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    The Axl Rotten Show

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    ECW professional wrestling legend AXL ROTTEN takes to the airwaves for a 'no holds barred' attack on the ears of the world. Axl is outspoken and nothing is OFF LIMITS! Wrestling, Movies, Music, Pop Culture, News & all things going on in the world! Axl will entertain, inform & offend!

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    Rampage Rants Presents A Tribute To Brian "Axl Rotten" Knighton

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    We have just been given the shocking news of the passing of Brian Knighton, known to ECW fans as Axl Rotten. Axl and Ian (John Williams) known collectively as The Bad Breed were a major force early on in the tag scene in ECW. Whether as a team or feuding, they were always entertaining.

    In recent years Brian had been dealing with numerous issues related to collective injuries. His struggle to be able to even be able to walk again was the subject of a documentary.

    He had been with us just a couple of months ago when we paid tribute to Hack Myers and things according to him were looking good and his ability to walk was vastly improving so the shock is beyond words.

    We will be joined briefly by Joel Gertner and may be joined by Jim Mollineaux and possibly other ECW Originals.

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    The Axl Rotten Show

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    ECW professional wrestling legend AXL ROTTEN takes to the airwaves for a 'no holds barred' attack on the ears of the world. Axl is outspoken and nothing is OFF LIMITS! Wrestling, Movies, Music, Pop Culture, News & all things going on in the world! Axl will entertain, inform & offend!

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    World Domination welcomes ECW Hardcore Legend Axl Rotten

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    Few people personified the Hardcore style of ECW better than Axl Rotten, but the long-time star is much more than just a "hardcore" wrestler.  He's a talented wrestler who has worked all over the world.  Axl is not afraid to tell it like it is, and he is brutally honest about his battles with addictions to pain pills and heroin.

    We'll talk about working in Global, WCW, the WWF, and of course, ECW, and discuss many of the talented wrestlers he's crossed paths with over the years.  

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    IWX 16 AXL Rotten Interview

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    Anything goes when the original hardcore chair swinging freak of the ECW, Axl Rotten joins us for an in depth interview that promises to blow your mind. Put the kids to bed for this one folks.
    Call in and be part of this hardcore interview. 646-478-0388

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    Bunkhouse Stampede Radio Episode 2

    in Wrestling

    Breaking News Update: ECW Original Axl Rotten has passed away at age 44. His career will be discussed in the place of a historic spotlight this week.


    Kurt Angle suffered a concussion on TNA's most recent tour of Europe. Is this the end of professional wrestling's only Olympic Gold Medalist? More importantly, should it be? After the break, Gavin will dig into the theory that Vincent Kennedy McMahon has a cuckold fetish. What does the historic treatment of talent say to confirm or deny this? As always, today in wrestling history will be covered and another forgotten star of the past will get some of the spotlight.

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    Fruit Inspectors (Rotten Fruit)

    in Religion

    You shall know a man by the fruit that he bares. You can tell a person who they are by insopecting the fruit that they display. Tonight the panel will be describing what a fruit inspector does and how you can be a fruit inspector and identify the fruit that a person bares. Enoy and God bless!

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    That's Novel interviews Author Axl Goode

    in Books

    Find Axl on Amazon:  http://amzn.to/1MFtc88

    Axl on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/axlgoode?fref=ts

    Axl on the web:  http://www.axlgoode.com/


    Who is Axl Goode?  He's an Erotic Romanc Author.  He's a son, brother, friend, and a mentor.  Axl will be publishing his second book, Emerald Eyes, tentatively September 2015.

    Join Stephanie when she visits with Axl on his careers and what's happening next for him.

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    2D Sports Radio Presents PWR SLAM! Goes To The EXTREME!

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    Tonight, PWR SLAM! goes to the EXTREME as we interview two long time original members of the ECW roster, Axl Rotten and 2 Cold Scorpio.

    Our Promoter Spotlight tonight features Brandon Oliver.Brandon represents River CityWrestling in San Antoino, Tx. This Friday, River City presents a special card that will include a special birthday party for WWE Hall Of Fame member Luke Williams of the Bushwackers. We look forward to talking to Brandon about this special event. Then it's time to get EXTREME!

    Axl Rotten was with us previously after the passing of Hack Meyers. Tonight we welcome him in a happier circumstance. Axl knew early on in his life and left school at 16 to train with the late Ricky Lawless, who became his first tag team partner. After Lawless' death, Axl went solo until he started training the guy who would become Ian Rotten, his tag team partner in what became known as The Bad Breed. His life and career changed in World Championship Wrestling. It was there he met Paul Heyman who brought him into a fledgling promotion called ECW. Axl and Ian fought together and even feuded. We'll talk Global, WCW, ECW (of course) and his health issues and his amazing recovery.

    Then we get to one of the original high flyers in our business, 2 Cold Scorpio. The Denver native knocked around the independents until Leon "Vader" White suggested he go to New Japan Pro Wrestling. From there he came to the states with World Championship Wrestling, making his debut on November 18, 1992 at Clash Of The Champions XXI where he literally made a splash, being the first wrestler to employ the 450 Splash in America. From there he moved on to what was NWA Eastern Championship Wrestling. On August 27, 1994 Scorpio became part of one of the biggest controversies in wrestling history when he lost to Shane Douglas who trashed the NWA belt. We will discuss his varied career.

    Join us in chat, Skype or (347) 826-9418.


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    Weekly Wrestling Podcast Ep. 5 - 'Skyros the Tommy Dragon'

    in Wrestling

    Wrestling News Part 1 w/ Matthew, Landon & Alex - 0:48
    Interview w/ Tommy End - 45:52
    Interview w/ Mike Skyros FKA Michael Christopher - 1:31:46
    Wrestling News Part 2 w/ Matthew, Landon & Alex - 1:54:31
    BKPW Preview w/ Matthew Terry - 2:59:42
    Tarik v. Shane Sabre v. Rob Rage from Deathproof's DoA3 - 3:11:19

    EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW W/ TOMMY END (@tommyend) - This throwback interview features one half of the Sumerian Death Squad tag team & one of the standout stars from the UK, Tommy End as co-host Landon Morris chats with End about plenty including the start of his career, his progression + so much more in a 30+ minute exclusive!

    TARIK V. ROB RAGE V. SHANE SABRE FROM DEATHPROOF #DoA3 (@DeathproofFight) - Matthew Grant, David Kirkwood & Space Monkey call the Deathproof Championship Triple Threat Tables match between current champion Tarik, Shane Sabre & Rob Rage at DEATHPROOF FIGHT CLUB's Declaration of Anarchy 3 event!

    PRO WRESTLING NEWS WITH MATTHEW, LANDON & ALEX (@m4tthewgrant @morriskombat @AlexKalil) - Matthew Grant, Landon Morris & Alex Kalil talk about the world of professional wrestling including Daniel Bryan's sudden retirement, Titus O'Neil's suspension, Nakamura/NXT details, PWG Bowie/CZW 17/AIW Don't Feed Us After Midnight full previews & more!

    + SO MUCH MORE!!!

    @WeeklyWPodcast @elitepodcastnet

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    So many topics ....

    in Sports

    Tonight's Topics:

    -Why no show last week?

    -Super Bowl ... Super Letdown

    --Is Eli Manning an evil genius OR mildly retarded?

    --Beyoncé: 'F--k Tha Police' .... No, F**k YOU!!

    -RIP Axl Rotten

    -Recap / analysis of Sozio shoot

    --Thoughts on women's wrestling

    -CZW Network

    --DJ "jerking himself off"

    -Take the dip out, Sami

    -Daniel Bryan retires ... But he opened so many doors on the way

    -Corp has been making promises for a long time

    --The Kill Em All Cup disaster

    -Preview of the CZW 17th Anniversary card