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    TATTOOS, INSERTS, PIERCINGS/Dr Pat Holliday/ Dr Sabrina Sessions/Marshall Perot

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    " Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the Lord.," [Leviticus 19:28]

    "They shall not make baldness upon their head, neither shall they shave off the corner of their beard, nor make any cuttings in their flesh,"[Leviticus 21:5]

    The vast majority of tattoo places on earth are operated by practicing Satanists. To verify this fact, just go to any major news stand and look through the pictures showing; you will be shocked to see the blatant Satanism represented there. We are told to shun all evil, and not to mix those things that are of Jesus and those things that are of Satan. Thus, a quick look through a tattoo magazine will prove to you that tattooing and body piercing are evil, straight out of the pit of Hell.

    Before tattoo needles and knives are used, they are typically cursed in a coven ritual, attaching demons to them, and conducting exactly the right kind of ritual in which demons are instructed to "follow the recipient". A person who is tattooed will then have demons specifically called forth in the ritual "follow them home". This fact is the reason a family in which a child has gotten a tattoo and/or body piercing suddenly experiences a dramatic increase in rebellion, lust, and the other Satanic values listed above.


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    MK-ultra shooting - Smog Red China - NSA France - Baldness

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    Tonite (10.21.2013) we covered:
    JP morgan fined 13 billion FRNs for its part in the mortgage-backed securities scam which caused the second Great Depression.
    The MK-Ultra shooting in Nevada where the pshooter only killed a teacher and himself and wounded two students.
    Smog in some Red Chinese cities is so thick it is like the fog in London.
    French and Mexican officials are hopping mad about the NSA eavesdropping on the.
    Cure for baldness? Vegetarian diet.
    Homo marriage.
    Biker stunts on roads.

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    "Ask The Aromatherapist: Supple Skin & Lustrous Locks"

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    FINALLY, the harsh weather trends are shifting. Now is the time to pay special attention to the care of your skin and hair. Aromatherapy and body care have been dancing a synergistic waltz for more than 4,000 years. Secrets to youthful beauty, using essential oils, have been passed down from ancient Egyptian cultures, for many generations. Egyptian Queens Cleopatra and Neferttiti were extolled for their beauty and known to practice aromatherapy.

    Essential oils, such as rose, jasmine and frankincense are nature’s own anti-aging ingredients. Essential oils can benefit ALL different skin and hair types; leaving you feeling and looking younger and healthier!!!

    In this call, celebrated Certified Aromatherapist Monica Bickerstaff Riley will share her expertise in the following areas:

    *Top 3 essential oils for long, healthy hair
    *Say "Good-Bye" to Dandruff & Flaky Scalp
    * The #1 essential oil that may lower DHT(hormone responsible for male and female pattern baldness) and improve hair growth

    *Monica's Anti-aging "recipe" for youthful skin
    *The highly acclaimed; "Healthy Hair Elixir"
    *Top 3 essential oils to smooth and soothe sensitive skin

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    Is Formula 82M A Solution For Hair Loss?

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    Hair loss affects millions of men and women and is the most underdeveloped area of aesthetic medicine. Men and women with thinning or balding hair are more aware than ever of the clinical options available to them. Unlike other aesthetic procedures, however, clinical options often remain a mystery.  For industry watchers, the consensus is that the aesthetic industry is on the edge of a tidal wave of new treatments for hair loss which will reshape the hair loss industry as we know it. Today we focus on one of these new products Formula 82M A Solution For Hair Loss. Causes of hair loss can be attributed to everything from hormones and stress to styling and genetics. Under normal conditions, the average person will “lose” approximately 100 hairs per day and grow 100 new hairs per day. However, the most common type of hair loss, hereditary male and female pattern hair loss, occurs as hair follicles miniaturize, weaken and eventually die—causing receding hairlines, decreased coverage and overall decreased volume.  Dr. Alan Bauman, an internationally-renowned board-certified expert in hair restoration, has treated over 17,000 men and women at his practice in Boca Raton, FL. Dr. Bauman offers a variety of hair loss solutions including minimally-invasive no-linear-scar Neograft FUE hair transplant surgery, PRP Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, low level laser therapy, FDA-approved and custom-compounded oral medications, nutritionals and nutraceuticals and compounded pharmaceutical topical solutions such as “Formula 82M.”  He also embraces a combination ‘multi-therapy’ approach to help  patients reach their goals. Some might accomplish their goals using ONLY non-invasive treatments. So far Formula 82M has shown promising results.

    www.baumanmedical.com www.hairsciencellc.com

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    RESCHEDULED! Stephanie, PCOS, Possibly Cushing's Patient

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    Her bio states: "Hi. My name Steph, and this has been a long journey for me so far, and I see a long road ahead. Hopefully their will be a rainbow once all these clouds have melted away. I just turned 33 years old (this month) and have been dealing with symptoms of Cushing's since I was a pre-teen without even knowing it. I was diagnosed (or possibly mis-diagnosed) with PCOS when I was about 11. That's when the irregular (to almost non-existent) menstrual cycles, hirutism (chin, upper lip, upper and lower thighs, fingers, toes, basically everywhere) and weight problems began. I was immediately put on birth control to regulate my periods, which only made my life a living nightmare. They forced on a fake (non-ovulating) period and made my moods a disaster. I went on to be on birth control until from the age of 11 until about 3 years ago when I just couldn't take it anymore, and took myself off. I've been using herbal supplements for menstrual regulalation since then, and feel MUCH better. Over the years I've always felt like there was something "more than PCOS" wrong with me. From the extreme inability to lose weight normally, and the ease to gain it, to the weak legs, vitamen d insuffeciency, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, extreme irritability, now non-existent cycle, shortness of breath (just from walking up 1 flight of stairs), slow healing, hoarse voice, high testosterone, male pattern baldness, blurry vision, EXTREME brain fog etc..... It has been very, very, very tough and emotional over the years. It has taken a toll on my personality, emotions, and those around me....

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    Re-Grow Your Hair with the Right Foods

    in Health

    Join Partners in Health and Biz talk show host Gail Dixon as she shares the Rebuild Your Hair Program by Jared Gates and Dr. Blount.

    Are you bald or going bald? Would you like to know how to re-build your hair from the inside out?

    Is your hair thin and lifeless?

    Have you tried everything to grow and thicken your hair, to no avail?

    Are you looking for a truly natural cure for baldness and hair restoration?

    If so, this is the show for you.

    Call into the studio with your questions and/or comments: 347-945-7433.




    If so

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    David Hall CEO of RepliCel

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    RepliCel is a company that takes an "autologous cell therapy" approach to pattern baldness for both males and females, as well as treatments for aging, sun damaged skin, and chronic tendinosis.  The company is in clinical trials and having some very einteresting and exciting results. Neil Haley talks to David Hall, CEO of RepliCel Life Sciences about the laterst breakthroughs. 

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    Female Pattern Baldness in Younger Black Women

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    My guest Johanne couldn't believe her ears when she was diagnosed with female pattern baldness while still in her early twenties.Confusion, embarrassment, fear, depression and horror are just a few of the emotions she experienced. Tune in as she shares her story on DeLeon Dialogue.

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    Sacred Woman Book Read-“CHAPTER 9 GATEWAY 4: SACRED BEAUTY” con't

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    Sacred Beauty embraces the divine aesthetic of harmony within and without. It offers us a healthy alternative—the way of natural beauty to enhance our divine loveliness. Sacred Beauty brings harmony to every aspect of one’s life through Khamitic etiquette, an ancient form of grace and beauty expressed through the Khamitic Nubian spiritual path. It will

    “cosmically attune you to holistic dress as you learn to unfold into a beautiful attitude filled with a rainbow of colors.
    Sacred Beauty rules the heart center. Without Sacred Beauty, there is only artificial beauty: applications for skin, hair, breasts, lips, and eyes, all of which cause toxic shock.
    Developing your Sacred Beauty helps to create devotion to a divine, beautiful life. The awakening of the Gateway of Sacred Beauty opens the eye of divine aesthetic harmony and rids us of a mundane vision of the world. It allows us to transform our world and everything in it for the good and the beauty of humanity. This Gateway attunes us to the unlimited possibilities of divine beauty as a healing balm.
    Gateway 4: Sacred Beauty will help you eliminate Sacred Beauty blockages in the Body Temple: boils, skin eruptions, deformities, eczema, baldness, psoriasis, circulation problems, emotional instability, repressed love, heart problems, and problems in love affairs. The awakening of the Sacred Beauty within will assist us in the elimination of artificial and toxic chemicals so often used on our skin and hair.
    Spiritual exercises of ascension are to be performed daily for seven days, the number for the spirit

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    Alopecia: The REIGN Movement--Celebrating Authentic Beauty

    in Self Help

    They say beauty is SKIN Deep...and a woman's hair like a Lion's Mane is her PRIDE.  But what happens when genetics determines the fate of your hair.  As you know historically, Society has been notorious for dictating WHO and WHAT is beautiful since the beginning of time. Alas, REIGN: An Alopecia Movement has risen to STAND UP and OUT to bring awareness to socio-emotional disparities experienced by women with Alopecia.  Amanda Booth Colson and Rashida Mosby speak of their journey from times of devastation to liberation.  HELLO WORLD!---They Are Coming Out!

    So, Let's Talk

    Talks With Sheba Radio Show

    Wednesday, November 5, 2014 @ 10pm EST

    Join Us Live online at www.blogtalkradio.com/TalksWithSheba

    or by Phone at (347) 838-8992

    Learn more About the Guests:   REIGN: An Alopecia Movement

    Amanda Booth Colson

    Rashida Mosby  301 351 3831

    Event:  Undisclosed Beauty

    Saturday, November 22, 2014

    Edgewood Arts Building

    3415 8th Street, NE, Washington, DC  20017