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    The Power of Co-Creation In Healthcare Innovation - The modelH Team

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    This show will welcome back the modelH healthcare collaborative team from Batterii, Kevin Riley and Associates, and Innovation Excellence.  Here we are, one year later with observations to share, insights from our eBook, and celebrating the end of a groundbreaking experience.  The modelH project was designed to demonstrate the power of co-creation within healthcare. The goal was to co-create an open-source business model canvas specific to healthcare to drive meaningful change for that industry.  This project was launched during one of the most uncertain times in healthcare - yet we did it.  Please join us as we discuss the innovation journey from our different perspectives! To download a free copy of the eBook click here.  

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    Innovating Healthcare With ModelH Kevin Riley

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    Kevin Riley is an innovator with a vision - and he has set his sights on fixing healthcare. This show will announce a new collaboration called modelH  - a dynamic collaboration between Kevin Riley & Associates, Innovation Excellence, and Batterii

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    The modelH Initiative: An Open Collaborative

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    On a special edition of 'this week in innovation' at 12:30PM Pacific/3:30PM Eastern join co-hosts Gregg Masters, and Dr. Pat Salber for a roundtable chat with the founders and principal organizers in the 'modelH' initiative.
    According to their website, modelH is:
    '...is a dynamic collaboration between Kevin Riley & Associates, Innovation Excellence, and Batterii that has come together for a year-long project focused on co-creating healthcare business models. Our goal is to co-create an open-source business model canvas with the healthcare community in a collaborative forum.'
    Collaboration inside an 'open source busines model canvas' context? Sounds good to us! Lets explore the intent of this nascent interest. Rather than rehash the consistently cited ills of our 'house of cards' sickcare system at risk of implosion, lets note the intention of the calling:
    '...members of the modelH community will join other passionate healthcare and innovation professionals to create meaningful change in the US healthcare industry. Members will cultivate new professional relationships, elevate their personal brands and identities, and receive direct attribution in Kevin Riley's forthcoming book as permanent proof of the important co-creative role they played.'
    During this roundtable, we'll hear more about the following:
    What is modelH? Why organize the effort? Why is this different from other innovation work incuding that of Ostwrwalder? What did it take to pull modelH together? Join us for a tour of the vision.