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  • Zero Hour - The Daily Fantasy Football Show - by AllPurposeRoto

    in Sports

    Looking to get an edge in a Daily Fantasy Contest? Bob & Chris go through the weekend’s match-ups to tell you who you should be looking at using in your lineups. Check us out every Sunday morning while you’re setting all of your lineups to settle who should be starting and sitting on all of your rosters.


    Want to be on the show? Send your question to AllPurposeRoto@GMail.com or tweet us @AllPurposeRoto to get the guys to answer your question on the air.


    4 New Shows Every Week

    Saturdays: The Hot Stove – 30 Minutes of news, player updates, the Fastest 30 Minutes of Fantasy on the air

    Mondays: Window Shopping – a look at waiver wire and blind bidding targets

    Wednesdays: Fantasy Tactics – with the KFFSC, The Kentucky Fantasy Football State Championship

    Sundays: Zero Hour – Our Daily Game Show – Get ready for your Sunday Lineup playing Daily Fantasy


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    Interview with Mary Milhone Volunteer at WarFighter Made

    in Motivation

    Mary Milhone. After being diagnosed with cancer in 2012 and additionally surviving a near-death domestic-abuse trauma, in addition to battling PTSD because of it, I found a deeper appreciation for life.These profound experiences have led me to realize that helping others, as I've been helped during my hardest times, has shined a light on the importance of what really matters.These experiences and my close friendship with Butch Lynch introduced me to the world of honoring, acknowledging and supporting our combat Veteran's. Since my introduction to Warfighter Made and my exposure to the direct effect of getting involved, it has blossomed into not just one avenue of helping only Veteran's. My passion hasn't stopped there. I am blessed to be apart of fulfilling a terminally ill child's bucket list and look forward to working on making others dreams come true in the future. I am also honored to be involved in two movies having to deal with Veteran's and dealing with PTSD and Suicide. I am grateful to God for all the experiences he has given me, for they have taught me to find the light in all the darkness that I've encountered.

    Warfighter Made and A Soldiers Loss is an organization to help combat wounded veterans, at zero cost to them, by giving them hope, inspiration and recreational therapy. We adapt their cars, motorcycles, boats, hot rods to their injuries so that they can continue to enjoy their favorite things despite losing limbs, dealing with PTSD, etc. They are a non profit and do it all on Volunteering and donations. Butch Lynch is one of the three co founders. He does all the re-designing and engineering and rebuilding of these projects.


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    Live A Magical Life

    in Spirituality

    We are told from early childhood that success in life equals money. From that point on, it’s a mad scramble to acquire as much money as possible. The two most common approaches are to choose a good career or develop your own business. But no matter what career path you pick, you end up paying tons of money in student loans and working long hours to make ends meet. And those who start your own businesses most often find themselves investing their life savings—only to end up working 12 hours a day to get the business off the ground. Meanwhile, Better Business Bureau statistics tell us that most businesses fail within their first three years of operation.

    What they fail to tell you is that instead of chasing the dollar, you should instead be chasing power—spiritual power, that is. With knowledge of magic, you can literally manipulate reality to bring about total and complete abundance. Keep in mind that spiritual power should always be your unlimited goal. If you live your life worshipping money, all you ever have is a piece of paper. I call this the “money deception.” But if you have magic, then anything and everything is within your grasp.

    Did you know that your money in the bank is nothing but binary numbers? And that the ruling elite could zero your account out instantly if they wanted, leaving no trace of it whatsoever? This is why most billionaires must play ball or their billions will be taken away.

    But to a master magician money means nothing—because he or she is free to do anything and doesn’t need to depend on money as a means to an end. So join, Master Qesankh Maa Kheperu as he reveals his secret to “Living a Magical Life! “

  • BIGFOOT GROUND ZERO - Episode 19 David Ellis from The Olympic Project

    in Paranormal


    Join me tonight as I interview David Ellis of The Olympic Project.  The Olympic Project has attracted the attention of serious researchers because they steer away from conjecture, and rely on scientific observations in search of the elusive creature we know as Sasquatch.

    David will share his techniques, knowledge, and personal experiences.  I believe you will find this interview compelling.  Probably one of the most interesting guests to appear on the show in a long time.


  • Let Me Help You Promote Your Internet Business - Zero Bullcrap!

    in Entrepreneur

    I am sure you have heard it all before on how people can help your internet business grow wings and be on every computer monitor in America tonight.  You and I know that is always bullcrap! .  We are adults and understand that promotion and marketing are hard work and take time and effort. But we also know that effective promotion and market are exspensive. Until now, advertising has been pricey, because those that advertise know that advertsers are often not willing to wait on their invest to pay off so they try to make as much money upfront as they can. I have decided to take another approach. 

    I am ready to use my own resources to build you an internet radio campaign that is only $2.50/day!  That is less than anything you can get anywhere else.  You can't do effective Facebook ads for that amount. 

    Now, that I have your attention You are curious about what my program is. Well, it is simple. You advertise with SpaceBar Production,  the parent company of the Willie Lawson Show network of internet radio shows and you will get in the ears of 1000's of people a day.  The Willie Lawson Show netowrk hits all of the areas of programming that are popular on the internet,  We have a political show, a sports talk show, and a music program.  We broadcast across major internet netwarks such as BLOGTALKRADOIO, SPREAKER and IHEARTRADIO.COM. So you are going to heard! There is no doubt. We keep the cost low so you hang in there as your audience grows and the hit start turning into sales! 



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    in Hip Hop Music


    With her Signature Thugirl style and cutting edge rhymes, it’s no surprise Qween$Ching has landed spots on Snoop Dogg’s Boss’ Life Compilation Volumes I and II, Snoop Dogg & JT the Bigga Figga’s “Mandatory Business” soundtrack, Bone Thugs “Thieveland Soldierz”, Tha Outlawz “Outlaw Culture” Vol 2, “Boss Chicks R US” & “Street Heat Vol 4” presented by Plies’ official Dj Suga D & Exclusive J. Keep It On Da Low” Qween$Ching ft Belo Zero (of Do or Die) is Qween$Ching’s latest project & first single available on iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, & Xbox Music.

    Born and raised in Roswell, “Crazy Town” NM, Qween$Ching began rapping at the early age of 14. In the beginning, her lyrics were geared strictly toward gangbanging and retaliation. Now, a more grown Qween says “If we can’t save ourselves, lets save the kids. It’s time something is done to save Hip Hop and the kids.” Roswell NM is a community made up of 45k residents and was considered worse than Los Angeles, CA (per capita) in drug and gang violence in 1996. “There is a war as real as the wars overseas, right here on our streets. I can’t say that I would be alive if it wasn’t for my music, the grace of God, & my sister taking me in & creating a way out of Roswell for me” says Qween$Ching. She currently resides in the Live Music Capital of the World, Austin, TX.


  • eBay is giving us more FREE listings

    in Marketing

    eBay annouced a new fee struction today : 

    Today's #eBay Announcement - Fee's change

    1.       For sellers without an eBay Stores subscription:
    a.  50 zero insertion fee listings for auction-style, or fixed price listings, in nearly all categories
    b.      Offer to try a Basic eBay Stores subscription for one month—FREE.
    2.       For sellers with an eBay Store subscription:
    a.       Basic-level store subscribers will get an increased allotment from 150 to 200 zero insertion fee Fixed Price listings per month
    b.      And—for all eBay Stores subscribers—the monthly allotment of 100 additional zero insertion fee auction-style listings will be extended to apply to listings in both Collectibles and Fashion categories
    Learn more at EBAY

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    in Indie Music

    Check the all new Episode of CHANNEL ZERO LIVE With Hurricane Chris & King Bam Checkout Billy Bloco as he serves up the latest in underground music as well as gets you up with everything going on in the community. Also you can be a  Guest Co-Host on the show and more. Call in at 760 454 1118 and press 1 to talk with Billy Bloco. Want your music on Channel Zero Live? Email Billy Bloco at channelzerolive@gmail.com "Mp3 format only". Links will not be accepted. Checkout more with Billy Bloco on www.hometeamradio.com and www.facebook.com/channelzerolive. Tell us what you think and give a S/O to your city!

  • Kurtizent Productions "Presents" High Standards Radio Battle League

    in Indie Music

    3 way elimination battle: ahpasit vs ozp dizzy vs fresno savage

    king tony vs t spittah

    rematch: lady mirc(miracle brown) vs genuisdakidd

    dabeast vs goobythebaby

    main event: king malcolm jahmal vs family man

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    Fantasy Tactics - The KFFSC Fantasy Football Show with AllPurposeRoto

    in Sports

    Join Ferrell and Bob every Wednesday for Fantasy Tactics – The KFFSC Expert Strategy Show. The KENTUCKY FANTASY FOOTBALL STATE CHAMPIONSHIP  is home of the Second largest live draft in the country.    Take advantage of listening to Fantasy’s  Top Expert Players who draft in every top league, KFFSC, FFPC, NFFC, FFWC and more.  Stay a step ahead of your competition on every format, Yahoo, ESPN, CBS, and more 

    Send your questions to bob@allpurposeroto.com

    Contact the KFFSC at   - www.kffsc.com   -   E Mail the Commish, Ferrell at  jferrelliott@gmail.com

    Check out featured free content at www.allpurposeroto.com

    Watch to join our new mailing list to get our Fantasy Tip Sheet . . . . With no advertising

    4 new shows every week

                           Saturdays:   The Hot Stove  - 30 minutes of news and player updates

    Mondays:  Window Shopping – Our Dumpster Diving Show, a look at waiver wire and blind bidding targets for your team

    Wednesdays:    Fantasy Tactics – With KFFSC – The Kentucky Fantasy Football State Championship.  High Stakes experts join this show every week to discuss strategy, tips and  tactics.

    Sundays:  Zero Hour – Our Daily Game Show – Quick Recap for your Sunday Lineup playing Daily Fantasy.  Listen in to strategy and advice on value start and sit players.

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    2nd Smart Men Have Zero In Interest In Dating Women w/ Kids! Agree or Disagree?

    in Entertainment

    follow me on twitter http://www.twitter.com/tjsotomayor

    call in at 347-989-8310