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    B.C. WorldView ~ The Great Ancient Temple Of Baalbek In Leba

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    According to theories stated by the mainstream archaeological community, the history of Baalbek reaches back approximately 5000 years. Excavations beneath the Great Court of the Temple of Jupiter have uncovered traces of settlements dating to the Middle Bronze Age (1900-1600 BC) built on top of an older level of human habitation dating to the Early Bronze Age (2900-2300 BC). 

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    Ancient Anthropology: ETs Moved Heavier Stones Than We Can

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    Our scientists still can't cut, move and fit huge rocks as well as the 8 to 12 foot tall Homo Sapien ETs (Anunnaki) who came to Earth for gold 400,000 years ago from the planet Nibiru.  The Nibirians cut stones as large as 10 tons with huge cutting tools run on power pulled from the earth.
    At Baalbek, Nibirans built a launch tower for the goldmining expedition, “on a vast horizontal platform, artificially created 4,000 feet above sea level, surrounded by a wall. The enclosed squarish area, 2,500 feet long, over five million square feet, was built before the Flood” [13,000 years ago]. Baalbek's stones were “held together without mortar, rising stage after stage, to incredible heights from a vast stone platform. The massive stones formed an enclosure that surrounded a cavity, a hollow within which stood the rocket about to be launched. The encompassing walls were multileveled, rising in stages to enable servicing the rocketship, its payload, [&] a command module.
    Baalbek included “stone blocks of incredible size, precisely cut and placed, including three colossal stone blocks that are the largest in the world, the Trilthon. The stone

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    Enki Speaks: Gilgamesh Denied Longevity

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    Enki, Chief Scientist for the Nibiran Goldmining Expedition to Earth needed to tame Gilgamesh, King of Uruk, before he created an Earthling rebellion in reaction to the King. Gilgamesh insisted on sex with brides before their grooms could couple with them. 
    So Enki created ENKIDU, an android, to tame Gilgamesh and arranged for the tantric practitioner, SHAMHAT to tame Enkidu.  Gilgamesh and Enkidu fought, then became best friends. 
    Gilgamesh went with Enkidu to the rocketpad at Baalbek to plead with the gods for a rocket to Nibiru for immortality he thought they enjoyed. 

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    Episode 8: ENKI SPEAKS
    Enki's son Marduk, once a Pretender to rule Nibiru but relegated to Command Marbase, allied with Shamgaz and the Igigi Astronauts.  At Marduk's wedding to Earthling Sarpanit (for which Nibiru's King banned Marduk from Nibiru) at Baalbek, Lebanon, the Astronauts seized 200 Earthling brides for themselves and held the Mining Expedition to Earth hostage until Commander Enlil recognized their abductions as legal marriages.

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    Divine Roots Radio Show with your host The Zion Zeus

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     Topics:  Passed Senate bill 1867, Life on Mars, Baalbek   Guests:  Chaz - CJ  from  1 Thessalonians 5:11  Facebook Group. Tune in and Stay Awake and Aware      

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