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    Has "Bad Bitch" Become A Goal For The Black Community?

    in Culture

    Has this become a goal for the young black community? Is being a bad bitch the new standard?  Do you view this as a positive thing? Do you consider yourself a bad bitch?

    To my Kings & Queens...where did we go wrong as our sisters keeper? Where much is given much is required. What can we do together to restore the image of the African Queen? 

    Let's discuss! Tuesday night. 9:30 PM. 
    Call: 347-857-1258

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    bad bitch radio

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    nothing but the best

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    bad bitch line

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    bad bitch

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    Elevated Minds

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    Recently Amber Rose was awarded a hefty book deal, the name of the book? How To Be A Bad Bitch. She says she is a bad Bitch because she has it all together financially physically, and emotionally. Also says a bad bitch will get it by any means. The book is supposed to be intended to be some sort of self help book. Elevated Minds Radio wants to evaluate the fascination with the" Bad Bitch Era" why do most women aspire to be this instead of a good woman? We want to hear from all sides of the board so if you identify as a Bad Bitch call in and let us know why you feel it is acceptable, or if you think it is a drogatory term that has switched to a word of endearment like the N-word? We also want to hear from more men, are you drawn to Bad Bitches? if so what makes them appealing to you? Lets have a discussion Sunday night at 10/9pm central call (917)932-1078 and press 1 to express your opinion live on the air. 

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    Turnt Up Tuesday: Queens/Kings vs Bad Bitches/Real Niggas

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    The Dymonds Radio Show Presents Turnt Up Tuesday: Queens/Kings vs Bad Bitches/Real Niggas

    How many times have you heard a male say he wanted a bad bitch? How many times have you heard a female say she wanted a real nigga? Well, the answer is too many damn times to count!

    Entertainment and the media has brainwashed our people into following the “norm.”  In this case it is more socially acceptable to refer to women as bad bitches and men as real niggas then it is to address them as Queens and Kings.

    Our youth are being influenced by these self proclaimed “bad bitches and “real niggas” in a negative way and if we don’t start educating our babies to aspire to be Queens & Kings the next generation will be on the pole stripping or on the corner selling dope.

    Tonight lets have a discussion on the use of these words within our community and how those words are teaching our youth what they want to grow up to be.

    Tune in at 10 PM PST and call in @ (347) 996-5750 PRESS 1 if you want to voice your opinion.

    Check Out The Website Here

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    in Spirituality

    How do we make the transition... what is required...lets explore...

    Introducing my Daughter Valantina, who will bee my new personal assistant and later to bee cohost...

    From Mutha Wit’s Womb of Universal Wisdom, Eye would like to introduce you to *Honeycomb Conversations*; where we will indulge in the sweetness of Sacred Sexuality, from a conscious evolving woman’s prospective. All views are welcome, all questions are welcome, come on….grab a seat, get bowl, let us shuck dese Peas (es,patriarchal traditions) so that we may nourish our Global Village. No topic is taboo. Grown Folks Only. (18+). Male, Female, and every Essence in between is welcome to participate. Please share your questions and concerns, if it's too personal, please put it in the inbox...confidentiality is guaranteed! You will bee assigned a name or number, simply for future reference... BEE LOVE & BEE BLESSED!



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    "Bad Bitches vs Beautiful Women"

    in Radio


    Unfortunately, in today’s society, it’s become both politically and socially acceptable for women not to carry themselves with respect by engaging in morally reprehensible, sexual/adulterous behavior. Not only is this trend affecting adults…but its spread to our young women, who have no clear and defined role models. Please join me on “The Best of The Dedan Tolbert Show” tonight at 9:00pm EST for a rebroadcast of our special on “Bad Bitches vs Beautiful Women”, where we’ll address this epidemic and what can be done to help our young women not fall into the trap that’s been set for them by the government and these so called “entertainers/idols”. Listen 7 nights a week by calling 646 200 0366 or listen online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “Real Radio that Matters for Over 10 Years”.

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    Happy Relationships Make for Successful Careers and Life with Shuntai Beaugard

    in Radio

    Are you aware of the impact your relationships are having on your career, business and life? Our guest this week, Shuntai Beaugard will help you address concerns, questions or challenges about toxic friends and family, even bosses, how to find real balance, loving yourself and more. And she is offering 25 listeners a free consultation.... listen to learn how.

    FOLLOW our program, Call in to chat with us...at 1-818-572-2910, Chat in right here on our Show Page... Listen and SHARE!

    Shuntai Beaugard is an expert on issues related to women, adolescent girls and children. Ms. Beaugard's  counseling  approach is an eclectic mix of Cognitive Behavior Therapy complemented with Family Systems and creative counseling.


    Bernadette Boas is known as a ‘ball of fire’ author, speaker, screenwriter, leadership change agent and radio hostess… who inspires, motivates and equips women with the mindset and skill set needed to achieve success and prosperity in their life and business.

    Each week she and her guests will discuss current top issues and growth opportunities that women deal with, as well educate and inspire you to 'stake your claim' to shed your own bitches, so you can shift from Bitch to RICH!  FOLLOW the show to get updates and announcements on topics, guests and more.

    Listen weekly LIVE or in archive on Shedding the Bitch.com or iTunes. Shedding the Bitch Radio is all about YOU!

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    What is the good, the bad and the ugly truth about social media?

    in Relationships

    Today we will discuss the positive and negative impact social media can have on you, your relationships with your friends, family and your love life. "Social media", the most popular means of staying in touch with loved ones, has its good and bad. Today we will discuss the good and not so good side of social media and the negative impact it may have on you and your life and you may not even realize it! Another 100 percent real discussion with me and my co hosts!

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    Let's say no to procrastination

    in Motivation

    Debbie's believes that we can all make a difference in our communities and ultimately the world, if we were to share our journey's and our experiences. Debbie's greatest desire is to inspire others to overcome life issues and fulfill their purpose. Join Debbie every Tuesday at 8:30 pm GMT.

    Do you put of things till tomorrow?
    Do you pay you bills late?
    Do you say I work better under stress?
    do you underestimate the time it takes to complete tasks?

    These are all signs of a person procrastinating!
    Join me on how to kick this bad habit and get stuff done.

    I look forward to you joining me.