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    ANKH Auset and B.O.B. Finantial Rewards

    in Social Networking

    This Sunday 5pm-7pm, 2 programs Back to Back

    At 5pm: let us Celebrate ANKH! Topics and discussions for our African Queens

    ANKH- Queen Mother AUSET 

    Guest Call in show at (347)989-8509

    Ankh Auset at 5pm-cst 

    Then our next hour!

    B.O.B. Finantial Rewards at 6pm-cst,

    Amen Ankh Enterprises LLC is building an Agricultural Cooperative and K-8 Academy of Cultural Arts and Sciences. We support Black Owned Businesses who are interested in Black Families First: Do-For-Self initiatives across the country. 

    Our newest initiative is with Tempo Wireless! 
    The Wireless Revolution is hear in Kansas City! JOIN Us as customers or Business owners for FREE!! Let me show you how to get your CELL PHONE and SERVICES for FREE! http://ankh.tempowireless.com/intro.html ? & Visit www.ade.paycation.com]

    Email: amen-comm@live.com
    Please feel free to click on my websites, text or call after the show: (816)8397945.

    Hetepu (Peace).

    QueenMa Nuta Moses aka Adenike AmenR

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    The Sam Mines Sports Show

    in Sports

    The Carolina Panthers vs. the Denver Broncos. Peyton Manning vs. Cam Newton. Two of the top defenses in the National Football League meet in the biggest game of them all. We'll discuss. Plus the Mets got Yoenis Cespedes back! The pro bowl lineups are set, B.O.B. thinks the world is flat, the Yankees are supposedly honoring David Ortiz and there's basketball and hockey to discuss. Tune in!

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    GetAtMe3PcSnack WhoDoYouLoveMix ft YG, B.O.B, Future

    in Hip Hop Music

    On tonights GetAtMe3PcSnack we spotlighting YG and his new single "WhoDoYouLove" ft Drake (This ones out the door #ItsAHit).  Then we get to hear B.O.B.'s "JohnDoe" ft Priscilla(this one is a strong pop song).  And rounding it up we get to hear Future's "I Won" ft Kanye West (this song is a great concept dealing with trophy women) .

    That's tonight at 11PM on blogtalkradio.com/getatmenow.  Join me and my guest host as we take a few moments to check out each song and give you the 411.  Call in at (347) 826-7743 

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    GetAtMe3PcSnack Spotlight B.O.B. ft JohnDoe, GetReady & PaperRoute

    in Hip Hop Music

    On tonight's GetAtMe3PcSnackSpotlight, we're spotlighting B.O.B. and his new cuts "JohnDoe" (great cut dealing with people pill use and lifestye choices),  B.O.B. has been on a roll and tonight we give you a quick taste of some of his new cuts.

    We felt that some times in this singles driven environrment that the whole of the arttist is some time lost in sales cycle.  So we created a show that gives you a broader perspective some of todays hottest acts.

    Our Artist tonoght B.O.B. is definately on that level.  Check us out tonight and enjoy.

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    Anti-PC Patriots: Your Weekly Dose of Political Incorrectness

    in Current Events

    Are you sick of the politically correct society we’ve become?  Are you tired of mainstream media spoon-feeding news to you and telling you what you should think?  Anti-PC Patriots strips back the b.s. and tells you what’s really going on in the world without mainstream media’s bias.  Join us every Wednesday from 8-10pm as we free your mind and shine the light of truth on the week’s news and current events. Feel free to call in or comment in the chat room as we welcome comments and opinions from everyone!

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    145: The Curse is Real

    in Technology

    The Grumps strike again, RIP Abe; more income inequality news, so meditate the pain away; our robot overlords are on the way; what's going on at Twitter?; Amazon on the march; Ello, Peach; X-Files; Hipster Vodka; Tyson takes on B.O.B.; Cthulhu wallpaper!

    Full show notes at http://grumpyoldgeeks.com/145

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    Furries get blocked by Tony the Tiger

    in Entertainment

     Trending this week

     Midget fighting breakdown    

     Masturbating, and driving can only lead to this

     Down syndrome wins first wrestling match 

     Chester Cheetah welcomes furries, after Tony the Tiger blocks them

     Is the earth flat, B.O.B thinks so

    Please call in or feel free to chat with us in the chatroom! We will discuss any topics from this week or address any topics you may want to bring up, or just give your feedback good or bad.



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    Tha Study Hall with Frank and Jason

    in Sports

    Join us live tonight (1/28) at 9:00 PM EST. We will be in studio with special guest Andrew from The Penalty Box. 

    On tonights show we will be discussing:

    David Blatt's firing: Is Lebron James a coach killer?
    The Super Bowl Quarterbacks: 

    Why is Cam Newton so disliked?
    Peyton Manning: HGH Investigation

    The Pro Bowl: with a record number of players opting out of the game is it time for it to be eliminated
    The Eagles: What is the plan for the future?
    The Real Deal
    Don't Press that Button

    The Denver Police DepartmentShannon Sharpe
    Patriots and Cardinals fans tweets towards players after losing in the Championship games
    Mississippi St Head Coach Dan Mullen
    Neil deGrasse Tyson vs B.O.B.
    Kanye West vs Wiz Khalifa

    Follow the show:

    Twitter: @thastudyhall
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thastudyhall
    Email: thastudyhall@yahoo.com

    Original theme song created by: Notebook


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    Macklemore's White Privilege, Keenen's Roots & The Multiverse! Wed@7:30pm

    in Politics Conservative

    Greetings, folks!  Let's make this a real attempt at brevity!  Welcome to a new episode of Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review podcast, airing this Wednesday at 7:30pm EST.  Check out the latest musings of your favorite podcast superhero team as they decipher the most current event laden and topical "codes":  our impressions of rap artist, Macklemore's new single entitled, "White Privilege" as well as his commentary on race relations in the U.S.; Dburt connects the dots between an interesting anecdote that was revealed during famed comedian/director, Keenen Ivory Wayans' geneological search on Finding Your Roots and the media's most recent Oscars debate; on the blerd front, filmmaker, Kevin Smith intimated that DC may be channeling more from Marvel than one would think relating to the possible comingling of their TV and film IPs. 

    Democratic presidential hopeful, Bernie Sanders seemingly dodges the slavery reparations question; Harvard reserachers embark on a "moonshot challenge" thanks to 28 Million in funding to attempt to map an A.I. brain like the neural connectors of a human cerebrum; with news from Sundance regarding Don Cheadle's Miles Davis biopic and actor Nate Parker's Birth of a Nation film, does the cure for the Oscar dilemma lie with Black folks producing films beyond hackneyed rom-coms?; why exactly did B.o.B. rapper debate the astrophyscist, Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson over the "world being flat?" Hopefully, comedienne, Sherri Shephard was listening in as well. And again, speaking of Sundance, we weigh in on a new Blerd centric film entitled, Sleight.  Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

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    GetAtMe3PcSnack HotNewHits ft JamieFoxx, B.O.B. & RichGang

    in Hip Hop Music

    Tonight on GetAtMeHotNewHots we spotlight Jamie Foxx's "PartyAintAParty" (great cut that was put toghther by DJ Mustard.  Then we have the new B.O.B. ft TreySongz "NotForLong" and then we we have a special new RichGang ft Juvenile "ShoMeLove" (great return song for Juvie).  Also tonight we give you a chance the listen to the Hot New trending cut By Tink "MovingBass" ft JayZ & RickRoss.  also on the mix I had to let yall hear what a great femaleMC Lola Monroe is "MoneyOnTheyHead" and we let you hear Rah Diggas "ThinkingOutLoud".  call in and check us out tonight at (347) 826-7743 

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    It's Time to Fall in Love! ... Not with Someone Else but With Yourself!

    in Women

    When you hear a title like the Coaching Cupid, you probably think of matchmakers, marital therapists and dating coaching. But in the case of Dhylles Davis, all of those things would be wrong. You see, while Dhylles is all about love, she's about learning to love yourself. Yes, we hear that phrase 'love yourself' all of the time and most of the time we aren't really sure what that means. So listen in and learn what it means to love yourself and exactly how you go about doing it (and here's a hint, it has nothing to do with a B.O.B. - battery operated boyfriend!).

    Website: www.coachdhyllesdavis.com

    Book: Your Life! Your Purpose! No Explanations!

    Facebook: Sip & Chat with the Coaching Cupid