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    After President Obama is Black History month still needed?

    in Current Events

    Join us today as we raise the question:

    After President Obama is Black History month still needed?

    Why do some individuals question the relevance of Black history, as if remembering is the same as living the experience?


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    The Black Plight Radio Show: Hosted By Mowreh IshYAH

    in Spirituality

    Re Broadcast of Nothing But the Truth

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    Survival Fitness: Are you fit enough to survive?

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    Survival Fitness: Are you fit enough to survive?
    The Herbal Prepper Live
    on American Preppers Radio!
    Sundays 7:00pm/Est 6:00pm/Ct 5:00pm/Mt 4:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Times of civil unrest are truly tests of survival of the fittest. Most of us don't like to acknowledge this, because fitness hasn't been a top priority in a while. Perhaps we're older and have some aches and pains. Or, perhaps we are already juggling kids, spouse, a job, aging parents, and all of our other prepping activities- when is there even time to think about fitness, let alone work out?

    In this episode, we're going to be talking with my friend, “Lute”. Once a marine, always a marine, Lute has also been a private civilian contractor, provided close security, and taught classes in self-defense, tactical movement, and long-distance marksmanship. Lute is also a power lifter with a mission to help others get more fit, and incorporate fitness into their emergency preps.

    Read More HERE

    Visit The Herbal Prepper HERE!

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    Floyd Mayweather on Vacation, No Negotiations?

    in Sports

    Could a chance (or not chance) meeting in Miami finally lead to the mega fight the world has been waiting for between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao? All indications today seem to point that way.

    Chris Mannix of SI.com tweeted, “@ChrisMannixSI: Hearing optimism from both sides that a Mayweather-Pacquiao deal could get done soon. From what I’m hearing, hard to see it falling apart.”

    Mayweather was due to fly to Australia this week, but that trip was halted until next week for whatever reason. According to Lance Pugmire of the La Times, Pacquiao is in the United States until at least February 6th. Per Pugmire, “@latimespugmire: Sounds like @MannyPacquiao will be in US until at least Feb. 6. He’s planning to attend National Prayer Breakfast in DC next week.”

    Even more hopeful news Arum told the New York Post that he expects a deal to be done within the next few days.

    “Everybody is doing the right thing,” Arum told the Post on Friday. “We’re looking to complete the paperwork. Everything is moving in the right direction. Hopefully, the next couple of days it will get done.”

    According to the report, the major issues are being hammered out, now all that’s left is the HBO and Showtime portion of the fight.

    “The issues are being narrowed down to extraordinarily small points,” Arum said. “I’m optimistic it will all be put together in the next couple of days.”

    Arum feels the chance meeting helped move the fight along.

    “I think it helped a lot because we were all putting papers together, and there was still a question as to whether Floyd really wanted to do the fight or not,” Arum said. “Based on the meeting with Pacquiao in the hotel suite, Manny and [Pacquiao adviser] Michael Koncz were convinced Floyd absolutely wants to do the fight.”

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    Ending Emptiness and Finding Fulfillment with Intuitive Coach April Adams

    in Lifestyle

    My name is April Adams and I can fully relate to what you're going through. I was there myself. In fact, there was an especially difficult point in my life where I was obsessively negative, controlling, and depressive for three years straight.

    It took me another three years to find my way out and create the life of my dreams, and now that I'm on the other side, I never want another soul to have to go through what I did. It sucks to be wading through all of that alone, not knowing if there's a way out.

    But there is a way out.

    Visit April at http://www.fillingyourcup.com

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    The Day You Find Out Why

    in Self Help

    Do you sense that you're meant to do something more with your life?  Then you'll agree with Mark Twain, who once said, "The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." 

    The real challenge for most of us is… how do we find out why?  Actually, there's a formula you can use to figure it out, and Angela will tell you what it is in this episode.  Join her to learn how to not only find out why you were born, but see how to use your life's purpose to make well-aligned decisions about your professional and personal direction in life.  

    The Day You Find Out Why by Angela Loëb: http://www.amazon.com/Day-You-Find-Out-Why/dp/1495318028

    Is Your Genius At Work? by Dick Richards: http://www.amazon.com/Is-Your-Genius-Work-Questions/dp/0891061940

    Show Music by Doom Dance: http://www.doom-dance.com

    Break Music by Kevin MacLeod: http://incompetech.com

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    The Interactive Internet

    in Computers

    We're talking about everything that makes the internet interactive

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    Hard Starboard Radio Weekend

    in Politics Conservative

    "You and I, we've been at war since before either of us even existed. You fundamentally transformed your party. You fundamentally transformed my country. You will NOT fundamentally transform me.

    "If you're listening to this....you are the Resistance."

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    Waiting for Your Ministry Part 3

    in Christianity

    Preparation for Ministry

    If the Lord sends you, He is responsible for your training and preparation. Though He may choose to use opportunities presented by organized religions, if you’re not taught by Him, you’re still not taught.

    * Put Aside Your Own Desires Part of the process of the Lord bringing you into greater dependence on Himself is a greater experience of His giving nature. Admit to and embrace what you want! Then relinquish it to the Lord to do with as He pleases.

    * Put Aside Expectations As the Lord draws or instructs you into certain areas, don’t run out ahead of Him, and try to “take it from here.”

    * Start with a Clean Slate, with Yourself, Others and with God Ask the Lord if there are any relationships, debts, misconceptions you need to clear up.

    * Make Yourself Available Don’t be surprised if the first things He does is start to put demands on your time, resources, and patience to reveal areas where you aren’t as available to Him as you thought.

    * Count the Cost Vocational Ministry is closer to joining the military than entering into any other occupation; you’re dealing with life and death struggles against both the enemy and bureaucracy, and every aspect of your life will be accountable to the Lord.

    Counting the Cost of Ministry

    God’s concept of ministry is very different from what is taught and experienced in most religious circles these days.

    * School of the Spirit (for all Saints, the Children of God)

    * School of the Prophets (for the Friends of God)

    * The King’s College (for the Sons of God)


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    Understanding and Moving Through the Various Stages of the Grieving Process

    in Romance

    The vast majority of us never fully heal from the loss of a love. It appears that we're getting over losing someone as we move through the accute stages of grief, and yet feelings such as hurt, loss and disappointment that we fail to fully process remain trapped within the body indefinately. And that can adversely impact any subsequent relationships. In this episode you will develop a greater understanding of the grieving process and learn about the deep level processing that needs to take place to facilitate healing of the loss of a love. 

    Painful losses and the subsequent feelings that arise become fuel for growth when we learn how to work constructively with them. This process will enable us to open our hearts, develop greater compassion and increase our capacity to love and be loved. 






    Special thank you to David Patterson for allowing me to use his "Heart Abstract" Image http://david-patterson.blogspot.com/ 

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    Count It All Joy with Tonya Smith & Joseph B. Washington

    in Sports

    There will be Part II today of Re-Solutions and "What Breaks Your Heart? Make sure to join us at 5pm today. Tonya and Joseph are dynamic speakers with tons of passion about life. 

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