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    The Backstory: SPECIAL Edition with Bree and Stephen

    in Politics Conservative

    Tonight, on a SPECIAL Edition of The Backstory, Bree Mars and Stephen Hamilton are joined by Michael Ingmire (@VoodooWolf), uncle of Sean Smith, one of the four Americans killed during the attacks in Benghazi. Michael will be discussing his journey for truth and justice for the Benghazi Four, his thoughts on the new House Sub-Committee and his upcoming Op-ed pieces.  We will also be discussing the upcoming film Benghazi 9-11, a documentary Michael is working on and providing the soundtrack for.  I love the Blues, he lives them, so we will be featuring some of his music.  Michael has agreed to take some of your calls and answer any questions you may have, so if you'd like to speak with an actual family member about the personal impact this tragedy has had on him, be sure to tune in.  

    This is a show you will not want to miss.  America is demanding answers to why 4 Americans died and the cover-up that followed.  We will take the White House story apart piece by piece and show why winning an election was more important than defending American’s abroad!

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    The Backstory SPECIAL: Bundy, BLM, and Racism

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    Tonight: Join Bree Mars and Steve Hamilton for a SPECIAL Edition of The Backstory.  We’re breaking down the Bundy Ranch story like you’ve never heard it and putting it together to address all the questions and misinformation out there.  Bundy Ranch isn’t one story, it is multiple.  From the history of Nevada to the BLM, to Harry Reid, and even Racisim…what are the facts, the important points, what ties them all together, and what are the REAL issues without all the hype.  

    •    Is this all part of an orchestrated “Land Grab” by the Federal Government?
    •    Who really owns the land Cliven Bundy was using for Grazing? Who has rights to it?
    •    Why did Cliven Bundy refuse to pay grazing Fees?
    •    Why was such force used finally to remove cattle?
    •    Where does Harry Reid fit into all this?  Or…Does He?
    •    Racism – Where his remarks this week racist and if so, does it change things?
    •    Our thoughts on this whole episode

    We’ll cover it all AND…we want to hear from you as well…So call us at (646) 716-7039.  This is going to be a great show and we promise to give you a new perspective on the entire Bundy Ranch issue.

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    Mike Caplan Meteorologist Extraordinaire on Weather's Backstory

    in Lifestyle

    On Thursday August 13th at 5:00 PM CDT, Going Home with Tony host Tony Scimeca welcomes Mike Caplan, meteorologist extraordinaire to the Hot Water 911 Boiler Room Studio.  Mike will share his meteorological journey as well as the predictability of weather and how technology has made weather events more understood.  Mike will also talk about his latest journey as social media's go-to weather forecaster.  Mike, a man of many talents and passions, is also co-owner of Caplan Studios Photography along with his beautiful wife Laura. Between his accurate and in-depth weather forecasting and the gorgeous photos that he shares, Mike Caplan has a powerful online presence.  And if you "know" Mike, you know that he has a big and warm personality to go with his brand!  Thursday's show is sure to be fun and informative with a large dose of laughter!  

    You can find Mike on Facebook and Twitter!

    Join us live at five on August 13th! 

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    Walking Dead Postgame Show Episodes 6.4 'Heres Not Here'

    in Entertainment

    MONDAY NOVEMBER 2 at 8 PM EST!!  Well, I hope Sunday's episode was worth it!  By the time my show airs, we should either know the backstory of a mysterious character, whether or not Glenn survived.  Or perhaps both!  And possibly whether the Mets pulled off a nice World Series comeback.  But either way I'm sure it was a sparkling 90 minutes.  Whether it beats the first three episodes is up to you.  Call us and let us know (646) 721-9605!

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    Goa, actress Stefanie Powers, Friendly Planet travel

    in Travel

    National Geographic International (now FOX) producer, Dawn Drew, has been to India more than 100 times and she recently spent three months filming around the country.  Dawn says that each visit to India offers something new and that travelers should go beyond the iconic attractions for an authentic travel experience.  We'll also talk about the state of Goa--the popular resort that you may not have heard of.

    Actress Stefanie Powers, best known for her role as Jennifer Hart in the television series "Hart to Hart", leads a double life, one in front of the camera or on stage and the other as a chamption for animal preservation and protection.  She started both interests at an early age.  When she was 15 years old she took to the stage but her love and protection of animals started with a rat named Petey much earlier.   Stefanie helped create the William Holden Wildlife Foundation in memory of her long-time partner and she supports animal conservation efforts of several other organizations.  Stefanie also continues her craft on camera and the stages around the world.

    Friendly Planet Travel is a popular group tour operator that we first became acquainted with during a trip to South Africa for our honeymoon.  We discovered the amazing price points that Friendly Planet offered for a great value.  Apart from the competitive tour prices, the mission of Friendly Planet and its backstory reflects courage, love, luck and transformation.  We spoke to founder, Peggy Goldman, about how travel helped her heal and reinvent herself following a divorce and loss of her son.

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    The Backstory of Avram, Jasher Chapter 8; Sovereign Love Free Church

    in Lifestyle

    Join us every Sunday Morning at 9:00 am CDT for our Morning Worship Service, This week we will be taking a close look at Jasher Chapter 8 which gives us a background into the early Backstory of Abram (Avram) and the conditions of his unbringing. Those studying only the canonical books would never know this story. http://www.sacred-texts.com/chr/apo/jasher/8.htm

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    Missouri Grassroots Radio

    in Politics Conservative

    It's Not About Right and Left. It's About Right and Wrong!

    There is a culture war brewing in Springfield, MO and it's heating up. Recall petitions are being circulated for one city councilman, another councilwoman is under attack, and a recall effort is underway for the city's mayor. Catch the backstory and the details tonight as BTR featured host Dave Cort and his accomplished sidekick Lloyd "The Sloan Ranger" Sloan guide you through the intricacies.

    Then, who do YOU think won this week's Republican debate. It's pretty clear who lost.

    We'll take your calls on the studio line at 347-677-1835. It all happens tonight at 7PM Missouri Time. It's the best Friday night you'll spend this week.

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    MyNDTALK - Greening Death - Suzanne Kelly

    in Psychology

    Greening Death

    "We once disposed of our dead in earth-friendly ways—no chemicals, biodegradable containers, dust to dust. But over the last 150 years death care has become a toxic, polluting, and alienating industry in the United States. Today, people are slowly waking up to the possibility of more sustainable and less disaffecting death care, reclaiming old practices in new ways, in a new age."  Author of Greening Death , Suzanne Kelly traces the philosophical and historical backstory to this awakening, captures the passionate on-the-ground work of the Green Burial Movement, and explores the obstacles and other challenges getting in the way of more robust mobilization. As the movement lays claim to greener, simpler, and more cost-efficient practices, something even more promising is being offered up—a tangible way of restoring our relationship to nature."

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    The Backstory with Bree Mars

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    Negotiating with terrorists can only lead to future terrorism.  Our President has, without Congressional authority, traded five terrorists for one American, a move that can only result in yet another foreign policy disaster.  Tonight, Benghazi family member Michael Ingmire will join me to give an update on the Select Committee, his thoughts on Hillary's candidacy and the potential ramifications of the recent GTMO trade.  This is also the week of the 70th Anniversary of D-Day.  We will honor the men of the Greatest Generation and give details on the upcoming D-Day Anniversary Show.  

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    The Backstory with Bree Mars

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    If you're on Twitter, you need to listen to this show.  Tonight I'm going to make some things right for the Twitter users who have been hurt by these ridiculous flame wars.  I have a special surprise guest who will join me and help expose the people behind all of it.  You really, really don't want to miss this show.  8 EST and we will be taking callers in the second half.  

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    The Backstory with Bree Mars

    in Politics Conservative

    Imagine you are a parent and your only child is murdered while in service to his Country.  Now imagine there were people nearby who could have rescued him but didn't.  What would you do if he came home and the President and Secretary of State lied to you right over his casket?  How would you feel if the State Department told you that they will not be giving you any more answers because, as his mother, you are not considered "immediate family".  Tonight at 8 EST I will be joined by Patricia Smith, mother of Benghazi hero Sean Smith.  She will tell you some things that will both break your heart and raise your blood pressure.  It's a show no parent nor American should miss.  Also joining me will be frequent guest (and Sean's uncle) Michael Ingmire.  His op-ed came out today on FoxNews.com to celebrate the release of Hillary's new book (LOL).  He will also be appearing on America's Newsroom tomorrow morning at 9:30 EST.