• Champions league is now in the Round of 16, who are the favorites to advance?

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    In this episode of Soccer Saavy, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, Mike Murphy and Troy Otradovec welcome guest host Kevin Cunningham, to the show.  Tonight we will talk about the Champions League, and the round of 16.  What surprises came up on Match Day 6?  Who is your early favorite?

    The round of 16 consists of two legs.  Each team will play home and away, if the teams draw or split, then the aggregrate goals will determine who advnaces to the next round.  We will discuss all the matchups, and how important it was to get the home game, first.

    We will also give our predictions live on the air, so listen in and call the show, with your thoughts.

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    Kiss My Tiara: How a Feminist Badass Found Love

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    Susan Jane Gilman is the New York Times bestselling author of four books: “Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress ”; “Kiss My Tiara:" ; “Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven;” -- and most recently, her first novel, “The Ice Cream Queen of Orchard Street,” published this year by Hachette.

    Gilman has also been a commentator for National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered"; she's written for The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Newsday, Ms., Us, and Real Simple, among others.

    Although she currently lives in Geneva, Switzerland, she remains, eternally, a child of New York City. Join us for a fun and smart perspective on dating as a feminist and breaking some rules.

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    St. Fidelis

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    Rebroadcast of the long running radio program, "The Ave Maria Hour", a presentation of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. www.AtonementFriars.org

    St. Fidelis - A former lawyer who left his profession to become a Capuchin Franciscan priest, Saint Fidelis of Sigmaringen has his liturgical memorial on April 24.

    Leaving his legal practice behind, Mark decided to give his life directly to the service of Christ and the Church. In short order he received ordination as a priest, and joined the Capuchin Franciscans in Freiburg.

    During 1614 a Swiss Catholic bishop had sought help from the Capuchins, to restore the faith and counteract the spread of Calvinist Protestantism. In 1621, Fidelis was sent on the mission. He brought just four items: a Bible, a prayer book, a crucifix and a copy of the Capuchin rule.

    The winter of 1621-22 was a busy period of preaching, instruction and theological disputation for the Franciscan priest. He preached not only in the pulpits of Catholic churches, but also in public places, and even in the meeting-places of the Calvinists themselves. Some Swiss Protestants responded with hostility, but many others were also brought back to the Church.

    Like many cases of religious persecution during this time, Fidelis’ treatment at the hands of the Calvinists did not stem exclusively from doctrinal disagreement. National and cultural tensions also contributed, with many Swiss Protestants suspecting that the Catholic mission was part of an Austrian plot against their nation.

    Fidelis' life bridged the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, a time of religious conflict in Western Europe. He died at the hands of a mob while preaching in Switzerland, where he had gone to combat the Calvinist heresy.

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    Gullah/Geechee Nation Celebrates Human Rights Day 2014

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    Queen Quet, Chieftess of the Gullah/Geechee Nation (www.QueenQuet.com) is a member of the directorate of the International Human Rights Association for American Minorities (IHRAAM).   She was the first Gullah/Geechee in the world to ever speak on behalf of the human rights of Gullah/Geechees before the United Nations in Genevé, Switzerland.  Queen Quet continues to represent IHRAAM and the Gullah/Geechee Nation at numerous events at the United Nations.  On this broadcast, she will discuss "Human Rights 365."

    Disya da we sho-Gullah/Geechee Riddim Radio!



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    The Swiss Alps in Engelberg

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    With winter here in full force, it’s time to hit the slopes at the top of the Swiss Alps as Travel Brigade visits the town of Engelberg, Switzerland, and heads 10,000 feet up to the top of Mount Titlis on the 360-degree-rotating Rotair tram. The mountain is so high there is a glacier on top year-round and we’ll tell you how you can walk through an ice cave and take the “Cliff Walk” suspension bridge that offers incredible views across the top of the Alps. We’ll talk about amazing skiing in the winter as well as great year round activities on the mountain. You’ll also get a taste of the classic Swiss experience of walking through a mountain meadow while listening to the cow bells ringing on your way to a traditional swiss meal of Alplermagronen. In the charming village of Engelberg at the base of the mountain, we’ll visit a Show Cheese factory and take a horse carriage ride to a centuries old monastery. Enjoy the trip! Follow us on Twitter @TravelBrigade.

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    Dj Phaze Sessions (Traffic Jam Life In Color Special)

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    Dj Phaze comes to you at a new time at 5pm with the Traffic Jam with the Hottest music and Jams from Artists in Life In color Which will be in  Miami on December 26&27.  Make sure to tune in and here the best events coming up with the Art Basel and the Hottest After Parties.


    Listen to the Live Mix only on the hottest network on Blog Talk EON Network


    Follow us on IG and Twitter: @eonphaze and @EON_Network

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    World Call In

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        With nearly 200 countries on our Planet, what countries in this World are doing the BEST job to help their population?  Switzerland is going to vote on a proposal in 2016 to give every citizen a stipend of $2600 per month.   Can these countries help their population or do we need to leave our planet (e.g. climate change, global warming, slavery, etc.) ? 

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    NOVEMBER 2014 WEEKS #3 -&- #4 REVIEWED: ( PART 1: Thanksgiving Special )

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    Back again from the HOLIDAY BREAK of Thanksgiving Week and ready to give you all this BOUNTIFUL SUPPLY OF ENDTIMES UPDATES, starting with a SPECIAL THANKSGIVING TRIBUTE SONG and then onto more serious matters. On this (Part 1 Episode), we talk about TOPIC #1: PERILOUS TIMES and ALL THE FERGUSION UPDATES. Then we move onto to TOPIC #2: GLOBAL COOLING UPDATES with several RECORD-SETTING STORIES. We will also discuss a few updates on TOPIC #3: GLOBAL WARMING and from there we move onto TOPIC #4: HAGGAI PROPHECY OF DROUGHTS in California and Brazil. Then from DRY DROUGHTS to RAINY FLOODS, we go tonto TOPIC #5: AS THE DAYS OF NOAH WERE and compare Noahs Times with our Times! ... ALL THIS AND MORE ON TODAYS FIRST EPISODE ON THIS 2-WEEK REVIEW OF THE MAJOR NEWS HEADLINES THAT ARE TRULY OF BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS... SO GET IN THE KNOW!... STAY INFORMED!... JOIN US ON TODAYS LIVE BROADCAST.... ENJOY THE SHOW....

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    Corporations and the American Consumer

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    The holidays are coming up and Corporations are going to inundate us with advertising to buy their wares. But what do the corporations really do for us, besides selling us something we need or want? Where do the profits go? Do they pay their fair share of taxes? Our communities are suffering from cutbacks to our police and fire departments. Our schools…well let’s not even go there. We know they need help and funds to educate our young folks.

    Meanwhile, some corporations as Rep George Miller put it…”They are renouncing their corporate citizenship to take advantage of tax havens in Ireland, Panama, Switzerland or the Cayman Islands. They’re turning Uncle Sam into Uncle Sucker.” Don’t they have a moral responsibility to support the communities in which they market their goods? They are even shipping our jobs overseas. Are we not supposed to be equal partners in the American Dream?   

    Join me and my special guest Kevin L. Nichols of the KLN Consulting Group, “Leading the legal Industry in Litigation, Diversity, & Business Development/Social Media Consulting”. He is also an officer in the Bay Area Black Professionals.

    Obviously we are not talking about all corporations. But here is a thought. If the large corporations are leaving a vacuum in services and community involvement doesn’t that leave an opening for home grown businesses no matter their structure?  We will take a look at Corporations and the American Consumer on this show. This is where you get real news and information. Join us.

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    Managing Madrid Podcast 9: Eibar, Isco-Disco and Questions

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    Gabe, Lucas and Josh are back, relived to be watching Real Madrid after a strenuous international break. The guys recap Madrid's convincing 4-0 win over upstart Eibar, discussing Isco's role in midfield, Madrid's current stellar form (it carried over!) and breaking down whether this is the ideal lienup--even against big European sides. Then the guys take questions, answering as many as possible, though focusing on formation analysis. Finally, they wrap up with--admittedly short--previews of los blancos' upcoming matches against Basel (in the Champions League) and Málaga in the Liga BBVA. 

    Happy Thanksgiving, MM'ers!

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    Think and Grow Rich Mastermind with Dr. Mariama Williams, Meditation Expert

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    Join Dr. Mariama Williams and Ann McNeill with the International Mastermind Association (#IMA) by calling 661.554.9219 every Saturday morning at 8 AM EST as we walk through Napoleon Hill's best-selling book, Think and Grow Rich. 

    Mariama Williams, Ph. D. is a certified Vedic Master with the Chopra Center for Wellbeing and the Chopra Centre University, Carlsbad, California (since 2008). Mariama was certified by Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon as a Primordial Sound Meditation Instructor (2001), a Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Instructor and a Perfect Health Instructor (2008).. Mariama is also a certified Bikram Yoga College of India Instructor. Over the last ten years she has traveled to China, India, Europe and the Caribbean teaching and experiencing meditation, yoga and multiple mind body techniques. Dr. Williams also teaches yoga and meditation in Jamaica, West Palm Beach, Florida and Switzerland

    Dr. Williams is a researcher and policy analysis working with developing countries in Geneva, Switzerland, and is a director of the Institute of Law and Economics, Jamaica. Dr. Williams is the author of Trading Stories: Experiences with Gender and Trade (co-edited with Marilyn Carr, 2010), co-author, Gender and Trade Action Guide: A Training Resource (2007). She is currently working on gender issues and the empowerment of women.

    During this Masterminding at it's finest - REAL TIME DISCUSSION, we invite you to read along, comment, discuss the benefits, and share your ideas on the Accountability.

    WWW.INTERNATIONALMASTERMINDERS.COM http://www.facebook.com/groups/181961594694/ Twitter: @intlmastermind  #IMA2013

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