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    Modern Problems: On Comet Landings and Battery Life

    in Technology

    Hosts Phil Bowermaster and Stephen Gordon discuss the triumph that is this week's historic landing of the Philae space probe on comet 67P, and the odd circumstances by which unwanted shade and low battery life might cut the mission short. 

    In an oddly related story, the Hubble Telescope has just celebrated its 25th anniversary.

    In other news, scientists are doing creepy mind-control experiments that really work (and that perhaps aren't all that creepy -- or technically even "mind control," come to think of it.)

    PLUS -- will it soon be possible for anyone to have a young mind -- no matter how old they are?

    Join us.


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    in Religion

    A house with no doors, ain't no good either!!!!!!
    In many devices that use batteries -- such as portable radios and flashlights -- you don't use just one cell at a time!Our faith.....our brain...our thoughts work the same way! YOU NEED MORE THAN ONE THOUGHT TO HAVE OR INCREASE YOUR POWER! You normally group batteries (thoughts) together in a serial arrangement to increase the voltage or in a parallel arrangement to increase current / power / faith!
    Most people, myself included, experience faith in varying amounts at different times and with different results because we don't really understand how the batteries, faith and energy work. YOU CAN MOLD YOUR REALITY WITH YOUR FAITH!
    Faith is not an immeasurable thing because the Bible says God has dealt to every man the measure of faith. Therefore faith can be measured and can be worked with in substantial ways. Faith is the workings of consciousness behind all manifestation of energy and this energy powers our batteries / body! Faith is substance and therefore it is substance that can be worked with, shaped, increased, controlled and directed. It is the energy of the universe. It is an energy and a consciousness that fills us with DYNAMIS POWER!

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    Simple Ways to Recharge Your Battery

    in Self Help

    Join Life Coach Shawn Marie Cichowski and Wellness Coach Kim Chirico will bring you ideas on how to recharge your battery and attract the best in your life. When you feel your best, you'll d your best- make time for yourself and get in touch with your authentic self.

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    battery delima and core charge

    in Environment

    ... just to buy a battery .. u gotta pay up $10 if  u don't have a core for them

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    How God Helped Interstate Battery CEO Norm Miller Overcome Alcoholism

    in Business

    He is the chairman of Interstate Battery. From humble beginnings as a salesman, he worked his way up through the departmental ranks of the company to become CEO. He expanded the company's dealerships to over 200,000 across America and helped build up a brand name and reputation that is known for excellence and honesty. 

    As a young child growing up in Galveston, Texas, he often watched his father drink heavily on many evenings after work. Consequently, when he entered junior high, he began drinking as well. His drinking and partying continued all the way through high school and college. After college, he got a job with Interstate which kept him on the road a lot, and many days after working on cars and trucks, he would drink until the bar closed in the wee hours of the morning. 

    However, on one occasion, he was driving home after a night of drinking and got pulled over by the police. He says in his testimony: "I already had been convicted of two DUIs, but somehow I talked my way out of getting arrested. When I woke up the next morning all hung over, I called in sick to work. Then as I lay there in bed, the truth overwhelmed me. I was an alcoholic just like my father. I’d lost control of my life. That was a frightening realization! At the very instant I realized I had become an alcoholic, I blurted out in a half-yell of desperation, 'God, help me! I can’t handle it!' I’ll never forget those words, because He took the compulsion to drink away completely. It was over right then. I realize it doesn’t happen that way for everyone, but it did for me, and I’m eternally thankful. The weird thing is that if you’d asked me the day before if I believed in God, I would have told you that I didn’t know -- that I hadn’t given much thought to it." 


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    Coaching the Coaches with James Fitzgerald, Ep 8

    in Fitness

    In this podcast, Breaking Muscle Radio speaks with world-class strength and conditioning coach James Fitzgerald - many of you know him as OPT.

    00:38 - From OPT to OPEX: What OPEX represents
    04:39 - The CrossFit connection
    05:24 - James's pre-CrossFit accomplishments and achievements
    07:43 - Planning and periodization within CrossFit
    12:08 - The truth about the training plans of top athletes
    13:45 - The early days of the CrossFit Games
    14:51 - The evolution of the CrossFit Games and top-level CrossFitters
    17:55 - Thought on long-term CrossFit athletes (e.g. Spealler and Sakamoto)
    20:39 - Who can realistically get to the CrossFit Games?
    22:11 - An athlete's battery – definition, importance, and measurability
    25:43 - Using a scientific approach with normal athletes
    26:23 - How clients want to be coached versus how they need to be coached
    27:57 - How an athlete can find the best coach for his- or herself
    30:30 - The OPEX philosophy and what makes it different
    33:24 - The different between a coach and someone who instructs fitness classes
    36:00 - The new CrossFit certification system
    37:00 - How to get started as a coach
    38:40 - The journey and the process. The future of OPEX and James
    43:42 - Thoughts on the sport of GRID
    46:44 - James’s details and upcoming project

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    Pittsburgh Riverhounds vs Charleston Battery 4/26/2014 Pre-Matchpack

    in Soccer

    I will take a look at the Hounds upcoming home match against the Charleston Battery, the Hounds are looking to bag 3 points for the first time in 2014. The US Open draw was announced as well, I will cover the Hounds draw and the tourney in general

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    Pittsburgh Riverhounds vs. Charleston Battery Extra Time 4/26/2014

    in Soccer

    I will breakdown all the action in the scoreless draw between the Hounds and Battery from Saturday night at Highmark Stadium. The Hounds failed to get their first victory despite controlling the match. I will also look at the scores from the USL weekend

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    Sex crimes Prosecutor Stacy Honowitz On the latest allegations of Bill Cosby

    in Entertainment

    Stacey Honowitz is a Supervisor in the Sex Crimes and Child Abuse Unit of the State Attorneys Office in Fort Lauderdale Florida. She is responsible for investigating, indicting and prosecuting cases involving child molestation, sexual battery and all cases of physical abuse and neglect involving children. She is often seen on television as a legal analyst for CNN, Headline News and has appeared on Dateline NBC, CBS News 48 Hours, Good Morning America, Anderson Cooper 360, Piers Morgan Tonight, as well as being on air with Larry King Live for seven years.   She is a frequent guest lecturer and has authored two childrens books, “My Privates are Private” and “Genius with a Penis, Dont Touch” which help parents and kids break the ice about discussing the delicate subject matter of sexual abuse. 

    Follow The Show Twitter @MrKingJordan   We Will talk about Bill Cosby,Andrein Petterson &More!

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    Evolutionary Battery Technology. American Roadracers on the World Stage.

    in Culture

    At one or another many of us have been let down by our motorycle starter battery. Well never again with the product offerings from Stark Power. This North Carolina based manufacturer has developed a range of battery solutions with proprietary circuitry that makes getting let down virtually impossible.

    Brian Drebber also joins us to discuss the possibility of successful seasons for American roadracers from the Spanish CEV series, British Superstocks, Moto2 and MotoGP. Fingers crossed that our boys and girls will be carrying the Stars and Stripes all the way to the top steps of race podiums in the best series' of professional motorcycle racing around the globe. 



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    Incubi Incarnate Broadcast with David M. Rountree and Robbie Lunt - 11/19/2014

    in Paranormal

    Tonight your host Bill Bachman interviews David M. Rountree and Robbi Lunt, co-authors of 'Demon Street USA'. David began his research into the paranormal professionally in 1976, and has investigated cases scientifically from Rhode Island to Key West, Florida. David has experimented with both scientific as well as metaphysical techniques in his study of unexplained occurrences. Over the course of his research he was able to confirm EVP was not related to sound by the use of a Bell Jar, a vacuum pump, a Shure dynamic microphone and a TEAC A-4010S Reel to Reel recorder. Due to several encounters of a very negative nature from 1985-87, he made the decision to concentrate on the scientific research concerning the phenomena, and not the metaphysical aspects of the events. In 1992 David formed a new organization, Scientific Paranormal Investigative Research Information and Technology (S.P.I.R.I.T.), and began a long and painstaking process of collecting, building and focusing a battery of hi-tech instrumentation to concentrate on laboratory and field experimentation to search for the cause of paranormal phenomena. By 1998 his focus of research had narrowed to phenomena specific to “Hauntings”.  Robbie is an Arcanologist, Certified Entertainment Electrician and Certified Technology Specialist currently residing in Washoe Valley, NV. He is a proud member of The Way of Nature fellowship. He has had over 20 years of doing energy work in both Tai Chi and Reiki. When he’s not doing research or haunting a theatre, if you search hard enough, you might find him kayaking or skiing in the Sierra Nevadas.

    Follow David on Twitter: @David_Rountree

    Follow Robbi on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DemonStreetUSA

    Like Demon Street USA on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Demon-Street-USA/491624387610968

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