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    Im 75-0 Now !!! 2 Wins in 1 day, smashed a tv fighter and a gang banger Jan 27

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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHf85XgbKl0 I beat the shit out of this guy 0:14-0:17 , 6 of those were clean shots to the side of the head and 4 were back of the head. before that I landed a few too, I beat the fuck out of this guy and he told me he was EFC tv fighter mma , see another tv fighter loses to Me. and then right after this Win I go outside a gang banger challenges Me and i cross the street and I brutally Bombed on the gang banger with a left hook to the Jaw 2 wins in 1 day from 73-0 to 75-0 Charlie Zelenoff The Greatest Of All Time 

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    Lee Adrian with Oliver Twist on Iconic ATL Radio

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    Antonio "Lee Adrian" Marthini, Houston, Texas Native  is one of the many hot young talents today. Leading the Youth and his peers in a the direction of success and greatness, many leech on to him as the voice of many generations. Many assume that hip hop is dead. With repetitive lyrics, cliche imagery, and just a hot beat, the music industry now seems to lack quality artists. Turns out, many have yet to experience the essence of Houston bred artist, Lee Adrian. 

    With the revamped flow of KRS One, authenticity of Tupac Shakur, and innovative punch lines like hip hop mogul Jay Z, Adrian has established his own sound within the industry. Since 10 years old, Adrian found his calling in the world and began taking immediate action. It's with such records as "Present Past Future" that depicts the serious undertone of Lee, and his viral sensation, "Yeen Know", that provides listeners with a classic qualified "club banger".

    Through it all, Lee Adrian continues to defy the odds and rise the the occasion. In 2014, MTV featured Lee on its website for millions to experience his raw talent. With a versatile sound, style, and not to mention, dance moves, it will be sooner than later that the world will understand that, in fact, hip hop is not dead. It is only being revitalized... "Live. Learn. Lee Adrian."

    Many talents come with the package, Artist/Actor/Model/Dancer his taps into all of his talents as a craft of building his brand. Appearing on HBCU BIGGEST WEBSERIES "College Boyfriends" Modeling for Instagram and Dancing throughout Atlanta, they say Lee Adrian is an amazing being. Alumni of Clark Atlanta University Lee Adrian is Now the Radio Host Every Wednesday 4-7, with his own spot, Coffee Shop Radio under the Highly Unique Radio Brand! Entertaining People is his Talent and Passion more than just a Career. 

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    Recording artist Anthem Banger on Conversations LIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes recording artist Anthem Banger to Conversations LIVE to discuss their journey to their personal success and what is to come. 

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    Kelly Bee Spotlight presents **REDS JOHNSON**

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    Salutes Kings & Queens, won't you come join me in my Kelly Bee Spotlight as we show some much deserved love to Best Selling Author *Reds Johnson* in a live Blog Talk Radio interview, Reds is the author of the Newly Republished Banger**Silver Platter Hoe . Reds gonna be talking to us on her newly republished book(s) that's soon to be dropping, what she has on the back burner, family, work etc. We will also be discussing the moves she has recently made and why she made them. She's a AMAZING Woman and author and i personally can't wait for her to walk down Kellz run way in my authors spotlight ....ya dig lol. This is yet another ~Kelly Bee Spotlight~ that i am sure you wont want to miss. The show will be April 22 2015 (Weds) at 8:00pm(chicago time) so PLEASE check your time zone for correct time in your area. Call in number is (516) 453-9099

    Thank You


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    GetAtMe InDaMixxx ft Rihanna BBHMM

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    Okay on this mix we rock out the new Rihanna “BitchBetterHaveMyMoney” (great cut, sound like she’s ready for war).  KCamp's “LilBit” (this one’s already percolating in the clubs….).  The new RichHomieQuan’s “Flex” (this one’s a banger #FRFR).  RaeSremmurd’s new cut “ComeGetHer” (These guys keep em coming...).  The new BeatMaKanixxx “DoYouReallyWannaDoIt” (the age of the Dj record is here…) and we wind it up with the new KidInk ft DefLoaf “BeReal” (man this is probably this summer hang out anthem).

    That’s this edition of GetAtMeInDaMixxx #7


    Call in tonight 347 826-7743

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    To The G.R.I.T. of it ALL:Responsible enough here in OHIO,for legal MARY JANE?

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    POINT BLANK! We getting to the G.R.I.T. of it all foreal, this a must needed discussion and we welcome all to join in on this banger right here....

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    Geechee One Radio/Fu Banger/ Hit It or Quit It/9.2

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    New Music Mondays on Geechee One Radio!! Live interview with NY artist Fu Banger & Hit it or Quit It!! Call in at 6193932906 at 11pm!!
    Starting Show Song: Turnt Up by Slim Bubba

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    Bigg D's Music Toss-Up

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    Thursday!!Thursday!!! Thursday!!! Join your Host Bigg D Tonite @ 9Pm as he spins the music he wants to hear,Who knows whats gonna play but rest assured its all gonna be Dope!!! So if youre new to Bigg D's Music Toss-Up Lock up the kids cuz its gonna be a banger.......Only on Michigan United Broadcast

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    2015 NFL Free Agency Frenzy

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    We are more than 30 days completed from the NFL season, but there's still plenty of football to be discussed. This it the time of the year where things can be frustrating, heart-breaking, & even depressing. You never know what type of emotions you're gonna get when it comes to the moves your teams make, good or bad. Being a Lions fan since 1989, believe Rocket when he says he absolutely understands the frustration. He may even be more frustrating this time around. By the time this episode airs, we will have possibly more than a handful of players switching uniforms whether we fans like it or not. It's a business at the end of the day & sometimes, you can't fall in love w/ these players. It's our second broadcast of The Rocket Sports Breakdown of 2015 & much like the first, it's expected to be a banger. This is just the tip of the iceberg, another 30-minute segment before we go back to the 2-hour format. There'll be lots to talk about, including some of Rocket's upcoming projects this year. Rocket Nation, get ready for a power trip unlike any other. It's back to basics once again.

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    Charlie Zelenoff Beat 5 men in 2 Months so far in 2015.your in deep shit fakerec

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    I Won 23 fights in 2014 and i started this year on a tear beating Southpaw Sil the Slick Southpaw Boxer I outboxed on video then the very next day I beat the shit out of that MMA Jiu Jitsu fighter and then I destroyed that tv fighter from the "EFC" the 185lb pounder I hit in the head rapidly 10 times and then I tkod a black gang banger with 1 punch on the street and my last Fight was my Best Win and Performance of the Year Vs 200lb MMA Heavyweight Jacob here is my Last Fight I tkod a 200lb MMA heavyweight @ 1:58 that was the Finishing Punch I am the Greatest the haters have been proven to be clueless deranged delusional annoying frauds that cant even spell Boxing I exposed them all with this Win right here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3oyGAC-DXE