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    D Day

    in Christianity

     Just as history accounts for "D Day" when the U.S. Army sacrificed 9,000 troops but it allowed 100,000 soldiers to defeat Hitler's crack troops...Do you remember your own personal "D Day" when you died to yourself? When you divorce this world that we live in and can truly emphatically say "To live is to die and to die is gain!" This world can't offer me anything. I can't be bought. I won't shut or let up until He comes! You can't kill a dead man walking. This message will give you the power to stand in these last days through knowledge of His Word. Stand today and reign with Him for eternity!

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    Hump Day After Dusk - Battle of The Sexes - Quincy Jonez vs CoCo

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    Guess what day it is? Guess what day it is? Hump Day After Dusk Wednesday! Ceddy J and JoJo chat with Big Tyme Models Quincy Jonez and CoCo Tha Angel about how they each go into the industry and what they have planned for the rest of the year. We also put the two against each other in Battle of The Sexes game.. We welcome listeners to share their feedback through social media and calling-in at 347-202-0389.

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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

    in Books

    Author Jeff Hastings will be stopping by The Author Chat show as part of his WNL virtual book tour to 'chat' with me about his book, The Most Successful Failure in the World.

    About the book:

    When a terminal diagnosis puts Alex’s non-stop working and partying life on a six-month deadline, things draw into tight perspective for the CEO and founder of Moss Global. He realizes that while he achieved everything he’d ever set out to do, the regret over what he’d sacrificed for success weighs heavily on his heart. He can’t go back in time, but can he change his daughter’s future? Or will the business he built tear her apart too?

    About the author:

    Jeff Hastings knows all about the good intentions that pave the road to success. He has been in your shoes and experienced great triumphs and tribulation and has lived to tell the tale. As a small business owner, he developed one of the largest and most productive sales teams in the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies. His team of over 60 insurance agents and 150 support staff generated an estimated $85 million in annualized premium. In one year, his district generated over $13 million in profit making him one of the most profitable district managers since the company’s inception in 1928.


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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

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    It's my pleasure to welcome back to the Author Chat Show author Brook Lynn Dorcent. Brook Lynn will be 'chatting' with me today about her latest book, Forgetting Betrayal.

    About the book:

    Forgetting Betrayal is a captivating journey of lies, entrapment, and triumph. One day...the offender must break free, receive grace, forgive thy own self, and above all else, forget. Ollie, Desiree, Deacon, and Zoe are four individuals that are forced to revisit past decisions. They proclaim they have forgiven themselves for hurting those they hold dear, but they'll never forget. Trapped by haunting memories, their hearts are hindered and futures are limited. Will the threat of death, loss and prison, teach them that guilt over past offenses is a form of un-forgiveness?

    About the author:

    Brook Lynn Dorcent is an author, inspirational speaker and founder of Just Write- A club for writers. You can connect with her at her website: http://www.brooklynndorcent.com/


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    Battle Rap Arena Rookies vs Vets predictions

    in Entertainment

    Battle rap arena does predictions for rookies vs vets and the philly invasion card 

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    battle rap arena special episode

    in Entertainment

    today special episode of battle rap arena

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    NFL Pro Day Rewind: March 9th - 10th

    in Football

    Pro day recaps include: UCLA, Arizona, Kansas State, Kent State, Tulsa, Tennessee State, Harvard, Monmouth, Montana, UAB, Samford, Grand Valley State, Northern Arizona, Army

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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

    in Books

    Meet author Stephanie J. Teer. She will be my guest on Wed. March 18th to discuss her book, I Am Cheetah: The Gift

    About the book:

    It's Friday at Safari Park. It's Park Day! It doesn't get much better than that. At least until the park bully shows up. She thinks all animal lovers are just a bunch of geeks and nerds, but five kids don't agree. Together, they decide to create THE WILD ANIMAL KIDS CLUB to learn about endangered animals. But wait! This club is special. This club has a secret and no one can ever...ever find out what they are hiding. But you can!
    Come join The Wild Animal Kids as they discover a magical secret that will teach them about endangered animals in a way they could have never dreamed of. It's a secret powered by their imagination and the belief that anything is possible. But will the Wild Animal Kids stand up for what they believe in? Will they finally find the courage to stand up to the park bully? 

    About the author:

    Writing has always been a part of my life, but always in the background…always in the shadows of my professional careers.  And although most people may look at that time as a loss in regards to a writing career, I realize that it was all part of my own personal creative writing journey. The opportunities and experiences gained in my early careers all have some type of influence in both my writing and in my ability to support and inspire people who are also trying to navigate their way toward bringing their own creations to fruition.

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    NFL Pro Day Rewind: March 6, 2015

    in Football

    NFL Draft Bible host Ric Serritella recaps the NFL pro day workouts from Friday, March 6th. Log-on to NFLDraftBible.com or @NFLDraftBible for the latest draft updates.

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    John Carver Show - Your Answer is Blowing in the Wind (Bishop T. D. Jakes)

    in Christianity

    To get the context of this show I suggest you read the first few chapters of 2 Samuel in the Old Testament in the Holy Bible. 

    Bishop T. D. Jakes shares concepts from the Biblical stories of King Saul and the eventual King David. He talks about serving and ducking. The basis for Bishop Jakes teaching, on this show, is found in the Old Testament scripture..

    2 Samuel 5:24 - And let it be, when you hear the sound of a going in the tops of the mulberry trees, that then you shall bestir yourself: for then shall the LORD go out before you, to smite the host of the Philistines.

    Other concepts he shares in this short talk:

    Don't neglect the gift that God gave you to serve where you're serving now.

    King David in Power - He never forgot to serve.

    Values formed in the youth matter.

    Your choices matter.

    Being Seen or Be Connected

    What you choose is what you value.

    Leaders see the big picture.

    King David prayed alot.

    Are you fighting battles that are not your fight.

    Some things out to leave broken.

    David attributes his success to God's permission.

    David was told to wait for the sound before he went into battle.


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