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    BARS- The Black Atheist Radio Show Ep. 5: Young, Black & Atheist

    in Atheism

    Host Blazer Peete discusses the challenges of atheism and black youth with guests MC Brooks, Shay Myles and a prior interview from Ebony, a young black atheist who wanted to share her story, but could not be with us this evening.

    MC Brooks is also host of Ashes In The Fall.

    Are you an atheist of color and need a space to be yourself? Find Black Atheist, home of BARS, here.

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    Spit 16 Bars

    in Music

    Tune In Right Now And Spit 16 Bars,We Dont Judge,We Dot Care What Your Spittin About,Just Murder Your Flow Also Stay Tuned For Your Voice To Be Heard Send Me All Of Your Songs Or Whatever I Want You To Be Heard I Want You To Be Known So Call In Right Now For You To Be Heard 16 Bars Riight Now So Lets Gett It !!!!!!!

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    Call In And Spit 16 Bars

    in Music

    Yo Yo Wattup Its Your Host Lil Paullo Here 

    This Podcast Here Is Nothin But Showing Your Talent, You Can Call In And Spit 16 Bars, You Can Either Recite Something You Have Wrote Down Or You Can Spit Something Off The Head, Now When You Call In You Can Stay On The Line Nd Listen To The Show Or You Can Spit Now Lets Gett It 

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    BARS Special Episode One: Angry For Tamir Rice

    in Atheism

    Hosts Heat Smith, Kahlil Haynes, Deanna Adams & Blazer Peete discuss the Tamir Rice Grand Jury Decision and possible avenues for justice.

    We want to hear from you. If you want to get some anger out, call (714) 409-0586.

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    BARS- The Black Atheist Radio Show Ep. 4: Coon By Ya

    in Atheism

    Hosts Heat Smith and Blazer Peete discuss Black Self Hatred/Internalized Racism AKA Coonery/Being An Uncle Tom

    Feel free to call in and talk about the Uncle Tom/Coon in your life by dialing +1 (714) 409-0586.

    If you're an atheist of color and need an intersectional safe haven you can find us on Facebook.

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    On Why Yet's Watch with Matthias Mr. 16 Bars

    in Hip Hop Music

    Remember Hip-Hop? Remember the music before the "bling", before the "pimp swag", before the music got lost in the image? Remember the hip-hop that was an instrument of social change? If you yearn for that kind of nostalgic music like that, let me introduce you to Matthias aka "Mr. 16 Bars".

    A North Philadelphia native, Matthias devoted time to releasing his first album, The Forgotten, after his military tours overseas. Seeing first hand what war does and how the veterans are treated afterwards, Matthias decided to use his music as a vehicle for positive change.

    Join me, Why Yet, as I sit down and talk with Matthias about what's on the horizon for his music and what legacy he would like his musice to leave. Call #773-897-6297

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    Call In And Spit 16 Bars

    in Music

    Yo Its Yahh Host Paullo Here Telling You To Call In At 11, And You Can Show Me And My Co-Host Yung Chapo *Cody* 

    Your Talent 

    There Are Only 5 Callers Allowed To Be On Line, And If You Dont Want To Call In You Can Tune In Over The Internet 

    Me And Cody Want To Hear Your Talent Real S*** 

    Now Show Us What You Got 


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    Interview with Artist- Bars Brown on 11/17@6pm CST

    in Blogs

    Bars Brown grew up in Providence, Rhode Island and was exposed to violence, robberies, blackouts, and other harsh realities of the urban landscape. He had always dreamed of a life as a musician he began rapping at a young age.Now Bars Brown released his highly anticipated new hit single "Get Money" powered by Sony Red. His goal is to get signed and continue to bless the world with his talent. He want to motivate any  and everyone from the bottom to do better.

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    Access Bars-The Basics

    in Self Help

    Our Access Consciousness Community In NYC is here to support you in stepping out of this polarized reality, stepping out of judgment of you & everyone else, & step into a place of total allowance & oneness with all things.

    What would it be like to be empowered to know what is true and what works for YOU? What if “the guru” lies right within you?

    What about your life, right now, is NOT working for you that you would like to change? We’d like to facilitate more awareness for YOU!

    What if you could function from choice instead of no choice, infinite possibilities instead of decision, question instead of conclusion and joy instead of trauma and drama? What if you could have choice, possibilities, question and joy ALL of the time?

    The mantra of Access Consciousness: ALL of life comes to us with ease, joy and glory!

    This is not about new age spirituality, group meditation or what the latest Guru just put in a book. It is about what it is like to function from awareness and how easy it is.

    There is no secret here. You will learn how having more awareness allows you to generate your life to become more than you ever thought was possible. What if being conscious and aware is nothing like what you thought it was? What if all the magic you ever imagined is real?

    The Websites to learn more are: www.accessconsciousness.com

    With Ease, Joy, & Glory!
    Meryl Brinin-Host-Access Bars-Consciousness Radio