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    Be There for Your People with Melyssa Griffin

    in Entrepreneur

    Melyssa Griffin is a major online course powerhouse. She made over 100,000 in March ALONE! Melyssa shares specific ways to use pinterest to grow your email list, how she stays balanced and her biggest business flop. Melyssa Griffin teaches online courses and workshops for entrepreneurs and bloggers who want to turn their passion into a full-time business. 

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    Honor Thy Mother

    in Lifestyle

    "Honor Thy Mother" is a discussion about care-givers who care for their elderly and/or ailing parents. Did you know that over 65.7 million Americans currently provide care for a family member or loved one, according to the National Alliance for Caregiving, and 36% of those are caring for an elderly parent? As baby boomers begin to retire, those numbers are poised to keep growing.

    Families are taking the lead role as caregivers for aging adults who need help handling their affairs or caring for themselves.  Providing this kind of assistance to an aging parent can be stressful and challenging. Are you ready for the demands, responsibilities – and rewards – of becoming a family caregiver? 

    Join Dweynie Paul who has been caring for her 78-year old mother for 10 years, and Carolyn Dinnold who has been caring for her 90-year old mother for 9 years.  Together, they will provide insight and understanding into what it means to live life as a care-giver.  We will discuss the preparation process, challenges, creating a balanced life, parent-child role reversal and more. Learning how to prepare for this change is one vital aspect of coping. 

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    Wellness Wednesdays with HeartMindBody Academy

    in Family

    This is a wonderful introduction to getting on the path to a well balanced life!  Join us each Wednesday to learn new tips, resources and more!


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    An Interview with Author Michael Selden

    in Books

    Author Michael Selden talks about his new book, The Balance, a YA novel.

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    Black Riders Liberation Party- Women of The Revolution Series

    in Motivation

    Black Riders Liberation Party Women of the Revolution Series

    Peace and Black Power Family,

    Welcome to the Black Riders Liberation Party Women of the Revolution Series broadcasting live on Do Tha Knowledge Radio. Hosted by Assistant Chief of Staff Nefertari Shabazz and National Chief of Staff LaaLaa Shakur. Join us as we hear from some extraodinary warrior Queens who are impactig lives daily in their community and supporting the cause of revolution. This amazing black women having made a commitment to cause of Black liberation in defense of white tyranny oppression and domination. Listen as these Queens detail how balanced is maintained in the cause of justice and home life. Here are some of the Sisters who will be speaking:

    1. Assistant Chief Of Staff Nefertari Shabazz hosts, speaks first and does intro for all speakers for show. (New Jersey Chapter) 2. National Chief of Staff Laalaa Shakur speaks (Los Angeles Chapter) 3. Comrade Sister Jackie Speaks (New York Chapter) 4. Comrade Sister Shamita speaks ( Detroit Chapter) 5. Comrade Sister Black Ice Speaks (Los Angeles Chapter) 6. Comrade Sister Khalifa speaks (Oakland Chapter) Join us as we Do Tha Knowledge with these amazing warriors 4-27-16 at 7pm EST. Call i live to phone number 713-955-0707 and press 1 with your questions or comments for the host or their special guests. Here is the link to listen remotely:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dothaknowledgeradio/2016/04/27/black-riders-liberation-party-women-of-the-revolution-series

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    Nourish your body, mind and spirit in the seasons of life for balanced health

    in Health

    Are you exercising all your hours away from the office to be sure you are healthy?  Do you demand your diet take top priority regardless of anything else going on in your life?  Did you give up religion and the concept of spirituality when you gave up your last house that tanked with the economy?  What does balance mean to you, greens all day and booze all night?  Is your life of extremes and you feel like a bouncing ball that never rests?

    Randi Ragan, author of A Year of Living Mindfully: Seasonal Practices of Nourish Body, Mind and Spirit shares all her tools and tips for a balanced life.  There are a lot of different options for physical movement techniques, emotional connections in community and foods that provide nutrients without holding you to a diet that limits a good feeling of living.  Comfort and support can be found every day and if you are challenged, open the book and change up your day.  Experimentation is a great thing to say you are present and living each moment.

    For more information visit: www.RandiRagan.com

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    Keeping Fair & Balanced -April 26

    in Current Events

    Fair and Balanced interviewed Damion Crawford and discuss issues on the political scenes 

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    Listen Give Live | Episode 139

    in Lifestyle

    Join Gail Davvis and Jaee Logan for LISTENGIVE | SAVOY sound bites about music, arts, culture, society, youth, education and giving back.

    Visit ListenGive.Org to learn more information.  Don't forget to LIKE our Facebook Page LISTENGIVE.

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    The impossible is now possible! Dream Chasers Unite!

    in Goals

    Our guests include:

    10pm - Ionela is also known under the name NarcisaDeMai. She was born 1987 in Romania. Ionela started singing when she was 8 years old and she released her first album in 2011. Music by Ionela means love, peace and harmony. ?♥♥? 

    10:30pm - I'm After years of singing along side his family, Micah Hall has stepped into a new season of his life. His first International Debut Recording, "You Can Go To Calvary" is NOW available where the best Christian Music is sold!

    11pm - Margo Lovett, a Boomer entrepreneur smitten with doing podcast interviews and learning forever! Fifteen years ago I learned how to produce and host radio shows and there was nothing better than playing great jazz and interviewing people that taught me a lot. The music talk show took me to an AM station where I was honored to interview football great Raghib (Rocket) Ismail (Dallas Cowboys), actress, poet, entrepreneur Maura Gale, recording artist Lisbeth Scott (Passion of the Christ), gospel singer and actor Alfonso Freeman along with Stellar nominated Christian jazz artist Ron Brown.

    11:30pm Thank you for visiting Inspiration Life Coaching LLC. My name is Shellia and I am a certified hypnotherapist and life coach. I help my clients by showing them how to create positive changes in their lives by exploring personal, professional and relationship goals. By integrating hypnosis and coaching, together, we can build confidence, manage stress, stop bad habits, eliminate phobias, deal with anger and learn weight management. My goal is for you to live a healthy, balanced life. 


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    Learn to Love Yourself with Shanna Mota

    in Health

    Do you focus on yourself enough, or is loving yourself the last thing on your to-do list? If you're looking to find balance and press the "reset" button, join us live tonight as we discuss "ways to love yourself more" with Shanna Mota! You'll learn to:

    Let go of things that no longer serve you
    Fill your bodies, minds and lives with things you love so that you THRIVE on a daily basis. 
    Fall deeper in love with yourself and your life!

    Shanna is a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Yoga Teacher and the founder of Live Love Detox. She uses nutrition, mindset practices and yoga as the foundation to support people on their journey to a happier, healthier and more balanced self. 

    Hosted by Dr. Lauren "Lo" Noel of Shine Natural Medicine.

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    in Lifestyle

    Demetris Evans is an author, motivational speaker and minister of the word of God. She is a leader among women who encourages women in the areas of self-help and improvement. She is the founder and operator of BAND of Women non-profit organization and she is a spiritual coach to many women who she inspires daily to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. God has called her to be a modern day Hegai, the custodian of the women.


    Her mission is to encourage others while they are in the midst of their own personal process. She encourage others to be renewed in their minds, by teaching them how to think about their process differently. So many of us are surprised by those unforeseen circumstances in our lives that come up and shake the life out of us so to speak, but these unforeseen circumstances can be survived if you put your trust and faith in God to see you through it. These strategies were divinely given to her by God and she captured them in her new book “The Process.” Demetris makes a difference by teaching how to:

    * Get up and start living again

    * Enter into God’s rest in your mind and spirit until it absolutely affects your life

    * Be strengthened during the process by ministering to your whole person, and

    * Provoke a consecration for a deeper and more personal relationship with God

    Listen tonight by dialing in: 657-383-1581 http://www.blogtalkradio.com/evolutionarywomanradio/2016/04/25/evolutionary-woman-radio-author-demetris-evans-the-process