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    Arab Uprisings Bring Islamist Regional Vision Closer to Reality (Second Coming Watch Update #56)

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    Arab uprisings bring Islamist regional vision closer to reality. According to Reuters, the Muslim Brotherhood has quietly spread its influence far beyond Egypt in its 84-year history, but Arab revolts have opened broad new political horizons the group hopes will reflect its founder's vision for the Arab and Islamic world. Mah-moud Ghoz-lan, a member of the Brotherhood's executive bureau, said "There is no doubt that Hassan al-Banna believed in Islamic unity and not just Arab unity. But with such a vision we must consider reality and what is possible. The Brotherhood, banned and repressed under President Hosni Mubarak, did not instigate the uprising against him, but like Islamist parties elsewhere it has been the main beneficiary, using free elections to sweep to the brink of power.

    Palestinian president to Pitch New Bid for Statehood at Arab League Summit. According to Russian newspaper, Ria Novosti, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will make his case for a repeat attempt to win full UN membership for Palestine at the Arab League summit in Baghdad. Abbas submitted Palestine's official application for recognition as an independent state in the UN in September 2011. That bid foundered after the U.S. vowed to veto it in the Security Council. A top Abbas aide said, "We understand that the priority for the summit is the Syrian issue and the difficult situation in that country, but it's impossible to leave the Palestinian issue aside due to the failure of the peace process and Israel's refusal to halt settlement activity in our territory,"

    Iranian Pastor Nadarkhani is Still Alive Despite False Execution Rumors. According to Religion Today, The American Center for Law and Justice has confirmed that imprisoned Iranian pastor You-cef Na-dar-khan-i was still alive as of March 26.

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    Famouse Radio

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    Ka'Banna Blaq interview

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    The Muslim Brotherhood Threat

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    We shall discuss the history of the Muslim Brotherhood and why this group, which is the father of modern Islamo-Fascism, poses a serious threat.

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    Hot Topic - The Muslim Brotherhood: Radicals or Reasonable?

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    The Hot Topic show focuses on a variety of different subjects that include interviews, current events, politics, politicians and the laws that govern our country today. A new Hot Topic every week. Interactive discussion with our listeners is welcomed and encouraged.

    Join us each Sunday afternoon at 4:00 pm (eastern) for a serious and critical analysis of today's hottest issues.

    To be informed; to stay informed, you won't want to miss this weekly Hot Topic show.

    The Hot Topic for today's show is: The Muslim Brotherhood: Radicals or Reasonable?

    With the toppling of Tunisia's president and now the riots in Egypt, what is happening in the Arab world and does the Muslim Brotherhood have anything to do with these events?

    Initially established in a small town in Egypt by Hassan al-Banna, a school teacher, in 1928, the Muslim Brotherhood has grown into a global organization and is regarded as the oldest organized Islamic movement in modern history. It is possibly feared by moderate Islamic nations. But little is known of them until the recent events in Tunisia and Egypt have brought the organization into a more focused light.

    Hamas, the violence supporting movement in Palestine, considers itself an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood.

    Who are these people? What do they want? Are they as "moderate" as they would like you to believe? This is their motto: "Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope."

    Most Recent Symbol of The Muslim Brotherhood (left)
    Hassan al-Banna (right) Founder of The Brotherhood.

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    Launch Episode

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    This is the launch of the channel, and show "The Banna Report", Here we will give you the latest on news in the Entertainment world, political world, cooking, health, and anything else that comes to mind.