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    Collective Fashion

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    Collective Fashion

    Join cohosts Nick K and Sarah as they discuss the fashion industry.

    * Kim Kardashian Selfie Book

    * Miley Cyrus Bangerz NBC Special

    * Teen Choice Awards

    * How to make the most of your fall wardrobe budget

    * Fall Must Haves

    * Trend Alert:  Metallics

    * Who wore it better?

    * Best and Worst Dressed

    To listen or join in, simply dial 646-378-1303.


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    Miley Cyrus & MK Ultra Exposed -The Aberration -Episode 29- Stay Bold-03-28-2014

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    Friday 03-28-2014 at 8pm EST/ 7pm CST                 on Stay Bold Radio

    Miley Cyrus & MK Ultra Exposed - The Aberration -Episode 29-   hosted by Cole Johnson and Brett Pachmeyer

        Everyone knows who Miley Cyrus is, the former Disney Child Star turned Hollywood Pop Star.  She has been receiving much media attention since the release of her most recent album Bangerz, released in October 2013. That attention has continued because of the music videos "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball", and the Bangerz Tour that started on February 14, 2014. 

        On this episode, we will explain why Miley Cyrus is a literal mind slave to the Satanic Hollywood Media Industry.  That Miley is a victim of MK Ultra Mind Control and therefore, is not in control of her behavior or public image.  We will tell Miley's Life Story and explain the basics of MK Ultra Mind Programming.  We will explain how the Elite in Hollywood utilize MK Ultra to create Negative Role Models that promote lascivious, degenerate behavior to the youth.  This is nothing new, of course.  Miley is just the most current and extreme example of this occurence to date.

        Both Cole and Brett have been following this Miley Media Blitz since the Bangerz campaign started with the release of the "We Can't Stop" video.  They also share a wealth of knowledge on the topic of MK Ultra.  This episode is intended to educate people on the reality of MK Ultra and what is currently happening with Miley Cyrus.

    Listener Line (347) 205-9576


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    Tuesday nite with them Bangerz Badd Newz Entertainment Tuesday

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    I'm really bout to turn  up tonight With New Heat Music Group's Own (Prynze Bugatti )starting the nite off with the Bugatti Season Interview then we chopping it up with BNE artist Badd Newz, Slikk Wayne & Loud Pack Jones. They will be dropping a few new singles and introducing the world to Black Gs'us . Make sure y'all call in or hit that internet to show your support. INFO LISTED BELOW!!!!!!
    www.blogtalkradio.com/1stfamradio  (917)889-8297 or listen live www.firstfamilymediagroup.com 9:30pm til 11:30pm Eastern 

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    Thursday Night: 3/6/14

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    On tonights show, Miley Cyrus uses teleprompters to remember her lyrics during her "Bangerz" tour, Ellen calls Liza a man, Teresa and Joe Giudice are going to jail and some weirdo/genius had sex with a hot pocket!

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    1st Fam Radio Thursdays

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    Tune in tonite (9:30pm til 11:30pm Eastern) with Chill Gizzy ,Turner Boy and  Ray3749 from Str8Outta Trenton as we play the Hottest Joints Online from artist around the world and (Special Guest Jacques Johnson Recording Artist) from Atlanta Ga will be joining us live  listen at www.blogtalkradio.com/1stfamradio  or call in (917)889-8297 1stfamradio this is the Thursday Nite Bangerz  lets get it

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    RADIO ULNA: Mix 13 - Best of the Year, part 2

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    Dearest Kick-Ass Listeners,

    We like to keep it fresh over here at RADIO ULNA, so this week's mix is brought to you by Lady Von G! She cut her own "Best of" list for 2013, and she's sharing it with the lot of us! So pull up a chair and a bottle of your favorite adult beverage, and take a listen to Part 2 of RADIO ULNA's Best of 2013. And as always,

    Thanks For Listening, A.B. & Lady Von G"


    MIX 12

    James Blake - "Retrograde" / Overgrown (0:00 - 3:37)

    Typhoon - "Young Fathers" / White Lighter (3:38 - 7:58)

    Savages - "She Will" / Silence Yourself (7:59 - 11:20)

    Jagwar Ma - "Man I Need" / Howlin (11:21 - 14:49)

    The Black Angels - "Evil Things" / Indigo Meadow (14:50 - 18:25)

    Until The Ribbon Breaks - "Pressure" / A Taste Of Silver (18:26 - 22:29)

    Jay-Z - Tom Ford - "Magna Carta" / Holy Grail (22:30 - 25:38)

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Sacrilege" / Mosquito (25:39 - 29:26)

    Miley Cyrus - "We Can't Stop" / Bangerz (29:27 - 33:12)

    Vampire Weekend - "Hannah Hunt" / Modern Vampires of the City (33:13 - 37:00)

    Youth Lagoon - "Dropla" / Wondrous Bughouse - (37:01 - 42:53)

    Daft Punk - "Get Lucky" / Random Access Memories (42:54 - 49:02)


    All music purchased legally through Apple's iTunes Store or Amazon.com, and rebroadcast under fair use under copyright laws and its application to podcasts.

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    Uncensored Radio

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    Its Friday! Kick off the weekend right with Uncensored Radio
    FIrst Up A UCR Rewind of Unscripted Radio with Karan, Jeff and Mike Jay at 9pm EST/6pm PST
    Followed by Lips On The Air! Tonight Get the fabulous Threesome James, Jeannie and Jasmin as they are joined by Guest Host LaShanna Brookes from UCR Sister Channel AMC PRESS! at 10pm EST/7pm PST

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    Premiere :)

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    Hey guys, this is what I will call my official premiere. Join me while I talk about  all sorts of things from hot topics to halloween costumes. I'm very excited, I hope you tune in. Get more information by following me on twitter @KelliGreen17
    ( Music in the beginning  : Free Instrumental Royalty Free (Prod by Nick Ngo Bangerz) )

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    Bow Wow Catfish, Oprah's Yard Sale, Miley's New Album

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    Tune in Sunday, October 13, 2013 at 8PM as Hollie Wood & Friends with Hollie Wood, Venor, and Miss Juddy (aka The Sunday Crew) speak on some of the latest hot topics of the day. 
    Love & Hip Hop returns to New York, Benzino's a Sucker For Love, plus what do you get when you mix Bow Wow, a fake profile and a couple of idiots? Catfish anyone?
    The crew will also chop it up about Oprahs' Yard Sale, the Hip-Hop awards cypher and how it just got EVEN MORE interesting, Detroits' Mayor sentenced to 28 years in Prison, 12 Months of Beyoncé, review of Miley Cyrus' "Bangerz" album, and MORE!
    Lastly, "Get Reckless & Ratchet with M.J."

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    The Color of Funny, or, "Huggin' Ain't Whorin'"

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    Tonight, on a completely biased edition of the Never Daunted Radio Network, we return from our one day hiatus to tackle a serious issue in the world of comedy. As it enters it's 39th season, longtime NBC sketch show Saturday Night Live has had issues hiring black comedians, particularly women. Current SNL player Kenan Thompson is taking heat for comments made in a recent interview where he says that the black women who have auditioned "weren't ready" as an excuse. We'll discuss this and why it may not be as big a deal as we might want it to be.Next, we're gonna get you choco-high as researchers at Connecticut College have found evidence that proves that Oreo cookies—at least for lab rats—are as addictive as cocaine. Well, that pretty much explains every lonely night we've ever had. Will cookie rehab be the next step?Later, a Wisconsin business that plans to offer its clients private rooms with beds where they can snuggle with female staff members in exchange for cash is having trouble getting a permit from the city because officials aren't so sure it isn't a whore house. The Snuggle House was supposed to launch this week, but the Grand Opening has been postponed until the city can ensure that no funny business will take place there.And finally, a Pennsylvania mother who volunteered to chaperone a local junior/senior high school dance was arrested this week for assaulting a student after becoming enraged by the abundance of rap music at the event. Looks like Bangerz was just taken to a whole new level. Word.All this and more, tonight on the Never Daunted Radio Network!