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  • Get an A in Country: 120,000,000 Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clinton, President

    in Elections

    i hear all of the other Presidential Candidates talk about things that they stand for and speak to. Yet, in their lives and while working in their respective jobs: business, state business or the governance of our country, they did not proclaim their intentions as they do now. All my life, i have aimed at the ineffectiveness of our Government and what it doesn't do ( Congress, Supreme Court, White House: economy, wars, foreign aid, education, social security, just laws that give victims and homeowners a chance to get relief and justice, law enforcement that doesn't shoot in unnecessary situations...). The well off candidates with loads of money - Trump/Clinton/Fiorina/Bush/and the near well off remainder have not. We really do need a person living the similar daily life of most Americans in the White House. It's so simple to see. It's so honest to see. I want loophole free gun laws, and i know about gun ownership. It's not the gun owners who treat their guns like their valuables that are center mass. It is all of us when we lose it and go for a bigger punch. America, accept me. I will be best for all of us - that's all of us: individuals, business, world..  Listen in at 5:30 - it's not all what you want to hear: we all serve our country in which we live and for the life we lead with its insulated basement foundation and yards. We serve when it's best for us and our country. No draft, just do it: military or neighborhoods, all do Basic Training and then we serve. After me, there is no free lunch..   bwell   c2it.  I am Curtis Clinton, with this idea that seems so right: 120,000,000 Write-In Presidential Ballots so that Democrats won't balk and so that Republicans won't balk and Independents & Strong Conservative/Strong Liberals won't be upset and Centrists are at home. It can and must work

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    OTG-OTC: Hal Shurtleff: Talking John Birch Society, Common Core, COS & More

    in Politics Conservative

    Just the mention of the John Birch Society (JBS) sparks every emotion from fear, disdain, and hatred … to feelings of patriotism and fierce loyalty.   The JBS has been defined by other Conservatives, let alone Leftists … as an ultra-conservative, conspiracy-driven, racist, organization, "far removed from common sense."  Although organized in 1958, and still thriving today, some of the darkest decades for JBS were the 60’s and 70’s.  But does the JBS, today, still resemble the JBS of years ago?  And, while many balk at the very mention of the John Birch Society … can individuals actually recite any specific instances to back up their disfavor (without Googling, that is)?  How much of the criticism and disparagement of JBS is accurate?

    Debbie Barth and guest panel member, Lynn Thornily Bensy will be talking with Hal Shurtleff, Regional Field Director of the John Birch Society.  They will be talking about the history of JBS, the changes (if any), and the political stance of JBS in 2015.

    And … there will be so much more up for discussion, as well.  For example, what does JBS think about Common Core in schools?  How does Mr. Shutleff feel about the Article V Convention of States that has every implication of changing the U.S. Constitution, as we know it? 

    Mr. Shurtleff will also be talking about Camp Constitution, a week-long family event centered on the teaching and discussion of U.S. Constitution.  This is an upcoming event the week of July12-July 19, 2015, so tune in for the details!

    Call in your with your comments and questions at 323-792-3071!

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    EVERYTHING LAKERS w/ STEPHANIE LG BEARD -Let's Talk Lakers Free Agency Options

    in Basketball

     Expect the Lakers to swing for the fences during free agency this summer.


    Fire full and spunk on the menu within Stephanie THE LAKER GURL.  She doesn't appear to be threatening, but don't balk upon her - It may be the last stroll you take, she will destroy you.  She is a true fan of the LAKERS, she is down for L.A., but BUT LAKERS only.  Put a CLIPPER next to her, and you are asking her to bring out her ammunition to blast.  347-205-9366.  Call in - support the LAKERS, support L.A. and support STEPHANIE and she will be YOUR Laker GURL, too.  All in?  Let's roll! 347-205-9366. #WWLG4L #EVERYTHINGLAKERS #JKN

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    American Daily Review: Pamela Geller....Almost

    in Politics Conservative

    Constitution Corner: original authority; North Korea's submarine nuclear missile launch; A second 7+ earthquake rocks Nepal, where American helicopter crash kills Americans providing humanitarian aid; "Hillbilly patriotism" and the leftwingnuts who detest it; The widening gyre of Barack Obama's race war; Amtrak derails....literally; Dzhokhar Tsarnaev sentenced to death of old age awaiting his execution.

    And in hour #3 on Constitution Radio with Douglas V. Gibbs (4PM Eastern/1 PM Pacific):

    ISIS conquers Ramadi, Iran attacks another cargo vessel, our former Gulf allies balk at Obama's phony "missile shield," but U.S. Special Ops bags a top ISIS commander; and where in the world is Pamela Geller?

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    Lost Souls: The Island of Dr. Moreau and Richard Stanley

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    Marlon Brando!  Val Kilmer!  The Island of Dr. Moreau was released in 1996 by New Line Cinema.  It is considered by many to be a mess of a movie!  This mess of a movie is only half of the story!  The release of the new documentary, Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau, sheds some light on what went on behind the scenes.  Join us as we discuss the movie and the documentary.  Who belongs in the house of pain for this one?

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    The Art of Selling The Art of Healing - Interview with Keith Smith, MD

    in Health

    In this interview we will be speaking with Keith Smith, MD founder of The Surgery Center of Oklahoma, a cutting-edge approach to health care in every sense of the word. His group took the courageous step of creating a third-party independent, concierge practice where the patient pays for services directly to the doctor, and in cash.

    Some people may balk at the idea, but Dr. Smith believes he can offer his patients more personal, high quality care, and at a much lower price. Join us as we discuss this new, emerging model to providing health services, and why, if you are a doctor or patient, you should take a closer look at the future of market-driven care.

    Meet top integrative, holistic, wellness oriented healers, authors and companies at the upcoming Nutrition, Aesthetics, Vitality, Efficacy, Life (NAVEL) wellness expo.

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    Fairuza Balk & her world. Show #14

    in Pop Culture

    The amazing, talented, and even overlooked, Fairuza Balk.

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    Immigration, Racial Divide, Obamacare, Climate Change

    in Politics Conservative

    Immigration, Ferguson, Obamacare, Climate Change.

    Think of these as the four horsemen of the Obama orchestrated American apocalypse.

    Actually, there are other avenues of attack taken by Obama in his quest to fundamentally transform America, but the big four are stand-outs.

    Thanks to Jonathan Gruber, more Americans now understand the promises of Obamacare were too good to be true, they were lies from the start. 

    Don's assessment after more than a week of Gruber videos going public: "We have an illegitimate government that has engaged in a breach of the social contract by committing premeditated fraud."

    But Obamacare's not the only plank in Obama's agenda built on lies. HIs immigration and climate change goals are also deceptive to their core. And his ongoing efforts to expand and exploit racial divide provides, in some sense, distraction,while at the same time weakens and distorts our constitutional justice system.

    At this writing, TV broadcast networks balk at the idea of carrying Obama's Thursday night immigration address. Maybe MSM now seeks to begin distancing from the Obama beast it helped to create. Maybe MSM thinks if Obama's trashing of constitutional bounds isn't live on TV, the sheeple won't see what he's doing as important.

    Of all the Obama prime time addresses, this is the one where he's taking his role as president farthest from its constitutonal limits. He is, in effect, changing the nature of American government. If you wanted fundamental transformation, this is it. 

    What's happening now is unprecidented in the history of America. Join us Friday (or for the replay that follows) as we continue to connect the dots in these perilous times. 

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    I was just thinking...Weed the new smoke screen of global control.

    in Education

    “Genocide to destroy their existence in a way that they can no longer continue as a people…genocide is having the attempt even if they don’t succeed.”  Roxanne Ortiz

    There is not a person born in the baby boomer generation that has not been around the pungent smell of weed. Whether you inhaled or didn’t whether you imbibed or lied about it or ran for the hills after the film reefer Madness the influence of the national and global psyche about marijuana is prevalent.

    In the next few years the global sale, distribution and consumption of marijuana will be an out in the open multibillion dollar business--greater than the sale of any substance--possibly outselling wheat and soybeans.

    But this is not your Grandmother’s marijuana.  The weed that will be produced for the masses will be debilitating and addictive.  What we hear about is the mom and pop grow operations and the designer weed  sold in boutique upscale shops, but that ain’t the kind that will be sold to those who need a joint for a dollar.


    Because in the coming years they system will need people to be asleep and if not asleep then lethargic and unengaged. They need weed and any other substance for the next phase of control.

    So why aren't we talking about low sperm count, genetic alteration of potency and the I-don't-give-a damn-attitude that comes with smoking weed?

    I know there are many people out there like me in the baby boomer generation that will balk at the idea of weed as a component of mass mental massage. But... let’s look if this tactics has been used before so at least we can be informed and not smoke the pipe they have planed for us without knowing what's in it.

    An Ashanti proverb says:

    "When the cock is drunk, he forgets about the hawk."

    So how many drunk cocks will we have in the next decade?


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    Tonight we talk with Ellie Balk from visualizing Pi!

    in Education

    Look who arrived in our inbox today.... it's community artist Ellie Balk! We announced her upcoming arrival on the show last week and it was worth the wait! She texted me today and in traditional off the cuff artist style, we arranged a discussion just for you!
    Ellie Balk is a Brooklyn Based community muralist who has been inspiring children at the Green School in Williamsburg Brooklyn with her visualizing Pi kickstarter project. 
    Listen in as we discuss how her project is is inspiring mathmeticians and thinkers while creating a ripple effect in the world.
    Thank you Ellie for doing what you do... You are making a difference......
    33 hours left on Ellies kickstarter! click here to support her project.  http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1604383729/visualizing-pi-mural-with-high-school-math-student?ref=live
    or go to her website at www.elliebalk.com

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    Join Nu Blak Order Bpc Radio tonight for our special show on "the Blak Woman's and Man Relationship" and the importance of our unions together @ 9:30 pm ct A live call -in show @ 718-506-1960