in the background, "What about me?" Melanie joins Charlene and Scott on this episode of “Battling and Beating Cancer” to discuss her son’s battle with blood cancer, his super sibling, the issues confronting children in a family battling cancer, and the mission and programming of SuperSibs. This episode of battling and beating cancer is about the kids, and you will not want to miss it.

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    Dr. Michelle Le Beau, Professor and Director of The Cancer Research Center at University of Chicago, joins Charlene and Scott to discuss leukemia signs, symptoms, and types. She also discusses leukemia research, University of Chicago's legacy in blood cancer research, and its new partnership with other leading research institutions through the Chicago Blood Cancer Foundation. Dr. Le Beau demonstrates that blood cancer research is the superhighway to curing cancer.