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    "In Other Words . . ." with David Stinson

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    This week's show is a can't miss for baseball fans.  Baseball historian and long time Orioles fan David Stinson talks with us about his novel, Deadball, A Metaphysical Baseball Novel.  Dead ball is a term used in any ball sport, though this time, it has a more literal meaning.  And through his story, David makes baseball history fascinating for anyone.

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    Spider Swap! and 50 shades of who gives a f**K?!

    in Entertainment

    The Internets blew up, as it is wont to do when big news happens. Spider-Man will appear in Marvel Cinematic Universe. We'll go over the fine details of the news and discuss the bigger controversy that has been brewing the days since the announcement: Should Marvel and Sony go with Miles Morales or Peter Parker? comic geeks around the country have been dbeating the avidly and obvously our opion is better than everyone else's so of course we'll weigh in (sarcasm.) 


    Plus a big surprise: 50 shades of grey has a nearly 100 million dollar openning over a 4 day weekend. prompting defenders and offenders of the book to argue of the subject matter and raising the question " does fiction really matter?" 

    we'll talk about it all, and hopefully without the use of a bal gag! 

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    Red Maryland Radio: 2/12/15

    in Politics Conservative

    The flagship show of the Red Maryland Network, with Brian Griffiths and Greg Kline.

    On tonight's show:

    We'll reveal the February Red Maryland Poll Results
    Speaking of polls, we'll break down a new poll from the Washington Post.
    And Mike Miller is back in the news, this time talking about eliminating Circuit Court elections.

    All that and more  is why you can't afford to miss an episode of Red Maryland Radio tonight at 8 PM on the Red Maryland Network.......and don't forget that you can subscribe to all Red Maryland Network programming on iTunes and on Stitcher.

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    Super Bowl Preview: Patriots vs. Seahawks

    in Football

    On this episode, we previewed the Super Bowl for the Patriots on Sunday in Glendale Arizona against the Seahawks. We broke down the match-ups on both sides of the bal in this game. We also included our three keys to victory for the Patriots and yes we shared our predictions.

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    Rabbi Coffman-Israeli Noahide Rabinical Leader and teacher

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    15 years of teaching college students, Yeshiva students and older individuals that never had the opportunity to learn in Yeshiva. The Rabbi Demonstrated capabilities of inspiring people and implementing innovative programs with proven track record of written, verbal and computer communicational skills. Extensive experience teaching our youth varying of various backgrounds regarding Jewish thought and Law. Rabbi Coffman, became BAL TISHUVA at Jewish Theological Seminary and spent time in ISRAEL at a Yehsiva.

    Also have been giving classes to people who want to convert to Judaism for the last 6.5 years. Chaim Coffman: never had anyone rejected from a beis din or had anyone go off after conversion.


  • Detroit Sports Rap

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    Remembering Stu Scott. The pioneer and what he meant to our generation and how he changed the game in terms of bringing Swag  to Espn.Lebron may miss a few weeks due to injuries. Pistons on a mini tear (won 5 games in a row) UM and MSU start the conf BBall schedule.  Big Ten  represents in bowl season CFB playoff ORE routs FSU, OSU shocks ALA, we review the game and preview the championship. NFL playoffs wildcard review Lions lose to DAL, Were they robbed? Balt dismisses its rival PITT. IND closes the season of CIN, Car puts ARI out of their misery.  We'll review and make our prediction on the divisional round SEA/CAR. GB/DAL, DEN/IND, NE/BAL. 

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    Tonight we discuss the Wolverines getting their man, Harbaugh introduced as coach of UM. We discuss and preview the CFB playoffs ALA/OSU and ORE/FSU. We also preview the Cotton Bowl, MSU/BAY. Narduzzi headed to Pitt. We review the NFL action and preview the wild card matchups this week, DET/DAL, ARI/CAR, CIN/IND, Pitt/Bal. We discuss the impact of Suh's suspension now and in the future. Could we have seen him in a Lions uniform for the last time. We give out or NFL awards, MVP, Def player of the year, Coach of the year. We discuss the Fantasy season and what unique trends we noticed, what strategies will we consider over the summer. Tune in or call 646-929-0615

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    Poydras Street Report Episode #10 - Sunday Special

    in Sports

    Join the gang as they discuss the NO vs BAL Monday night game and the NO vs PIT game. 

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    We discuss Ray Rice winning his appeal and what effect it will have on the NFL and the commissioner. We discuss the Pistons, Red Wings current standings. UM's frustrating season comes to an end, Will Hokes term as coach end as well? MSU beats PSU and completes a 10 win season. We discuss the College playoff, reveal our 4 team bracket and discuss the different scenerios that unfold. NFL news Lions beat Chi and own a wild card spot right now. Recaps of key games, SEA/ARI, PHI/DAL, SD/BAL, DEN/KC, GB/DEN. Is it Manziel time in Clev? Is GB the best team in the NFL? Fantasy Report. Its Playoff time, we discuss strategies, player pickups, trends and superstitions. We recap the studs and duds and off pickups of the week. We will offer some Value awards, we want to highlight players who were great finds and provided great value to their teams. We also will have the all overrated team. Guys who provided a bit less of value. Tune in to our show live or check out the archives. 

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    Poydras Street Report Episode #9

    in Sports

    Join the gang as they discuss the NO vs CIN game as well as the upcoming Monday night game vs BAL.