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    Black African Infrastructure Organization(BAIO)African Secret Societies

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    Tonight is the Sunday Night sermon in Kalaland.I will be talking about the new group BAIO and the long history of African secret societies.What are they?How are they different from modern organizations?Can a secret society of like minded individuals be more effective than traditional organizations?I thought about this topic after being angered by the comments on Mr Holipsism last video.People are still trying to fight nationhood.Secret societies work under the radar because most people will never understand all the nuances that goes with its goals.Secret societies have a long history in America.Is it time to go underground.I also thought about our brother NEO who refused to show his face on camera recently.I can understand this as a professional in White America.Tonight is a fire and brimestone sermon you do not want to miss.

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    BAIO: What is a "Diaspora" Afrikan?

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    Mr. Holipsism discusses the BAIO's definition of a Diasporan Afrikan and how it differs from the traditional Pan Afrikan definition. 

    The BAIO Blogtalkradio broadcast is a weekly forum to discuss the vision and goals of the BAIO, create a consensus among Afrikan Centered Progressives (ACPs), and to raise the bar and elevate the level of discussion to: LAND, INFRASTRUCTURE, NATIONHOOD, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATHEMATICS.


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    A conversation with the BAIO Crew

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    We will be on for two hours with the BAIO Blogger/Warriors discussing the news and events of today.I will lead with topics like Land Infrastructure and Nationhood.We will talk about Africa and the Pan African future or is there one?We will talk about Black Feminist attacking Dr Umar Johnson's plan for a boys schools as well as Black female entitlement culture.No topic id off limits and you never know where we will take it as we lose control to gain control.Whats up with Natural Tahuti and the Hotep Shuffle movement?The World Cup,are Black men in America the last hold out to soccer? The upset in the GOP primary as Black voters are called Uncle Toms by s bitter Rush Limbaugh These topics and many more in Kalaland.

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    Kala Nation Open Rant night

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    Tonight I want people to call in and express themselves.What is on your mind?I have a lot on my mind.George Zimmerman,Ferguson,Police,gangs,coons ect.What do you think.Lets lose control to gain control in Kalaland

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    BAIO: Black Afrikan Infrastructure

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    A weekly forum to discuss the vision and goals of the BAIO, create a consensus among Afrikan Centered Progressives (ACPs), and to raise the bar and elevate the level of discussion to: LAND, INFRASTRUCTURE, NATIONHOOD, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATHEMATICS.

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    Life, Love and Laughter with Kira Soltanovich

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    Kira Soltanovich grew up in San Francisco during a time when there were bad neighborhoods, cheap coffee and it wasn’t ironic to ride the cable cars. She began her career in comedy back in 1998 right after asking her immigrant Russian parents if they were copacetic with her desires to become a stand up comedian. After her mother and father confessed “It’s not like you’re smart enough to be a doctor” Kira took that as their blessing to pursue her dreams and she’s never looked back,

    She was a series regular on the hidden camera show Girls Behaving Badly for 4 seasons, and was a correspondent on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno for over 8 years. 

    Kira has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Last Call with Carson Daly, Hell’s Kitchen, Last Comic Standing, Set List TV, Nick Mom, Hello Ross! and The World Stands Up. She has written and performed with Joan Rivers, Scott Baio, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. And if that doesn’t impress you, I don’t know what will.

    She’s been a writer on How’d You Get So Rich? for TV Land and Prankstars on Disney.

    Her half hour Showtime special, Here Comes Trouble, won Best Stand Up Special by a Soviet.* 

    (*There is no such award) 

    Kira’s three year old son inspired her to have her very own podcast. On The Kira Soltanovich Show, Kira interviews other fellow comedians who have kids and they discuss all things comedy and colic related.


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    The Writing is on the Wall.The coming World Financial Collapse

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    Tonight Thomas and I will discuss the coming global meltdown due to toxic derivatives,debt,and government spending.What does this mean for us?Are we to wait and sink with the USA Titanic when it goes down?I have long said China's economy is a paper tiger that is about to bust,now it is apparent.What will happen when the US dollar is no longer the world's reserve currency?What will the Federal Reserve bank do?As oil prices keep dropping will African oil producing nations diversify?We are faced with a possible 100 year Dark Ages of chaos and anarchy if the world economy does not stabalize.Could opening up a new frontier in Africa not only be a victory for us Nationalist but save the world's economy also?I will ask my right hand man when it comes to money and finance Thomas Nelson as he discusses What Jim Rickards is predicting for the future.Be here or be nowhere!!!!!

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    BAIO: Street Team & On The Ground Operations

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    Brotha Timothy Ford & Brotha Rocky a.k.a. Djehuwty Agaru Sekhem, representing the street team and on the ground operations of the National and Domestic Division of the BAIO, speak on local and social issues as well as current events. 

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    Story of the African American. The Past Present and the Future of a people.

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    Tonight is the return of the Voice of the Kala Nation Sunday Night Sermon.Story of the African American will examine the Birth of a people and the evolution of a Black Nation.I will be discussing the events of recent importance as it relates to our struggle.Ferguson,Marches,Police brutality,and the economy.We will also be discussing the world wide threat we face in the face of Boka Haram and our own home ground Boka Harams the thug culture which is tearing the last fiber of our existence.

    Why are some people making a career out of Civil Rights?Is racism a big fat payday to some people?Why do the mainstream media control the narrative of Dr King's message?When he said"We as a people will get to the promised land"Was he talking about some rainbow nation of whites and blacks hugging and kissing?The international community is weeping over the massacre at Charlie Hebdo,but is silent on Boka Haram's massacre of 2000 people in one day.

    Tonight our history our present community and now nationood as an end game.Tonight real Black men will stand up and say"I am a man and I deserve a man's chance in this world.What is"Manifest Destiny"What is a Black man's"Manifest Destiny"?Is it this silly idea of a nation within a nation?Or is it a nation of our own in Africa?Tonight a Fire and Brimstone sermon from the Kalagenesis.Be here or be nowhere

    And of course some good ole Coon bashing.

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    BAIO: Revolutionary Minded; The state of the Black Afrikan Race

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    Brotha Tim and Rock discuss the Domestic and International vision and goals of the BAIO, create a consensus among Afrikan Centered Progressives (ACPs), and to raise the bar and elevate the level of discussion to: LAND, INFRASTRUCTURE, NATIONHOOD, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATHEMATICS.

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    late night with JOHNNY KUSH

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