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    The Mentor Zone @ Medgar Evers College

    in Business

    | City University of New York Business School Dean Implements Minority Veteran Jobs Creation Program | This Interview with Dean Jo-Ann Rolle will explore:

    Today's emerging trends in Higher Education
    Why Entrepreneurial Institutes are growing in popularity among students and collages alike
    How Public Private Partnering empowers these grassroots centric initiatives
    How Communities benefit from having these Institutes in their backyards
    What interested parties need to do (i.e., where, when & how).  

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    in Current Events

    The New Black Panther Party, has done a good job of holding the line against the racist white power structure of America white supremacy, police brutality and police misconduct; we have to flip the other side of the coin and work hard in our backyard. There is no way that we can push forward in the way should without pushing hard to stop the poverty, violence, and crime within our own backyards, We have to clean up ourselves.





    CALL US 646 - 478 - 44447



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    The Branden Johnson Show: Gumbo Mix

    in Current Events

    This is not your mother's Talk Show. We will have dialogue on the hot topics and give perspective to get you thinking and acting on your heart. It is time to move out of just sitting idly. It is time to make our communities better. so much drama going on in this world, we need to address what is happening in our own backyards first. That will make this world a better place one household at a time. Love on somebody this week.

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    Human Trafficking - A Survivors Story - "B"

    in Motivation

    "B" survived trafficking in 2004 following a stranger abduction. She is now an advocate for awareness, and hopes to spread the truth about trafficking.

    In an effort to keep this survivor/warrior safe and anonymous we are choosing not to disclose her name or her story.  Be sure to tune in to hear her story of trauma and hope!!!

    Human trafficking is real and its in our backyards, neighborhoods, schools, etc. Its time for the community to get educated and informed. Dont miss this show and share with others.....


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    ***2 HOUR SPECIAL*** "Muslims invading America"

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight we talk about the muslim invasion in America and what we can expect as the results of this secret operation and what we can do to stop it. We'll here from our listeners as they call in and express their concerns about Islamic terrorist who's only goal in life is to kill American and non-muslims as they are  moving into our backyards with the help of Obama and the United States government. We will try to pinpoint where they are taking them, how they are taking them and who is responsible for BRINGING them. This an open discussion and we encourage people to call  in and express their concerns. 

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    Tim Janakos - Myth Shattering

    in Spirituality

    Join Andrew Aloha “Live” featuring Tim Janakos in “Myth Shattering”

    Sunday, 11 October 2015
    From 7 – 8:30pm AZT
    A Spiritual Image Productions Event

    A semi-autobiographical novel about a young, punkrock kid in Wutherington Beach, Southern California. With his punk rock friends, he steals marijuana plants from his neighbors' backyards, smokes them in the group's underground club house and shoplifts for munchies on a daily basis. However, on one summer afternoon, while trying to hide a large bag of marijuana in his apartment's garage, he discovers his dead father's revolutionary book collection.....for more on this story go to www.spiritualimageproductions.com/Andrew_Aloha_Live

    For more on Tim Janakos & “Myth Shattering” go to www.tjmusic.org

    For more on Andrew Aloha go to www.spiritualimageproductions.com/AndrewServices.html

    Intro music, “This Change Is Going to Do Me Good”, by David Young @ www.davidyoungmusic.com

    For More Visit Us @ www.spiritualimageproductions.com/SIP_divine_events


    90 Day Ascension Journey @ www.90dayascensionjourney.com

    Andrew Aloha

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    The Author Chat Show with Lynda D. Brown

    in Books

    Meet author/entertainer Joe Libby. I'll be chatting with him about his new book, The Secrets to Planning Your Fun, Memorable and Stress Free Birthday Party.

    About the book and author:

    Don’t pull your hair out trying to plan a fun and memorable birthday party for your child! Entertainment-industry professional and birthday show expert Joe Libby gives you the benefit of his decades of experience. Joe has performed everywhere from hotel banquet rooms to family backyards to the Soviet Union(!), so he knows what goes into making a party that is fun and successful. In this book, you will: • Discover how to avoid boring parties and be the HERO of your next event ... without breaking the bank! • Learn the key things that make planning birthday parties easy with results that are exciting, memorable, and FUN! While the focus of the book is on planning awesome birthday parties, you'll be able to use Joe's suggestions, advice, and checklists to plan nearly any kind of event for kids or families! Don't stress! Think #PARTYSUCCESS!

    Joe Libby is a speaker and entertainer living in San Antonio, TX. He has been a family entertainer for three decades, and his ventriloquism and magic performances have taken him everywhere from family backyards to the old Soviet Union!

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    The DIY of OCR: Obstacle course racing---Inspire the fire

    in Design

    Obstacle course racing is the next soccer. Yeah, it's a 'thing'. You've probably heard of one. Or know someone who has---or will---do one. They change lives.

    And for us MyFixitUpLifer's there's an extra cool part: It's loaded with DIY of building stuff. So if you’re not lacing up for your own obstacle course racing journey, without people to build the obstacles—for races or for backyards---the race is just a walk in the woods. So this MyFixitUpLife show will inspire the fire for the DIY of OCR.

    Spartan Race’s (in)famous Race Director Norm Koch takes us behind the spectacle where the tools are machetes and chainsaws and a whole lotta work. And HGTV’s John Colaneri—co-host of America’s Most Desperate Kitchens and a Spartan racing / Cross-fit nut job (we love you anyway Johnny)—chimes in with fitness tips he uses to stay extra handsome.

    This isn't about the gym. Or how fast you go. It's about life itself and building your own tools for the journey. As someone I admire wrote: I already know what it feels like to fail. I want to see what it's like to succeed.

    Life happens to all of us. It's what we do about it that counts; how we handle the obstacles.

    So tool up and come obstacle course racing with us Lifers, time for a little dirty fun.

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    Conservatives: You Only Have Yourselves To Blame

    in Politics Conservative

    Wow, so many conservatives juming off of roofs today.  So many conservatives bemoaning the end of the Republic. So many making plans to move toother countries, dig holes in their backyards and generally check out. Why? The SCOTUS upheld the exchange portion of the ACA. 

    Well this broadcast does something that I am sure a number of you will not like. It puts blame where I think blame is do. It also gives you a way to redeem yourselves is you so choose.

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    Joe Libby's Secrets to Planning Your Fun, Memorable, & Stressfree Birthday Party

    in Books

    Joe Libby is a speaker and entertainer living in San Antonio, TX. He has been a family entertainer for three decades, and his ventriloquism and magic performances have taken him everywhere from family backyards to the old Soviet Union!


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    Nano Reef Hour - Tropical Biotopes

    in Environment

    On Sunday June 14th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst, Albert and Joe will be discussing something a little different than Nano Tanks. They will be discussing Tropical Biotopes of the Caribbean and Hawaiian Enviroments. 

    Hawaii Biotopes:

    A Hawiian Biotope tank offers many choices to the aquarist. To make an aquarium a true "living picture of the Coral Reefs", we need to work harder to duplicate the whole environment of the fish. By doing this, we will see behaviors not normally seen in aquariums (such as two fish "helping" each other out, or interacting in a unique fashion) and have a more natural aquarium. Hawiian fish are colorful, plus, most are hand-caught and rather hardy. This is only a sample of the fish available from the region. Note: This does not wish to imply that all these fish are reef-safe, nor compatible with each other. 

    Atlantic Biotopes

    Often overlooked and underappreciated, the Atlantic biotopes are amazing aquariums. Sustainable inhabitants are here in our own backyards and ready for hobbyists to create new and interesting aquariums. Much can be learned about these animals from captive systems and hobbyists have a remarkable opportunity in front of them to participate in the process and progress.