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    Counties, too, "are created to give effect to and enable citizens
    to exercise the right of local self-government."Morris v. Board of Com'rs of Switzerland County, 131 Ind. 285, 31
    N.E. 77 (1892).

    "Political subdivisions of States counties, cities, or whatevernever were and never have been considered as sovereign entities. Rather, they have been traditionally regarded as subordinate governmental instrumentalities created by the State to assist in the carrying out of state governmental functions. As stated by the Court in Hunter v. City of Pittsburgh, 207 U.S. 161, 178, 28 S.Ct. 40, 46, 52 L.Ed. 151, these governmental units are `created as convenient agencies for exercising such of the governmental powers of the state as may be entrusted to them,' and the `number, nature, and duration of the powers conferred upon [them] * * * and the territory over which they shall be exercised rests in the absolute discretion of the state.'" (Emphasis added.)

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    Saturday High Noon

    in Politics

    Program Summary: 24 Jan. 2015

    In the January 2015 Taxcast: how offshore is ruining the 'Beautiful Game' – the Taxcast scrutinises football's own goal. Also: how banks with criminal convictions are being allowed to continue to handle our money, how people may be allowed to apply for anonymity in the UK's new register of beneficial owners of companies to be introduced in 2016, and the meeting of the world's most powerful in that bastion of transparency, Davos, Switzerland. Plus more scandal and unique analysis. Listeners are encouraged to bookmark the Tax Justice Network. (30 min.)

    The Global Research News Hour (Canada) radio this week, we spend the hour discussing the looming the collapse scenarios facing the United States with Russian-American engineer Dmitry Orlov. Orlov's perspective on collapse is informed by his extended trips to his former homeland before and during its collapse.  In this interview, Orlov also comments on the current situation with low oil prices, peak oil and its impact on agriculture, Russian moves in alignment with China, overtures toward the EU, and more.  Dmitry Orlov has written two books, Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Experience and American Prospects as well as the Five Stages of Collapse: Survivors' Toolkit. Mr. Orlov is also the author of the blog cluborlov.com and a much sought after geo-political analyst.

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    Women at Davos, US Politics & $100MM Woman Tech StartUp

    in Women

    This week's women headliners span the globe and news!  From Davos, the host to the World Economic Forum (WEF), an annual meeting of global political and business elites and the home of one of Switzerland's biggest ski resorts, women made headlines for their participation in many ways.  From the lack of women participants, to the women who did attend and made headlines:  from Angela Merkel to Christine Lagarde to Emma Watson reviewing her #HeforShe non-profit's newest campaign "IMPACT 10X10X10".  Then in the U.S. the biggest headliner this past week was the President' Obama's 2015 State of the Union address and the woman headliner, Senator Joni Ernst as the Republican speech in response.  And for women in business, tech startup giant Joanna Widenemuller, CEO of 1Page and her feature as the $100MM woman in tech.  Tune in every week to hear women in the headliners and those making their own news!



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    Coming Apocalypse

    in Current Events

    Palestinian Jihadist stabs an Israeli bus driver and 12 other people in the streets of Jerusalem before being shot and arrested. Also Yemen's President has been taken hostage by radical Islamic rebels in a coup in Yemen, as America has sent USS Iwa Jima, USS Ft. McHenry, and the USS San Diego to the coast of Yemen. Also the US Embassy has not been evacutated yet. Also Russia signed a deal with Iran on military cooperation. Also 40 heads of State and leaders from 140 countries including Bill Gates, George Soros, and Al Gore and leading bankers, and world religious leaders are meeting in Davo's Switzerland for the World Economic Summit. Also much more current events and bible prophecy and the powerful Word of God. Your Host Pastor Paul Begley of Indiana. 

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    Jungian analyst and author Kathrin Asper on trauma impact on self and home

    in Spirituality

    Join host Randy Goldberg on his new show Science of Light. Tonight we will be listening to a rare archived talk given by Kathrin Asper entitled "Home is where we share and care." Kathrin Asper is a Jungian analyst in private practice as well as a training analyst and lecturer at the C. G. Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. She is the author of many books including The Abandoned Child Within: On Losing and Regaining Self-Worth

    For more info see: http://ordinaryordinary.blogspot.com/2007/11/jung-love-review-kathrin-aspers.html


    Randy is a world renowned vedic astrologer who has been interviewed by CNN, NPR and the Washington post. Using a Jungian archetypal perspective, he integrates both western and vedic astrology.

    For more on Randy go here: http://www.randygoldberg.org/


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    John Rubino--The Swiss Opt Out Of The Currency Wars #2465

    in Finance

    John recently wrote, Switzerland, as everyone knows by now, has slipped out the back door of the drunken orgy that is the modern financial system. And the other revelers are wondering if it’s time to find their own clothes and start tiptoeing towards the exit.

    Because the Swiss have such a big “mind share” in the world of finance, it’s easy to forget how tiny their country actually is: Eight million people, a landmass of 40,000 square kilometers (less than half that of Virginia, for instance), and a few interesting but by no means essential exports like watches, chocolate, and pharmaceuticals. But in banking it’s a behemoth. Traditionally the place where money ran to hide, whether gold stolen by Nazis, tax revenues stolen by kleptocrats or personal wealth stashed by reasonable individuals living in unreasonable countries, it has for centuries been as reassuringly — and purposefully — boring as an aging accountant.

    In other words, the Swiss are purveyors of financial stability, which requires a rock-solid currency and predictable behavior. The franc, as a result, has for long stretches been the only fiat currency to hold its value versus gold.

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    "Parliament of Souls," With Betinna Gray

    in Spirituality

    We welcome special guest Betinna Gray, who has been a friend of co-host Ann Garner for over 20 years, to the broadcast.  Betinna has hosted and produced hundreds of radio and tevelision interviews, including the 27-part series, “A Parliament of Souls,” which aired over the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), Vision TV-Canada and in 140 countries and the 13-part PBS series, “The Creative Mind.”  Her interviews have profiled writers, artists, musicians, scientists, financial experts, spiritual leaders, and philosophers.  She is also a co-founder of the North American Interfaith Network. (www.creativefilms.com).

    Betinna has studied music since early childhood gaining performance experience in piano, voice, clarinet and guitar.  After graduating with an applied degree in voice, she continued post-graduate studies in composition and orchestration with master composer, David Sheinfeld, brilliantly colored, unorthodox compositions and forceful personality impressed generations audiences and students (See Full Biography). Her musical compositions cover a wide range of styles with an eclectic and adventurous musical taste.  Her most recent work was premiered on tour in Costa Rica by the Primavera Quartet, August 2014.  She currently teaches composition privately.

    Betinna has keynoted and lectured on world religions and human rights in various settings, including Mills College, University of California (Berkeley), and Graduate Theological Union, and been a consultant to the World Council of Churches in Geneva, Switzerland regarding interfaith relations. 

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    Cosmic Vision News - News Around, Upon, Within and Beyond Our Planet

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    Cosmic Vision News – 16JAN15 - SHOW SUMMARY
    LISTEN:    http://www.blogtalkradio.com/inlight_radio/2015/01/17/cosmic-vision-news--news-around-upon-within-and-beyond-our-planet

    ARCHIVE:   http://bit.ly/11gL1Ug
    GOOGLE + :  http://bit.ly/1cabQ45
    TWITTER:  @Greenprint4LIFE
    LINKEDIN:  http://bit.ly/VZb8bQ
    FACEBOOK:  http://on.fb.me/OjJlEq

    1. ( 01:01 ) HYPOCRISY OF PARIS.



    4. ( 32:24 ) THE SELF-DEFENCE OF BRICS.


    6. ( 48:26 ) RON PAUL: ‘US IS A POLICE STATE’.




    10. ( 91:10 ) CANCER FOR PROFIT.

    11. ( 98:27 ) ANNOUNCEMENT.


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    LIVE! with Cathi--2015 Eclectic Calendar!

    in Fitness

    We've circled the World...NEW YEAR TRADITIONS, from Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Canada, China, Germany, Great Britian, Scotland, Hungary, India, Netherlands, Portugual, Spain, South Africa, Thailand and we landed full-circle on Chicago.  

    Here's a look at this year's planned events in Chi-Town and elsewhere.

    Jan 1st...New Year's Day

    Jan 12th...Bruce Rauner inaugurated as Illinois Governor.

    Jan 19th...Martin Luther King Jr. day.

    Feb 1st...Super Bowl in Arizona.

    Feb 18th...Rauner will turn 58.

    Feb 19th...Chinese New Year...the Year of the GOAT.

    March 4th...178th anniversary of Chicago's incorporation as a city.

    March 8th...Spring forward, daylight saving time starts.

    April 5th...Easter.


    May, June, July...Memorial Day...etc.

    August, Chicago Triathlon...etc.

    September...Yom Kipper...etc.

    October...Chicago Marathon...etc.

    Nov-Dec...Thanksgving and Christmas...etc.

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    LIVE! with Cathi---New Year Around the World!

    in Fitness


    Austria, Poland and Switzerland...New Year's Eve is known as the Eve of Saint Sylvester.  According to Polish lore, Pope Sylvester slew an evil monster-dragon as the Leviathon in 1000 A.D, the year widely predicted at that time to be judgment day.

    Canada, in British Columbia, the traditional POLAR BEAR SWIM takes place.  All ages don bathing suits and plunge into the icy cold water which surrounds Vancouver during the winter.

    China, the Chinese New Year takes place sometime between Jan 21-Feb 20th, the exact date being fixed by the Lunar Calendar.  This year 2015, the year of the GOAT.

    Germany, New Year's eve is a rather quiet affair compared to many other nations.

    Great Britian, crowds gather in Traflagar Sqare and Piccadilly Circus waiting to her the chime's of London's BIG BEN.


    Scotland called "hogmany"...etc.

    Hong Kong...only plastic...etc.

    Hungary...effigies of a...etc.

    India...classic tale of...etc.

    Netherlands...people burn...etc.


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    First Contact Radio 1/12/15

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    First Contact Radio 1/12/15 Show #1293 hosted by Joshua Poet


    FREE Astrological Chart Wheel

    Jewish Calendar

    Moon Phase


    This Week’s Sky at a Glance, January 9 – 17

    UFO News
    A Family In Australia Discovers UFO Near International Space Station

    Black and Purple UFO Flies Across Simi Valley, California

    UFO Filmed Over Mountain Peak in Switzerland

    Contractor See Saucer Shaped UFO - UK

    Multiple UFO sightings above Gualeguaychú, Argentina on 5th January 2015

    UFOs Flying Over Capital Hill During Live FOX News Report.

    UFO over Popocatepetl Volcano what are monitoring and guarding, January 2015

    NASA Claims The Mars Rover Has Amnesia...forgetting all the days data, Jan 2015

    A Recent Impact in Elysium Planitia

    Possible Reasons Why Aliens Visit Earth For Many Decades

    Daily Stories
    Book of Daniel Summary

    The Book of Daniel

    10 Dynamic Ways To Communicate With Your Guardian Angel

    The Angels January-10-2015

    Warrior of the Light

    FREE Meditation Music "Reflections"

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