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    Black African Infrastructure Organization(BAIO)African Secret Societies

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    Tonight is the Sunday Night sermon in Kalaland.I will be talking about the new group BAIO and the long history of African secret societies.What are they?How are they different from modern organizations?Can a secret society of like minded individuals be more effective than traditional organizations?I thought about this topic after being angered by the comments on Mr Holipsism last video.People are still trying to fight nationhood.Secret societies work under the radar because most people will never understand all the nuances that goes with its goals.Secret societies have a long history in America.Is it time to go underground.I also thought about our brother NEO who refused to show his face on camera recently.I can understand this as a professional in White America.Tonight is a fire and brimestone sermon you do not want to miss.

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    BAIO: What is a "Diaspora" Afrikan?

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    Mr. Holipsism discusses the BAIO's definition of a Diasporan Afrikan and how it differs from the traditional Pan Afrikan definition. 

    The BAIO Blogtalkradio broadcast is a weekly forum to discuss the vision and goals of the BAIO, create a consensus among Afrikan Centered Progressives (ACPs), and to raise the bar and elevate the level of discussion to: LAND, INFRASTRUCTURE, NATIONHOOD, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATHEMATICS.


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    A conversation with the BAIO Crew

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    We will be on for two hours with the BAIO Blogger/Warriors discussing the news and events of today.I will lead with topics like Land Infrastructure and Nationhood.We will talk about Africa and the Pan African future or is there one?We will talk about Black Feminist attacking Dr Umar Johnson's plan for a boys schools as well as Black female entitlement culture.No topic id off limits and you never know where we will take it as we lose control to gain control.Whats up with Natural Tahuti and the Hotep Shuffle movement?The World Cup,are Black men in America the last hold out to soccer? The upset in the GOP primary as Black voters are called Uncle Toms by s bitter Rush Limbaugh These topics and many more in Kalaland.

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    Escaping the Black America Matrix.

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    Hello brothers and sisters,you friend Kalagenesis is back with another exciting episode of the Sunday Night Sermon..Reverend Kalagenesis will be preaching the gospel of Land Infrastructure and Nationhood as commanded by God almighty.Tonight I will discuss the falsification of Christianity and the sins of the Black church.I will also talk about the Pan African and Black liberation heritage of the African church in America.Tonight we will talk about the Black Matrix.The bubble we choose to live in because of deception and the illusion of inclusion.Hopefully some of my BAIO brothers will stop by as we stomp,praise and shout the glory of the coming of a new world order..........A nation of our own...........

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    Captain American Negro and the American Dream

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    When are the Captain American Negroes going to make a move towards making America work for them?They are against the idea of an Afrikstan a Nation for Black people but they not had much success in their American Dream.Mr Holipsism myself and the BAIO Crew are under fire from the Captain American Negroes fronting like militants.Tonight we will do battle with the America lovers and Africa haters in Kalaland.

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    The Enemy Within.The Black Scoundrel

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    What I have always noticed is when looking at other cultures there is always a clear definition or line of demarcation between what or who is good,and what or who is evil.Good eventually triumps over evil.Justice prevails.It has been 400 years since the first Africans were brought to America,but no justice has been done for them.No reparations,no land of their own ect.Now some of you will immediately talk about the White man and White Supremacy as if it is some supernatural force and the White man is some God in the sky controlling every move you make.That is coonery.The truth is what keeps us as bottom feeders in Western Civilization are the race traitors who walk around open and free with no fear of retribution for their insolence and treachery.The worst of these are the Black Scoundrels.These are the people who benefit from crasp psuedo revolutionary rhetoric that saps the enery and distract people from real nation building.This is what destroyed the Black Power movement in the 1970's.Scoundrels posing as militants inflitrated the movement and began steering the movement off a cliff with violent base criminal acts.Scoundrels come where there is an opportunity.They would like to take over BAIO but as long as Kalagenesis is around they know to stay clear.Tonight I will unlease rage and fury and I deliver a late Fire and Brimstone Sunday Night Sermon on Monday!

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    Don Most - Exclusive Interview - Thur, May 7, 2015 - 5:00 pm PST

    in Music

    Most was born in Brooklyn, New York. Most lived in Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York, and graduated from Erasmus Hall High School in 1970. He attended Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, but dropped out before his senior year and moved to California to pursue acting full-time.Following his role as a regular cast member on Happy Days, Most has appeared in other film and television work. Film credits include EDtv (1999), Planting Melvin (2005) and The Great Buck Howard (2008). He also made guest appearances on many TV shows, including CHiPs, Baywatch, The Love Boat, Sliders, Star Trek: Voyager, Diagnosis: Murder and Glee. He also made an appearance on Charles in Charge, alongside his former Happy Days co-star, Scott Baio. He plays a man who has just won the lottery, and as part of the cameo joke, runs up to Scott Baio and waving the winning ticket shouts, "It looks like Happy Days are here again!" He also receives several looks from Scott Baio that suggests familiarity throughout the episode. He is sometimes credited as "Donny Most."Most performed as a voice actor on several Saturday morning cartoon series. Among these roles were: Ralph Malph on The Fonz and the Happy Days Gang (1980); Eric the Cavalier in Dungeons & Dragons (1983); and Stiles on Teen Wolf (1986–1989). Most had a cameo as himself in the fifth season Family Guy episode "It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One" in 2007.

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    Wednesday Night Open Rant.........The Police Shooting in North Charleston S.C.

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    Tonight is the Open Rant,This is where you pick the topic and express your opinion.The ratings of the VOK Show is off the hook.People are tuning back in.I will rant about this tonight.We almost saw a coverup.The same MO as in Fergurson was taking place,as the White establishment created a narrative again of a police officer just doing his duty.It appears that racism has never gone away with time.A black life holds very little value in America.

    Should wealthy Black folks finance our liberation?My answer is no.Tariq Nhajied said in a recent interview'The Chinese do not wait for Jackie Chan to help them"He is right.We will spend on what we want,and rely on White folks for what we need.Tonight lets lose control the gain control over the situation as we rumble and slug it out in Kalaland.

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    Bobby Finstock, Hillary Clinton, Religious Freedom, and Gyrocopters

    in Comedy


    Tonight, we at the Questionable Intelligence Report will be celebrating the life and career of legendary social media marketing engineer, Kevin Palmer, aka Bobby Finstock, aka Scott Baio, aka Kevin's Freaking Wingding, aka Jerry Stiller.



    At least two members of the show have been friends with Kevin for a very long time and he's made brief appearances on the show as "douchebag caller" and "straight-sounding gay guy".  We will be interviewing him about his career, his start as a MySpace blogger, and his current return to blogging.  

    We'll also touch upon Hillary Clinton's Presidential run, the guy who flew a Gyrocopter onto the White House lawn, and Indiana's discriminatory "religious freedom" law.

    Join us for this star-stunted event



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    Kala Nation Open Rant.Are You a Coon?

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    Tonight we will lose control to gain control.Tonight it is no hold barred commentary.If you have something or someone you want to rant about go for it.I have a few things I want to rant about.1800 RENT A COON Needs to be put out of business.Cooning agency supply companies should be illegal,NAACP,URBAN LEAGUE,C.O.R.E.NAN,BOND,as we as the Fox New Coon Academy.I want to rant about Coons tonight.Also"Are you a Coon?"If you cannot answer some basic question you just may be.