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    The New Essenes: "To BIBLE or Not to BIBLE" - Page 11

    in Spirituality

    Have you ever wondered why we would keep on criticizing ourselves to no end for a given error, as if we really believed that being harsh upon ourselves was going to promote change? Yet that belief contradicts the current findings of neuroscience in matters of transformation by way of self-acceptance, findings that backup perennial wisdom teachings. Indeed, wisdom has always emphasized understanding and kindness: “do not do unto others what you wouldn’t want others to do unto you.” So why is it that we would be harming ourselves, by being mean, micromanaging and intolerant? Moreover, what link are we missing, that we would use the same belief (I must use force to discipline myself), which ends up keeping healing at bay?

    To this, Bruce Lipton offers: “while the Biology of Belief focuses on the nature of how your personal beliefs affect your personal life, what we are realizing now is that collective beliefs have a much more profound effect.” This is to say that our attachment to harmful beliefs (e.g.; I’m “no good”) comes from a deeper source than just our individual story – that there is a global story of pain, which is much more potent, and thus much more arduous to contend with.

    To begin undoing this intricate web, the New Essenes propose two possibilities: 1) to go to the most influential book ever – the Bible: whether living in Timbuktu, Paris or Hong Kong, it is likely that we have heard of the myth of the garden, namely Adam, Eve, the Snake and a Tree, characters who were “no good,” and who did something very, very “wrong;” 2) to have a complete different way to look at it: the wisdom teaching of the Bible is not in its story lines, but in its minute essence – the Hebrew alphabet.

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    130 LBS down in only a year and a half! (Fitness, Life, Goals, Vision)

    in Fitness

    My good friend and high school buddy Mike talks about his road, sacrifices, and what it took to lose 130lbs in just a year and a half! He willcover what were some of the sacrifices he made, what was that trigger that allowed him to say enough is enough, and also how he sees himself in the future. 

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    Guest- Philly Plowden, Jeff Zenisek, and Andy Frampton

    in Comedy

    Tonight we have three wonderful guest on The Charleston Comedy Podcast!  First we will have possibly the tallest comedian in the game Jeff Zenisek. He is orginally from the hills of WV and now resides in Jacksonville, Florida..Jeff has worked with some very successful comedians like Louie Anderson, Nikki Glaser, and Bill Burr..He's working on launching a new podcast called The Grounded Podcast as well...Next we will have our Comedy Zone Headliner this weekend Philly Plowden..one of the most sound actors/comedians working today. His observations & revelations about the human condition, mixed with stories from his own life, take an audience on a 200mph trip that could stop at any point along the journey. Finally we will bring on local favorite comedian Andy Frampton. Frampton will perform this weekend at the Comedy Zone for the first time and we are very excited to speak with our good buddy as he always brings the funny! Like us on Facebook, Suscribe on iTunes, and listen live at 10 pm eastern time! 

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    HBCU Tuesdays!! Discussion With Players2Pros & Emerson Martin

    in Sports

    We will interview Coach Emerson Martin and Coach Derrick Jones. We will get their recap of the American Football Coaches Associations Convention. 

    We are bringing HBCU Tuesdays and HBCU Football to the forefron on this day. We will have some coaches and players that are current and former to talk about the HBCU Football Season. Make sure to join us and we talk about the scores and the upcoming schedule. We will also dive into some of the financial issues some of the schools are facing. And, is any level of CFB handing out full scholarships?

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    John Carver Show - Paul McKenna - I Can Make YOU Confident!

    in Self Help

    On today's show I am sharing the first part of Dr. Paul McKenna's book "I Can Make You Confident."

    Dr. McKenna demonstrates the latest techniques to stop fear and desperation and create massive amounts of confidence and self-belief instantly, whether it's mastering the fear of public speaking or feeling more self-assured in social, business, and romantic situations.  I have to tell you, up front, that I do not believe in the hypnosis part of his material but the rest of it is OUTSTANDING.

    Publishers weekly says:

    Celebrity self-improvement guru McKenna (I Can Make You Rich) says there are only four things one needs to practice to become a naturally confident person: talk to yourself in a confident way, create positive mind pictures, use your body as if you were already confident, and take at least one risk every day. He expands on these "mind programming techniques" in such chapters as "Self Belief," "You Really Can Do Anything," "Public Speaking," "Dating and Sex," and "Leaving a Bad Situation." Throughout, he punctuates his advice with anecdotes about stressful situations involving such prominent figures as Bruce Springsteen, Buddy Hackett, and Steve Jobs, along with a sprinkling of encouraging quotes, such as Cher's comment, "If you really want something, you can figure out how to make it happen." Chapters conclude with visualization exercises, and the book is accompanied by a "Guided Hypnosis" CD. McKenna's ideas are hardly original, and many pages are redundant and written in a simplistic manner, but his followers may find this book of value nevertheless.

    Order a copy of his book at http://www.amazon.com/Can-Make-You-Confident-Anything/dp/1402769229

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    Sports In Depth Live From Sao Paulo,Brazil/*TRUST*IN*GOD***/

    in Sports

    Legendary scribe and sportscaster Dr.M.Lee''Doc'' Stanley Sr.,leaves Brazil with his jazz quartet  sending him off in style. Doc and his legendary and iconic award winning radio show,'Sports In Depth',comes live from Sao Paulo Brazil. We say happy birthday'',Feliz Anniversario'',in Portuguese to band member, Ivan Paikain.The quartet performing live from the Alemedia manison include,Luis Passos,Carla Pronsato and Chiquniho Ale Media and added feature,Ricardo ''Al Pacino'' Solari with his lovely wife,Nuri.

    Staying with birthdays, Roy Jones Jr.,had another on the 16th,the immortal,yes the ''greatest'',Muhammad Ali and former elite welterweight champ,Buddy McGirt celebrated theirs the next day.Dr.Martin Luther King Jr.,whom we honor this Monday in America,shares his with boxing icon,Bernard Hopkins,now at the half century mark and New York Jets football immortal,the classy Marty Lyons. Big George Foreman started  the boxers birthday parade,followed two days later by our late friend,the great,''Smoking''Joe Frazier.Both the New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks get a salute as they both are headed into the SuperBowl. Both with impressive wins.Happy 86th birthday to my beloved mother,Vivian.
    ''I was surprised with the Stivern Wilder fight. Stivern didn't even throw the punches he should have. Wilder was jabbing the whole fight and Stiverne had no upper body movement. Waste of time to watch.'' Lady A Ring announcer Michael Buffer has earned more than $400 million in royalties for his trademarked “Let’s get ready to rumble!”


    ''There should be a pain for Love,not a pain from it.'
    Doc Stanley's Words of Wit And Wisdom


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    Ms.P Chat With Legendary R&B Singer Horace Brown

    in Music

    Horace Brown was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and is the son of a Baptist minister. Despite singing in the church as a child, Horace Brown never believed he would sing for a career. Instead, he dreamed of one day being a professional basketball player. However, a knee injury ruined these plans. 

    Horace Brown played a variety of instruments in his school's marching band and managed to score a break when DeVante Swing of Jodeci heard one of Brown's demos. Brown earned spots doing backup for Christopher Williams and did some writing. He finally scored a break when he managed to get a contract with Uptown after Andre Harrell saw him in a recording session. 

    In 1994, while on Uptown Records, Horace Brown spurred controversy with his single 'Taste Your Love' was released. The single was an ode to oral sex and was banned in parts of the south. Despite the press around the single, it failed to perform well on the charts and caused Horace Brown's album to be put on the shelves for the remainder of the time he was at Uptown. 

    When Andre Harrell of Uptown moved to Motown, he brought Horace Brown with him. Motown promoted the album by releasing two more singles and in 1996, released his self-titled debut album. The album featured Sean 'Puffy' Combs and Faith Evans.

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    Championship Weekend!!!

    in Sports

    What a great divisional round we had this past weekend, We will talk a little about that and move right on to the NFC/AFC championship matchups, Colts vs Pats and Packers vs Seahawks. Talks on if we think Manning should stay or hang it up. Have Baseball, Basketball, Hockey news also for everyone. So tune in this Friday @430pm to listen. Special guest for a second week in a row our buddy Austin. So listen to the one any only apsports with Kyle and Me and our behind the scenc guy D.Green. Have a great rest of your work week and we will see/hear from everyone on Friday!!

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    Jalen McClendon Talks About His First Year As A Wolfpack!

    in Sports

    In High School: Played quarterback at West Mecklenburg High School for coach Jeff Caldwell ... Threw for over 1,700 yards and 17 touchdowns as a senior ... Led team to a 9-3 record and a berth in the NC 4AA state playoffs as a senior ... As a junior, threw for over 1,700 yards and 22 touchdowns and rushed for over 200 yards and six touchdowns ... Played in the 2013 North Carolina-South Carolina Shrine Bowl ...Was the starting QB for North Carolina, completing 16-of-26 passes for 164 yards ... Also played high school basketball ... Ranked as the No. 15 quarterback nationally by scout.com ... Ranked as the No. 18 pro-style quarterback and No. 22 player in North Carolina by rivals.com ... Ranked as the No. 20 pocket-passer quarterback nationally and the No. 16 player in North Carolina by ESPN.com.


    We are bringing HBCU Tuesdays and HBCU Football to the forefron on this day. We will have some coaches and players that are current and former to talk about the HBCU Football Season. Make sure to join us and we talk about the scores and the upcoming schedule. We will also dive into some of the financial issues some of the schools are facing. And, is any level of CFB handing out full scholarships?

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    The Independent Podcast

    in Entertainment

    Guys it is a new episode of The Independent Podcast.  We are going to have my buddy from Under The Mat Radio The Shinsational Shin Blade on.  We are talking Under The Mat Radio, Pro Wrestling, Pop Culture and whatever else pops up.

    It's going to be a great Show be a part of the action and Call In with Any Questions.  Looking forward to a great show.

  • Top-Producer Buddy West

    in Real Estate

    We're joined today by Buddy West, a nationally recognized speaker who has taught classes in 47 states on real estate subjects including Buyer Universities, Listing Universities and the Senior Real Estate Specialist, SRES a designation for Realtors® that he co-developed. He co-authored, “Targeting the Over 55 Client”. His focus now is helping the military client. Buddy was chosen as a Howard Brinton Star Power Star in 1997 and became Vice President of Star Power in 2002 developing its speaker’s bureau.

    Buddy is now president of Emory-Hill residential real estate company and still sells real estate. Buddy is the CEO and founder of MilRES LLC, offering the Military Residential Specialist Designation.

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