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    Beer & Money

    in Wrestling

    Today we delve into Chyna's passing and the disgusting finger pointing by IWC peons. We look into last nights shocking NXT title change and what it all could mean. We look forward to Payback, and look into what's real and what's not about the TNA situation. All this and much much more. Feel free to join us at 3 pm eastern. Call in at 1-760-888-5749

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    TGP Radio 2016: NFL Draft Recap Rounds 4-7

    in Sports

    The draft is over.

    Time to complain so more about players our team has taken, as well as complain more about players other teams have taken.

    Aw yeah.


    Welcome to the NFL Offseason.

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    Military Monday with John D. Gresham and AW&ST Naval Editor Mike Fabey

    in Military

    This past week saw the annual Washington, DC ritual known as the "Budget Drop": the release of the President's version of the upcoming Fiscal Year 2017 (FY 2017) Federal Budget. Though there has been immediate criticism of the White House's planned FY 2017, it does provide a basic roadmap of how federal spending will develop in FY 2017, and any significant changes in policy and direction that are planned. Nowhere is this more evident, then in the draft FY 2017 proposed budget for the U.S. Navy, which is being both driven to budget discipline, and at the same time rapidly evolving into a more relevant combat force. Much of this is being mandated by Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, despite numerous objections from within the Department of the Navy. FY 2017 is likely to include serious changes in shipbuilding policy and numbers, along with changes in aircraft/weapons procurement.

    To learn more about the state of the Navy in 2017 and the years ahead, tune into this week's edition of Military Monday (#MilitaryMonday on the Writestream Radio Network (@Writestream)) at 1 PM EST. Author, historian, journalist, documentary filmmaker, and host John D. Gresham (@greshamj01) has invited the Naval Editor of respected weekly defense journal Aviation Week and Space Technology (@AviationWeek) and award-winning investigative journalist Michael Fabey (@MFabey) to discuss the State of the U.S. Navy and the proposed FY 2017 budget. Listeners are encouraged to call in and offer questions to both John and Mike, on what will likely be a lively hour of talk and opinions

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    TC 300: Celebrating Nourishing Our Souls!

    in Self Help

    Join us for a Celebration of our 300th show!  We'll be looking back on all the fun, insights, and aw ha moments of gosh just the last 100 shows!  Our regular diners will be joining us and we're expecting a few pop in celebrities.  The Transformation Cafe...a fun place to Celebrate your Soul!

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    KINGS IN THE MORNING/News/NYC Primary/Is The Internet Too Mean For U?/ Stop Posting

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          Okay, did you listen to yesterday's show?  We talked briefly about the NBA playoff games and whether they are as exciting as they use to be.  Are they?  The youngest person on the show, is in his 40s, and maybe if we asked someone younger, THEY may think they are more exciting.  And we're guys too.  I don't know if guys get all that excited for stuff unless there is money on the game.  Oops!  Maybe I shouldn't say bet and stuff, but here's a SURE BET if there ever was one - 

    KINGS IN THE MORNING - 347-205-9366.  Call in, plug your phone into your aux input in your car, and listen to us like that - or if you have the bluetooth hook up - ya dig?  Aw yeah!  KINGS IN THE MORNING is ready for ya, front and ceter.,  I mean front and center, which means I mispelled that word intentionally, just so I could correct myself, okay DELIA?  She's the corrector here, like a procter.  347-205-9366 - Hey where's Stephanie been?  And Donald Grammer?  You know who I ain't asking about!  Hmmpf!

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    Gimmie a T! Gimmie an H! Aw screw it...THURSDAY!

    in Comedy

    Listen to us yak on about whatever we feel like or call in with your own topic for crying out loud...we can't do all this shit ourselves!

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    Nite Callers Bigfoot Radio Presents: Keith Bearden of Georgia

    in Paranormal

    Keith Bearden is a resident of Dallas GA. He has lived in this area all of his life. Growing up, he heard stories of Bigfoot and Sasquatch and like many others he has seen the Patterson-Gimlin film on TV when he was a youngster. All of these events sparked a curiosity of the possibility of them being real and it laid tucked away in his mind. And like so many he figured if they truly existed, it would be in the Pacific northwest. 

    Fast forwarding to a few years later, strange and weird things began to happen on his family’s hunting property. Trees bent over into arches over night, twisted branches, odd sounds and screams during the night. Events progressed into visual sightings by himself, his wife and others. Keith has been blessed to have help understanding what was happening  by a great many good folk. He now has regular interactions, visual sightings and has been fortunate to share them with others. Keith has taken these experiences and written a book called “ Forest Friends of the Night” He hopes to help others with his experiences and his journey into the realm of Bigfoot. The Georgia Museum link is:Expedition Bigfoot  https://g.co/kgs/lcQh4


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    TSE LIVE with FW Speilberg

    in Entertainment

    TSE LIVE the only show making noise in the game is on with a great line up tonight! Guest from Bully shows are colling in and sharing their experiences ! Tonihg t we are honoring Chasiti Falls, And Jos from Remyline Estates! I just want to share my experience with these 2 great individuals I had the pleasure to meet n the Bully Game! Also call in to win a Free Booth at the NC Bully Convention 1 and a free T Shirt from Bully Supplies and Issue 5 from Bully Bizz Mag coutrtesy of ESCK ! Need a TIP? Well PAPPA PIT  Mr. Ron Ramos will be on live to share one with us! We are covering it all tonight and yes I will be addressing some things in the game! Trust and believe this show is gonna yet another hiter!

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    God's Creation by AW Tozer

    in Religion

    (1 Peter - Part 24): Venerate All God's Creation by A.W. Tozer

    Topic: Creation
    Scripture(s): 1 Peter 2:17, Psalm 104  
    Description: A philosopher searches for truth inside his own head, a scientist searches outside in nature, and neither finds the whole truth, but only shattered fragments. A. W. Tozer intimates, “My friend, the wisest man in the world is the man who knows the most about God.” Only as things are seen from the sanctuary may they truly be seen in focus. Through 1 Peter 2:17 and a loving exegesis of Psalm 104, Pastor Tozer illuminates two of “the five things the Christian should do if he is to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ:” 1) Venerate all things; 2) Honor all men; 3) Love all Christians; 4) Fear God; 5) Honor the authorities. “Venerate All God’s Creation” is the 24th message in a 34-part study of Peter’s first epistle. Recorded on March 14, 1954, in Chicago, Illinois, the sermon is 40 minutes and 34 seconds in length.

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    The Theology Of Christmas by AW Tozer

    in Religion

     The Theology of Christmas by A.W. Tozer

    Topic: Christmas
    Scripture(s): 1 John 1:1-10  
    Description: Underlying the lovely melody of Christmas is a foundation of rock-solid theology. Dr. A. W. Tozer draws seven features of wonder and mystery from First John 1:1-10, as he contemplates 1) the wonder of “that eternal life;” 2) the wonder of life manifested; 3) the wonder of light; 4) the mystery of iniquity; 5) the wonder of sin forgiven when confessed; 6) the wonder of cleansing from unrighteousness; 7) the wonder of communion. “The Theology of Christmas” was recorded in Chicago, Illinois, probably in December of 1957 or 1958. It is 38 minutes and 35 seconds in length.

    Please check out our website @remnantxradio.com, follow us on twitter and send me a friend rquest on facebook!

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    "Gospel Flows"!

    in Indie Music

    Join us this Sunday, March 20, 2016 @ 6:30 p.m. Est. with your hosts Evg. Globee Pope and Min. Derrick Tuggle as they continue to take you on an exciting gospel ride of Independent Gospel Music on "Glorious Gospel Vibes"!  This broadcast is in love with the idea of helping to take Indie Gospel Artists to their next level in Gospel Music.  Their guest this week will be Singer/Songwriter, Producer and Actress, "Demetric "DEE" Selvey-Lockhart", introducing her latest project. Also joining us will be 'Inspiration Crew" Bishop Herbert & Arkes McCray, "The Uplifter" Bishop Phillip Dukes will be stopping in and none other than Sista Vangelist Peppercorn with laughter glaore!  Aw, yes, we're gonna have a funky good time!  So tune in for another fabulous show right here on Blog Talk Radio!


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