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    Mt. Sinai Baptist Church Morning Worship

    in Religion

    Come on lets have Church!!! All roads leads to Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, 241-45 Gates Avenue in the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn, this morning @ 11am for Divine Morning Worship. Come celebrate with us in worship with great fellowship, anointed preaching, and dynamic singing. Come expecting a mighty move of God! There is a word tailored made from the Lord just for you by The Reverend Dr. Curtis L. Whitney. Bring your neighbors, co-workers, family and friends, to the church in the middle of the block. Where we equip and empower Gods people for Gods standards. We want to see your face in the place... Come as you are! All Are Welcome!!!

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    OMTimes Interview with Baptist de Pape

    in Spirituality

    Special OMTimes Magazine interview  with Baptist de Pape
    Baptist de Pape is a lawyer turned author and filmmaker. He has traveled around the world to interview the spiritual teachers in the film and book, The Power of the Heart.

    From the director of ‘THE SECRET’, Drew Heriot, comes this unparalleled and life-changing film about the astonishing power and intelligence of your heart. Featuring some of the most inspiring and influential icons of our age, including Paulo Coelho, Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra, Isabel Allende, and Eckhart Tolle, this film, which ties into a book of the same name, presents fascinating evidence that your heart is much more than a physical organ and that it can actually transform your views of money, health, relationships, and success. This film is an experience that will lead you to uncover and rediscover the treasure in your chest.


    Intuitive Medium, Reiki Master and Spiritual Growth Coach Shelly Wilson would love to assist you on your spiritual journey. She is the author of 28 Days to a New YOU, Connect to the YOU Within and Journey into Consciousness. In addition, Shelly is a featured columnist and the Metaphysics Editor for OMTimes Magazine.

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    Baptist de Pape: The Power of the Heart

    in Self Help

    Baptist became an attorney, and was about to sign documents to work for a large and powerful International law firm, when he watched a program that changed his life. Instead of practicing as an attorney, Baptist became an interviewer and film maker, things he had little knowledge of how to do! He interviewed such people as Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson, Gary Zukav, Maya Angelou, Neale Donald Walsch, John Gray, Deepak Chopra and Paulo Coelho—some of the world’s most amazing teachers and thinkers. A true “outcome” to “following your heart,” Baptist de Pape not only followed his heart, he enlisted amazing people to explore it’s abilities. You’ll love this show.

    Click here to visit Baptist de Pape's website!

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    3-1-15 Sunday Morning Burem Missionary Baptist Church Rogersville, TN

    in Christianity

    Burem Missionary Baptist Church Rogersville, TN

    Pastor Fuzz Bradley 

    *Daniel 12:1-3

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    Mt. Zion Baptist Church at the 154th Anniversary of Bethlehem Baptist Church

    in Christianity

    Mount Zion Baptist Church, Pastor Frederick L. Golden, Sr. delivers the message at Bethlehem Baptist Church's 154th Anniversary Celebration

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    Why John the Baptist Remains a Mystery

    in Spirituality

    Thursday night LIVE internet podcast: "Why John the Baptist Remains a Mystery". Thurs., Nov. 12th.
    LIVE internet radio. Podcast at 9:30 pm EST at www.scripturesdramatized.com

    You think you know about John the Baptist? Think again. After 2000 years, he's still one of the most mysterious and confusing personalities in Scripture. On the one hand, he's called by Christ the greatest prophet, and the greatest MAN "born of women" who ever lived. Yet there are prophets in Scripture who have whole BOOKS written about them, with their names in the titles, while John has NOTHING. At the same time, Christ called him less than the least in the Kingdom of Heaven. How does THAT make sense? Isn't John in the Kingdom HIMSELF? One the one hand, Christ says John is actually Elijah the Prophet. On the other hand, John DENIED he was Elijah the Prophet? Is the Bible full of contradictions? What's going ON here?  Tune in and take notes!  Your host, Rev. Rick Anderson, on "Jewish Roots", each Thursday at 9:30 pm, EST. To call with a question or comment: 347-324-5759.

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    Baptist de Pape: The Power of the Heart

    in Spirituality

    How can we follow the astonishing voices of our hearts to create lives of purpose, authenticity and joy? Inspiring author and filmmaker Baptist de Pape followed his own heart to launch and co-create the phenomenal The Power of the Heart film and book duo capturing the attention of the world right now.

    From the director of The Secret, The Power of the Heart movie reveals the amazing power and wisdom of the heart through the voices of worldwide wayshowers such as Paulo Coelho, Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra, Isabel Allende and Eckhart Tolle. Baptist de Pape is the author of the book by the same name, revealing insights of eighteen of the world’s greatest spiritual thinkers, authors, and scientists regarding how our hearts can guide us beyond limitations to our highest, most fulfilling potentials. Much more than a physical organ, truly following our hearts can lead to a dramatic transformation of every aspect of our lives.

    Baptist de Pape's own path is one purely from the heart. After graduating from law school, with a lucrative employment offer from one of the world's most prestigious law firms awaiting his acceptance, Baptist realized that despite working so very hard for his degree, it wasn't truly what he was called to do in the world. Feeling lost and confused, in a moment of true transformation, a powerful impulse from his heart like he'd never experienced before told him to listen, to follow a path he had never expected. And the result is before us now: The Power of the Heart. Enjoy a spontaneous conversation with Baptist about the film, the book and his journey.

    Frontier Beyond Fear music copyrighted by Grammy award winner Larry Seyer, www.larryseyer.com, included in this podcast with his permission.

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    First Free Will Baptist Church-Richard Terry,Pastor

    in Religion

    Frist Free Will Baptist Church with Pastor Richard Terry Guest Minister is Minister Jaron

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    Baptist de Pape Author of The Power of the Heart

    in Spirituality

    The Power of the Heart: Finding Your True Purpose, filmmaker and author Baptist de Pape has assembled an unprecedented collaboration of wisdom from the leading spiritual thinkers, authors, and scientists of our time. On a quest that took him around the world, de Pape interviewed eighteen icons, including Isabel Allende, Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra, Paulo Coelho, Jane Goodall, Eckhart Tolle, Marci Shimoff, Marianne Williamson, and Gary Zukav.

    Mr. Baptist de Pape will join us to share his exciting new book and his journey that lead him to to creating this wonderfu work. Get your copy today! The-Power-Heart-Finding-Purpose

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    The Half Has Never Been Told with Edward E. Baptist, Ph.D.

    in History

    The Half Has Never Been Told: Slavery and the Making of American Capitalism

    Historian Edward E. Baptist reveals in The Half Has Never Been Told, the expansion of slavery in the first eight decades after American independence drove the evolution and modernization of the United States. In the span of a single lifetime, the South grew from a narrow coastal strip of worn-out tobacco plantations to a continental cotton empire, and the United States grew into a modern, industrial, and capitalist economy. Until the Civil War, Baptist explains, the most important American economic innovations were ways to make slavery ever more profitable. Through forced migration and torture, slave owners extracted continual increases in efficiency from enslaved African Americans. Thus the United States seized control of the world market for cotton, the key raw material of the Industrial Revolution, and became a wealthy nation with global influence.

    Told through intimate slave narratives, plantation records, newspapers, and the words of politicians, entrepreneurs, and escaped slaves, The Half Has Never Been Told offers a radical new interpretation of American history. It forces readers to reckon with the violence at the root of American supremacy, but also with the survival and resistance that brought about slavery’s end—and created a culture that sustains America’s deepest dreams of freedom.

    Edward E. Baptist is an Associate Professor in the Department of History and House Professor and Dean at the Carl Becker House at Cornell University.




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    First Free Will Baptist Church-Richard Terry,Pastor

    in Religion

    First Free Will Baptist Church-Richard Terry,Pastor .....Guest Minister is Rev.C. Johnson

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