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    086 ERNEST OWENS: "Empire or Bust?"

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    Empire. An entertaining tour de force, the hit hip-hop television drama starring Oscar nominees Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard is breaking rating records. But many in the African-American community are up in arms about its racy depiction of the fictional Lyons, a backstabbing black family perched at the highest echelons of entertainment.




    Helmed by Lee Daniels (“Precious”)­–an openly gay African-American male, its toughest critics say the show is “an embarrassment that’s failing black people.” Others say its prominent LGBT storylines are “pandering and pointless.”




    “Dear Empire Critics, Stop Hating. You Just Don’t Get it.” is Ernest Owens’ blistering blog that tackles all the criticism head-on. Passionate in his defense of the massive hit, Ernest’s article has created a sensation at Huffington Post, The Root, Black Voices and other online entertainment platforms.




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    John Carver Show - Dr. Laura Schlessinger - Betrayal (Part 1)

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    Born out of her own highly public encounter with betrayal and its emotional aftermath, Surviving a Shark Attack (On Land): Overcoming Betrayal and Dealing with Revenge is one of Dr. Laura Schlessinger's most personal books. As Dr. Laura's legion of fans know and appreciate, the radio host, nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, and perennial New York Times bestselling author never skirts controversy, and here she offers an incisive and unsurprisingly plain-speaking look at the hot-button topic of how to deal with the traitorous, backstabbing "sharks" we confront in our personal and professional lives.

    "Every single human being on the face of the earth has been betrayed, backstabbed, undermined, screwed over, or had their reputation attacked at least once in their lives," Dr. Laura writes. "It's a horrible experience, leaving you stunned, seared, sad, and very, very angry." When subject to a stealth land shark attack, the first reaction is shock and disbelief. When attempts to shut down the betrayal fail, the typical next response is to strike back.  So, what is the source of betrayal and how do you survive it? How do you keep other peoples destructiveness from destroying you?

    Why some people are good and some are bad
    The motives that drive people to betray their friends and colleagues, including possessiveness, entitlement, competition, defensiveness, greed, jealousy, unhappiness, expedience-and just plain evil
    How to know whether you've truly been betrayed, or whether you are at fault for letting it happen
    The difference between daydreaming about vengeance (good) and actually seeking revenge (not so good)
    Adopting a philosophical approach to revenge
    When to forgive and forget (if ever)
    Getting on with your life after you've been betrayed

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    A Melanin-coated Reality TV Greek HipHop LoveFest

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    Who's to blame here...Mona-Scott Young, the mastermind behind many of VH-1's highly-watched line-up of brown-skinned stereotypical f*ckery, or the cast of melanated characters who willingly lay down the last of their good senses in oreder to obtain their 3.5 minutes of fame. Things have gone progressively worse since The Flavor of Love first aired, and now reality has found its place in the black diaspora as an ugly abyss of disrespect, backstabbing, materialism, more weave, and total "thotishness".

    The recent premiere of Sorority Sisters on VH-1 has created a backlash from the Black Greek community. They feel that it portrays their respective organizations in an unfavorable light. However, many wonder why the same community stood silent while other programs of similar content were airing unprotested. Join us as we talk with members of the Black Greek community and get their stance on the state of reality tv in the melanin community.




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    Tonights show will touch on all the basis of how people go around backstabbing others, lying to your face, lying to your friends, and all they want to do is take YOUR place, and anything else that goes with it. Shaddy people are every where and this is your moment to vent!!!! So call in and be heard...

  • Sororities & Reality TV

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    Sororities are known for leadership, professionalism and community service.  Now there is a reality TV show that focuses on backstabbing, name calling and dysfunction. How do you feel about this? Has reality TV gone too far? You can join the conversation by calling in your questions at (323)580-5735. This is our personal invitation for you to join the conversation on Sunday December 28, 2014 at 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time.  Feel free to email us questions in advance at tandkradioshow@gmail.com

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    When Vendors Attack-Vendors Behaving Badly

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    Do you ever wonder what goes behind the scenes of a vendor fair?

    For two months we got information on a group of women who represent online companies called" Pampered Chef " & Rodan + Fields This will be all week to expose the cut throat, backstabbing, bullying The hateful slurs, and more that goes on. We will go live taking our information to the online companies they represent to hear their side of the story live. These woman run in packs, act like gangs, Any means necessary for their agenda. To quote one vendor "Tammy Lynn Ramos These people are nuts! Lol. I can't believe their comments about you vendors are harassing them lol!!! . I think all you vendors need to get together and show them who they are messing with .. Wow. she ends her statement with Tammy Lynn Ramos "Fuck y'all" This is what the inside attitude looks like. The ugly truth. Vendors Out Of Control.

    .  We name names. & Box Office and Headlines.

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    Big Brother # 16 ~ It's a wrap~ Random reviews

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    BB#16 just wrapped up a phenomenal season! Join me as we cover everything from the house theme to new twists & turns of this season. We will cover the good ,bad & ugly from strategies to friendships!  We will chat about Americas fav player to the player America disliked the most! One house guest own family went on live television with Jeff and told how ashamed they were at their family members behavior???? Nothing is off limits ! The opinions & comments of this show are the host,message boards,group discussions from fans and recent polls! Frankie Grande went on twitter and tweeted "I forgot how fun it is to tweet & poo! lo,oh yes he did ! Christine slithered around so much she was booed when she left the house! America did not approve of her behavior with Cody (who was only playing her) lol nothing is off limits!!! If you can't handle the truth don't listen!

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    They Smile In Your Face. All The While They Wanna Take Your Place. BACKSTABBERS!

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    Host: Shunda Milhouse
    Co-Host: La'Tonja Milhouse
    Panelists: Nikki, Angel, Jaynea, Osha
    Admin/Engineer: Gayle Lockett

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    SWAG RADIO Presents: Rose City Chick with Shelli Marie

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    On this episode of SWAG Radio, Yara Kaleemah will be chopping it up with Shelli Marie, author of Meesha, Myself and I and the Rose City Chick Series. 



    Shelli Marie was born and raised in an urban neighborhood in Portland, Oregon.  After graduating from Benson Polytechnic High School, she moved to Washington where she attended the Art and Fashion Institute of Seattle.  After a failed marriage, she dropped out of school and moved back to Portland and began to hustle in order to provide for her family.  Desiring a change in her life and a better education for her children, she relocated to Arizona, where she currently lives with three of her four children. 

    Shelli Marie started to read quite often, with her main interest being urban fiction.  She could relate to it. “With a good book you can get all the hot and steamy stuff along with a great plot, not to mention, you can put any face you want on the characters.” 

    In 2012, Shelli began to take time out to write. Although it was a great challenge for her, she was anxious to chase her dreams. The writing style Shelli Marie possesses is quite different from most Urban Fiction Authors.  When she pens her novels, she takes portions of her life and the lives of her closest friends, combines them and adds some fire, to create exceptional stories. The love for a good ‘take me away’ book is why Shelli Marie continues to write.  She keeps it juicy, but ensures an easy flow for the most challenged readers. Although Shelli Marie originated as an indie author, she signed with Leo Sullivan of Sullivan Productions, LLC in July 2013.  She’s known for: “Meesh” (series), Rose City Chic (series), and co-authored “Backstabbing and Payback B*#ches” (series) with Author Teruka B.

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    Backstabbing Friends

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    Have you ever had someone you thought was your friend turn around and just do something so grimy, like sleep with your lover, or just run you down like a dog and then call you and talk to you like they wasn't just reading you. Well here is the place to vent and let it be known and air someone out tune in!!!

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    The Cranial Emissions Show - Beware of Backstabbing Engineers!

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    Another week, another trifle to contend with as the behind the scene soap opera continues in studio.  How will the triumvirate sanction their former producer for his transgressions?  Did you know if you're Asian and living in Sweden you can get away with drunk driving?  According to Charles Barkley it's now okay for African Americans to participate in Beer Pong.  All that and much more on this week's show live from ESB Brewing in Tampa, Florida!  Join us from 7-9PM!

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