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    Night-Light with special guest Barbara Mackey

    in Spirituality

    Night-Light welcomes an amazing, talented and inspirational lady to the show tonight.  

    Barbara Mackey is a sixth-generation Psychic/Medium of Hungarian and Scottish background who has had
     premonitions since the age of four. Her Hungarian grandmother, Lidia was a Dream Interpreter
     and a Psychic. Dr. Samuel Kennedy, her Scottish ancestor, was a dreamer of dreams and a seer
     of visions who had the "Scottish Sixth Sense."  Through her many years as a Psychic, Barbara has been able to
     realize her dream of helping people by using her gift to read clients. Now numbering in the
     thousands, they report startling accuracy in her detailed readings. Barbara's work is holistic in nature, unlike other clairvoyants. She reads the whole person; encompassing body, mind and spirit. Barbara's background demonstrates a psychic power that includes documented medical cases and working with the police on unsolved murder cases.

    Barbara's clientele emanate from every walk of life. Word of her extraordinary abilities has prompted calls from as far away as Europe. She has been the subject of numerous newspaper and magazine articles. She has made public appearances, taught, lectured, and read throughout the US, Canada and Europe. She is currently
     working on a book chronicling her thirty year psychic career entitled "The Life of a Psychic

    Barbara M's  website -  http://www.barbaramackey.com/

    Barbara D's website - http//:www.barbaradelong.com

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    Bonnie Albers On Air: Barbara Mackey today!

    in Spirituality

    Join us today, 347-838-8864, Bonnie has a special guest, a Pheonmenal lady, Barbara Mackey! Barbara is a sixth-generation Psychic/Medium of Hungarian and Scottish background who has had premonitions since the age of four. Her Hungarian grandmother, Lidia was a Dream Interpreter and a Psychic. Dr. Samuel Kennedy, her Scottish ancestor, was a dreamer of dreams and a seer of visions who had the "Scottish Sixth Sense." (See the Kennedy Chronicle for more information on the Scottish Kennedy family.) Through her many years as a Psychic, Barbara has been able to realize her dream of helping people by using her gift to read clients. Now numbering in the thousands, they report startling accuracy in her detailed readings. Barbara's work is holistic in nature, unlike other clairvoyants. She reads the whole person; encompassing body, mind and spirit

    Contact Information:
    Mail :Barbara Mackey
    P.O. Box 3085

    Point Pleasant, New Jersey 08742.

    Phone: (732) 504-7446  Email: psychic@psychicbarbaramackey.com Fax:(732) 608-9559

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    Psychic Barbara Mackey & the New "House Party" Movie

    in Lifestyle

    Psychic Barbara Mackey helps you through your transformation as she takes your burning questions to help you in love, dating, success, marriage, career, relationships, business, and much more. This spiritual life coach may help you find hope and the life purpose you've been seeking.
    Plus, Hollywood Director Darin Scott talks about the making of the new "House Party: Tonight's the Night" movie, starring Tequan Richmond, Zac Goodspeed, Tristin Mays, and Rolonda Watts. Download it now! Kid n Play return with more antics in this funny, feel-good film!
    Every Sunday afternoon, Rolonda shares news, views, advice, and interviews, as well as motivation, encouragement, and inspiration on different ways to add more purpose and passion to your life, career, relationships, and business - for a better life and a better YOU! Join Rolonda and Friends every Sunday afternoon!
    Follow the show! Plus -- 

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    AstroEnergy Astrology with guest Psychic Barbara Mackey 8/7/14

    in Spirituality

    Intuitve astrologer, Shelley Overton, hosts renowned psychic Barbara Mackey.

    Barbara Mackey has been working in radio for 25 years in radio Her CBS radio show "Visions"

    A guest-host for 94.3 The Point , 100.1 WJRZ, 105.1 The Buzz NYC, WOR Radio NYC, WNEW 102.7 NYC, host of her own talk show, Visions, 1160 AM WOBM and resident psychic for the Shawn & Sue Breakfast Morning show, 92.7 FM WOBM. for fifteen years..as well as LA, Boston, Washington and Florida radio stations.

    Barbara has also been on Animal Planet's "The Haunted" for 4 seasons, Discovery ID Channel Deadly Affairs..Love is a Battlefield, Unsolved Mysteries, Court TV, Hollywood at Large, and The Catherine Crier Show as well as being on an invitation list of a variety of colleges, organizations, metaphysical societies, and Barnes and Noble bookstores as a motivational speaker.

    Ms. Mackey she's also been voted as one of The United States and World's Best & Most Trusted Psychics. 

    Shelley is excited and honored to host Barbara Mackey.

    FREE READINGS Call in 347-994-3365.


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    Barbara Mackey & your numerology (open lines)

    in Spirituality

    Call (619)-789-6836 with your date of birth and numerologist Ed Peterson (the author of the book Numerology) will tell you some of your numerology.
    Ed just finished doing an hour long radio show with Barbara Mackey:
    Barbara Mackey joined Ed for a bit and will be back on again soon!!!
    Ed did 5 readings and wrapped up the show a bit early.

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    Get Answers to Life's Questions about Money with Barbara Grace Reynolds

    in Spirituality

    Are there situations in your life that you just can't figure out how to change? Then this show is a place where you can ask questions and get answers from a higher source.  Barbara Grace is a channel, teacher, and healer who assists others in transforming their lives.  She provide answers that will always be for your highest good. This is your chance to change your life!  Join her in this incredible energy and love.  This is for you!  Call in for mini readings or to ask any questions that you have about your true purpose in this lifetime.  Learn what is true for YOU!

    You can send any questions you have to dgh.4u2@gmail.com.   Your question and the answer will be revealed on the show or you can call in at 646-716-5045 and ask the question live.  To learn more visit Barbara's website at:  www.divinelyguidedhealing.com

    If you feel that this show and the work that I do has benefited you and you would like to have an energy exchange then feel free to go to my website:  www.divinelyguidedhealing.com and make a donation.  This is just another way for you to bring balance into your life.  You are loved and appreciated.

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    Dorothy Mackey, Advocate Against Sex Abuse

    in Politics Progressive

    Dorothy Mackey, is an advocate against sex abuse on NNIA1 at BlogTalkRadio at 3pmEST every Tuesday. GUEST CALL-IN (818) 572-2947. Rev. Mackey discusses CPS, enforced adoptions, child abuse, military sexual abuse, and affects on victims.

    Enforced adoptions often happen to children of incarcerated mothers and others. Children may or may not wind up in wholesome circumstances. Children who are removed from their families are sometimes victimized by child abusers, including sexual predators.

    Mackey has a degree is law enforcement and worked in that area. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Political Science; and Masters in Public Administration. She graduated with the highest honors of Summa Cum Laude. She holds a secondary graduate equivalent degree in Federal Contract Administration and Negotiation. Mackey honorably served in the US military as a Captain (11 yrs) and Commander (6 1/2 yrs) and is an ordained minister. Mackey was a co-founder of STAAAMP (Survivors Take Action Against Abuse by Military Personnel). She is a national and international speaker. Mackey is a Reiki Master and teacher and a Life Coach.

    Dorothy Mackey (whose former married name was Triplett) was a Catholic. She was allowed to be a serial raped victim beginning at only 18 months of age (Vatican /Pope Benedict got immunity in 2004 from President Bush for 38 years of rapes and torture of US children). Mackey is uniquely qualified through her background, education, and experience to make a human rights demand on behalf of children.

    Broadcast 2

    Broadcast 1

    Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never did, and it never will.
    ~Frederick Douglass

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    Titus 2 Tuesday with Keva Renee & APOSTLE BARBARA KIZZIE

    in Spirituality

    Key Strategies Against "Secret Pain In Ministry & Church Hurt"
    Blueprint techniques to safeguard against "Secret Pain in ministry" and overcoming church hurt. This broadcast is dedicated to assist with life goals thru my mentor Apostle Barbara Kizzie! Join in the conversation to incorporate in your life keys that will empower you to "let go" that pain you have been holding on to in secret.  Apostle Kizzie has an apostolic ministry with whose Divine charge is to help encourage, edify and equip the people of God who are called to Home Churches, Small Churches and Para Church ministries. Their acromym is G.I.T.M ~ GITM and has a weekly talk show to empower ministries.  You won't be disappointed to join us in these Titus 2 Moments!
    Meet Apostle Kizzie via social media before the broadcast:


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    Sacred Success Author Barbara Stanny: You Entrepreneur Money Story.

    in Entrepreneur

    Best-selling author Barbara Stanny hits it out of the park with her 8th book "Sacred Success"

    She will share her perspective on where we are at in terms of women once and for all not assuming men in their lives are more savvy, educated or equipped to create financial safety and freedom for us! If money is simply a form of energy, then why do so many feel so dis-empowered when it comes to their money story?

    As the daughter of the ‘R’ in H&R Block, Barbara grew up relying on her father and then her husband to manage her money. When a devastating financial crisis hit it became a personal wake-up call and put Barbara on a path to find financial enlightenment.



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    Metalsmith Benchtalk: Archived Interview with Knew Concepts Manager Brian Meek

    in Art

    My Guest this Thursday, February 26th at 3 p.m. PDT/6EDT on MetalSmith BenchTalk is metalsmith, machinist, tool designer, jeweler, and teacher Brian Meek, the Production Manager at Knew Concepts.


    About Brian: A metalsmith since the age of 15, Brian has spent his life mastering a number of techniques. Having studied at Syracuse University, as well as City of London Polytechnic, he rounded off his technical training at the Cranbrook Academy of Art with a Masters of Fine Art in Metalsmithing.

    Brian has taught jewelry to a variety of audiences, from university students to fellow jewelers in workshops. He spent 12 years teaching at Santa Barbara City College's Adult-Ed program -- widely recognized as one of the best community based jewelry programs in the country -- where he brought out the best in non-traditional students. He is currently teaching a weekend workshop studio course at Mission College in Santa Clara, CA, as well as a selection of classes at the TechShop in Menlo Park, CA.

    For more about Brian , visit http://www.alberic.net/page0/page0.html or http://ganoksin.com/blog/alberic/.

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    RRW Tales from the Pages Welcomes Susan A. Royal and Amy Leigh McCorkle

    in Books

    On Thursday, February 26, 2015 at 4PM EST host Barbara Ehrentreu welcomes author, Susan A. Royal, author of Not Long Ago, From Now On from her It's About Time series and In My Own Shadow her fantasy/romance/adventure book. Also on the show is Amy Leigh McCorkle, who is not only a #1 Amazon and Epic finalist author, but an award winning film maker, screenwriter and TV writer. Her books include: the Bella Morte series, the Gladiator Chronicles, Bounty Hunter, When Doves Cry and the Aurora Black series. Some are written under the name Kate Lynd. Her popular blog, Letters to Daniel has been made into a book and the film is coming soon. She will be performing a one woman show of Letters to Daniel this summer. As I have said so many times before, this is a show not to be missed! 

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