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    This is just unreal and cannot believe this! If you are a victim, click this link and file a complaint https://www.pavoterservices.state.pa.us/Pages/ReportElectionComplaints.aspx  You must be a P.A. resident. Here's the truth about Mike Brown http://shoebat.com/2014/08/26/leader-muslim-civil-rights-group-exploits-michael-brown-funeral-ferguson/ I had to delete the Dictrict number, cause it's to dangerous.

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    WDW Fan Zone BlogCast #113 - Letting Your Kids Go At Disney

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    On this episode of the WDW Fan Zone BlogCast the gang gets together to discuss when and what we have or will allow our kids to do without us at Walt Disney World. We invite you to join the discussion with Stuart Sternberg, Lottie Ferguson, darlene Nagi, and Kurt. 

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    RYAN ROCKS IT ASBURY PARK STYLE. I am excited to interview my friend AL CHEZ Thursday evening 4/28 at 5:30 PM.

    Al Chez who I consider a friend actually asked me to sing with his fantastic orchestra at the Woder Bar-Light of Day 2013 in Asbury Park, NJ.   And what an honor that was for me.  It was the most exciting performance of my life and I will tell you why.  In addition to being a great Guy, Al Chez was the long time trumpet player on CBS's "THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN".  He was with PAUL SHAFFER and The Late Show for over 15 years appearing on both CBS and NBC.  Al previously has toured/played with Bon Jovi, Robert Cray, Tower of Power, Arturo Sandoval, The Young Rascals, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Maynard Ferguson, Eric Clapton and The Dave Edmunds Band.

    Al has performed at 3 presidential inaugurations and traveled the world many times.  He has appeared at the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame" inductions every year since 1986 and has performed "The Concert for New York City, The Concert of the Century and a Very Special Christmas Concert at the WHITE HOUSE.  Al also performed at the closing Ceremonies of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.  Alan has appeared numberous times at the DCI Championships lending his horn for the National Anthem and concerts. 

    Wow, I think this is more then enough information to start with about this outstanding and accomplshed WORLD CLASS MUSICIAN!  So stay tuned for this awesome interview with me and my friend Al.  To listen live call 213.943.3559 or go to www.blogtalkradio.com/ryan-rocks-it-asbury-park-style  The live broadcast will be archived for your listening pleasure and convenience.  

    PS  Al is on Facebook and reverbnation.  For more informaiton you can always google Al.  Peace, Nancy  <3

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    Let's Talk Live- April 27, 2016

    in Current Events

    The announcement by the Minister of Education Senator Ruel Reid that auxiliary fees for high

    schools will be abolished and that the subventions to schools will be increased from $11,500 to

    $19,000. We will be joined by the former Minister of Education & current Opposition

    Spokesperson on Education, Deacon Ronnie Thwaites as well as the

    Communications Director from the Ministry of Education Mr. Byron Buckley 


    • We will also continue to delve into the  the PATH Programme where

    many beneficiaries island wide are saying they received less funds in the most recent disbursements than what

    they normally receive. The Opposition Spokesperson on Labour & Social Security Dr. Fenton

    Ferguson has requested that the Minister of Labour and Social Security will join us.  




    were still cut in some instances.

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    Hard Starboard Radio: A Week Of JASmius On KCAA & KMET

    in Politics Conservative

    Like "Chama-chama-chama-chama-chama-chamleon," guest-hosting gigs come and go.  February 21st of last year saw the Director at a speaking engagment in Temecula, California, and Alex Ferguson at an event in Riverside, California, leaving the gold-pressed latinum CR microphone all the myself.  It was, little did I know at the time, the last time I would fill-in on KCAA, as the program migrated to KMET 1490-AM a month later.  Ditto.  And also my last time in the center seat of the starship Pistachio for another nine months, which is the time I recall getting the phone call a little over two hours before airtime for American Daily Review that I'd be flying solo again.  That's me, Mr. "Flexibility".  At least in some ways.

    Live podcasts resume May 2nd.

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    Hard Starboard Radio Weekend

    in Politics Conservative

    "You and I, we've been at war since before either of us even existed. You fundamentally transformed your party. You fundamentally transformed my country. You will NOT fundamentally transform me.

    "If you're listening to this....you are the Resistance."

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    American Daily Review: Cases Of The Shakes

    in Politics Conservative

    Real feminism comes out of the barrel of a gun; Terry McAuliffe empties Virginia prisons to vote for Hillary Clinton; Castros call "historic" Obama visit an "attack"; Rahm Emanuel throws Chicago PD under the bus to save his own ass; Obama Regime defies House subpoena of ObamaCare co-ips; Obama threatens Britain with trade war if they leave the E.U.; SCOTUS deadlocks on Obamnesty, as expected; The gender-bender pandemic; House Select Panel On Infant Lives vindicates David Daleiden, Center For Medical Progress; California faces another tsunami of illegal alien "children"; The U.S.-Saudi 9/11 Indicment Act tiff; and Iran tests its newest ICBM.

    Then, in hour #3 of the Saturday Afternoon Radio Extravaganza on Constitution Radio on KMET 1490-AM, 4PM Eastern/1PM Pacific:

    Tim Donnelly, who ran for governor of California in 2014, and is now running for Congress this fall, is our guest.  Plus: ChiComms may not voluntarily give up power; Russia expanding its submarine fleet; California's flight from $15; Donald Trump wins New York primary and the campaign paradigm shifts from pathetic whining back to crass boasting; And after Myanmar, Japan, and Ecuador, where will the Ring of Fire strike next?

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    Everything w/Kathy B, Barb Rosenstock, Coach Jason Matthews

    in Entertainment

    Source Nation!  Join us tonight from 6-8:30 EST for Sports Tuesday with Steve Manderson.

    6:15- Barb Rosenstock is the author of narrative nonfiction and historical fiction picture books for children. Barb has always been fascinated by old places, people, and things from the past. Her work experience has been in advertising and marketing and then she left the corporate world to become (in order) a mother, a teacher and a children’s writer

    7:15 Coach Jason Matthews

    Jason Matthews is a Los Angeles native who originally hit the athletic scene as a baseball pitcher. Burned out, he switched to basketball at age 14. Despite the rather late start to the sport, he quickly captured the attention of college basketball recruiters with his dedicated training regime and consistent performance in one of the most competitive regions nationwide. 

    The 22 Hoops core training model is based on shooting, ball control, and agility drills ...straight from the PROS and utilized in the NBA. These skills are needed for competent play at the college level.

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    Fallen Rock Zone

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    Listen to us Thursdays 6-8 PM EST on Blog Talk Radio! Hosted by Sherry and Barb. Submit rock/hard rock/alternative music to fallenrockzoneradio@aol.com

    Twitter: @FallenRockZone


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    WDW Fan Zone BlogCast #112 - Animal Kingdom After Hours

    in Travel

    On this episode of the WDW Fan Zone BlogCast the gang gets together to talk about Disney's Animal Kingdoms new nighttime schedule beginning Memeoria Day weekend. Join the discussion with Stuart Sternberg, Lottie Ferguson, Darlene Nagi, and Kurt. 

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    HOLY SHIFT! with Professional Coaches Barb Heenan & Lesley Picchietti

    in Motivation

    It's cold, rainy and dreary outside, or it's a beautiful, sunny spring day! How does that change your mood? An important key to how much happiness we feel or satisfaction we have in life is based on how we see the world.  And how we see the world is more important than how the world is.  How are you viewing the world and how is it working for you? 

    Lesley Picchietti has spent over 25 years doing what she loves with the constant being her addictive optimistic approach and desire to make a difference. Her career has spanned from local TV news to non-profit development, spending over a decade as a jazz vocalist and band leader, to a music educator.  Lesley believes the art of coaching/teaching, for any age, is through empowerment and engagement.  Using a unique blend of compassion, boldness and humor, she consistently shifts client and student energy from a place of hesitation to a more positive and constructive center. This productive shift ultimately allows individuals, groups and corporate teams to move forward with increased motivation and confidence.  www.InspireBlissCoaching.com

    For over twenty years, Barb Heenan has been helping people turn obstacles into stepping stones for success. A former Occupational Therapist, Sales Manager, and Sales Consultant, she has a unique ability to inspire individuals to stretch out of their comfort zones both in work and play.  Barb helps busy professionals and entrepreneurs capture the power of connecting with their inner wisdom and natural talents using her positive energy and insight.  She holds degrees in Psychology and Occupational Therapy from the U of I and has successfully run two small businesses (an art business, and sales consulting).  Barb’s philosophy is that we each have the full capacity to create the life we really want.  www.FreshCompanyCC.com

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