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    Celebrating the Autumn Equinox with Cathleen Kelly

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    I am delighted to welcome back Cathleen Kelly who will update us on the latest from her home, Fiddlehead Grove Retreat and Healing Center, and lead us in celebrating the Autumn Equinox that's just around the corner!   Cathleen joined me in June for the Mid-Summer Solstice and to share about herself as the founder and sole proprietor of Holistic Horizons, a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master Teacher and Reflexologist, and Integrative Health Consultant. (visit the Voices archive page for this link) This time we'll be focusing on the abundant harvest of this great turning of the Seasons, sharing ceremony to help honor Mother Earth and all her creations. Please join us at 7 pm Eastern, 4 pm Pacific, for a special episode of Voices of the Earth.  And do pay an enjoyable visit Cathleen's website at the link below:


    Voices archives: http://www.goldenspiraljourney.com/VoicesoftheEarth.html

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    Autumn Equinox and Herbal Yum

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    It's the time of year when school has started, the weather is cooling and we begin our downward descent towards the darkest part of the year.
    The autumn equinox is upon us on September 22 and symbolizes our transition from Summer to Fall.  
    Today we will talk about how you can embrace the season and coming darkness of Autumn with some herbal tips and cooking hints!

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    New Moon Meditation with Margaret Ann Lembo - Finding Balance & Autumn Equinox

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    On the eve of the New Moon in Libra, we are gathering under the influence of the Autumnal Equinox with Author, Healer and Crystal Goddess Margaret Ann Lembo for a guided meditation appropriate to the season and the energies: Finding Balance!

    We are absolutely delighted to welcome Margaret Ann Lembo back to lead is into communing with the powerful energies swirling around us this week.  Ready to Find your Balance?  Tune in!

    Margaret Ann Lembo is the author of Chakra Awakening; The Essential Guide to Crystals, Minerals and Stones; the Angel Gemstone Oracle Cards, and several other books.  She is a spiritual entrepreneur and practitioner, aromatherapist, spoken audio recording artist and the owner of The Crystal Garden, a book store, gift store and spiritual center in Boynton Beach, Florida.

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    Goddess Alive Radio is the weekly Blogtalk Radio show for the MotherHouse of the Goddess and is hosted by Kimberly F. Moore & Tracey Paradiso (the Founder and Co-Founder) of the MotherHouse of the Goddess. We focus on topics about Women’s Empowerment, Alternative Medicine, and Living Mythology – how the Goddess is moving through our lives today. Priestesses, Practitioners, Healers, and Shamans will be joining us to discuss their practices and experiences with the Goddess. Every month, we hold an online meditation to connect with Goddess energy just prior to the Full Moon and New Moon in our Goddess Moon Meditations.  See the Goddess Alive Radio Show page for archives and the upcoming schedule.

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    Falling Back Into Life With the Autumn Equinox

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    Autumn Equinox also known as "Mabon" and the Mid-Harvest Festival. 
    Mabon is the mid-harvest festival and it is when we take a few moments to honor the changing seasons and celebrate the second harvest; on or around September 20-23 in the Northern Hemisphere.
    Autumn Equinox is about thanksgiving and able to integrate what our fields have grown (physically and spiritually).  This harvest is about “balance” or the balance between light and dark.  This time of year is when there is an equal amount of day and night. Our Guest Dolores Gozzi will talk about the signs of Autumn and how we take the time to notice the change in our environment and within ourselves and how this season really helps us Fall Back Into Life. You can also signup for her 14 Day "Falling Back Into Life" email delivered in your email box every morning to connect you to the season:  https://www.mynewsletterbuilder.com/tools/subscription?username=dgozzi

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    Spring Equinox Awakening

    in Spirituality

    Join QueenMother Iya Awo Ifalola and special guests as we celebrate the Divine Spring Equinox by planting seeds for our future. Share with us your information and methods that you celebrate. Call us 347-989-0180.

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    Ostara - The Vernal Equinox

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    Ostara is a Neo-Pagan festival celebrated on the spring equinox, which is between March 19 and March 22 in the northern hemisphere. On the spring and fall equinoxes, day and night are of equal lengths. Ostara celebrates the coming of spring, new growth and fertility. For Wiccans and some other Pagans, Ostara is the day when the Goddess and God (variously identified as Mother Earth and the Green Man or the Young Maiden and Sun God) are join in sacred marriage. The Goddess will conceive, and give birth in nine months. The increased growth and strength of nature in the spring is due to the rising power of the Goddess and God.

    Live tarot readings and caller questions! Call in!


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    Preparing for the Spring Equinox

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    Tune in as Chiefess Kaylani, www.yabuzagardens.com , offers tips on how to prepare for the Spring Equinox! Don't miss your opportunity to join the United Washitaw at our Melanin Conference March 20 ,21, 22 in Kelly{NC} go to www.dralimelbey.com to register today!

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    Osun's Autumn Equinox Celebration

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    Welcome to the show that embraces Osun's Love to celebrate the Autumn Equinox season of 2012 with words of wisdom, counsel and advice to embrace the fall transformation  happening now. This show is about taking advantage of the divine within to succeed. Today is a special day for me because it is my God-daughter Tosha Settles birthday. Today she will share her vision of Young Queens of Destiny! Join us @ 7PM EST 347-989-0180.

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    Spring Equinox Celebration with Sonja Grace

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    Are you ready to awaken to the Spring? Mystic healer Sonja Grace is our guide as we celebrate the Spring Equinox. The author of Become an Earth Angel: Advice and Wisdom for Finding Your Wings and Living in Service and Earth Ways: Healing Medicine for the Soul: A Practical Guide for Ceremonies for the Earth, Sonja regularly shares her inspiration with the world.

    From Earth Ways: "The Spring Equinox is sacred to dawn, youth, the morning star and the east. Just as the dawn is the time of new light, so the vernal equinox is the time of new life."

    For over 30 years, Sonja Grace has been offering her clients worldwide immediate stability, clarity and guidance through her healing and counseling. She has appeared on George Noory's Beyond Belief Gaiam TV program, many popular broadcasts and is a recurring guest on Coast to Coast AM.  Her workshops, retreats, articles, film and conference appearances regularly inspire audiences worldwide.

    Sonja's web site:  SonjaGrace.com

    Frontier Beyond Fear music copyrighted by Grammy award winner Larry Seyer, www.larryseyer.com, included in this podcast with his permission. Nature photos copyrighted by  Susan Larison Danz.

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    Voices of the Earth: Celebrating the Vernal Equinox with Cathleen Kelly

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    Winter is about ready to give way to Spring 2015, and all in the Northeast U.S. in particular are more than ready to bid it good-bye!  Cathleen Kelly will be making her first visit to Voices this year after several appearances in 2014 for the seasonal holy-days of the Wheel of the Year, Summer Solstice, the Autumn Equinox, and Samhain (Halloween).  Not only will we be offering a ritual to mark Spring's arrival, but we will be discussing the other big events of this remarkable week: the Solar Eclipse and the New Moon both coincidiing with the Vernal Equinox. it is going to be a lively hour and more whether you tune in live on Wednesday at 7 pm Eastern / 4 Pacific, or choose to listen to the podcast at a later time. Cathleen and I wish everyone a marvelous Equinox and Happy Spring!  

    Uranus/Pluto Square: http://goldenageofgaia.com/2015/03/18/dl-zeta-paradigm-shift-now-uranus-pluto-square-asks-us-to-evolve-on-our-feet/

    Cathleen's video for Ostara: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKrLUKDn0DE

    Lisa Thiel's "Spring Song - Ostara" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0K1hNDHVs_c

    Cathleen's website: http://www.rnholistic.com/

    Good source for further info on Equinox and Ostara: http://www.witchology.com/contents/march/ostara.php

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    Spring Equinox 7 Day Chakra Renewal Juice

    in Spirituality

    Love is the highest form of vibrational harmony. It attracts all things into oneness, and constantly vibrates towards equilibrium. The society that we live in constantly injects fear into our world in an attempt to keep us unconscious and unaware “consumers” of low vibrational energy. This low vibration attracts chaos and the breakdown of peace and harmony that we see today around the world.

    To help balance the energy of love, SIS is doing a 7 day chakra juice fast to balance the 7 chakras and clear the energy that we emit into the world so that it may be filled with more love. When our chakras are balanced, we raise our vibration to experience and extend a greater degree of love.


    We will begin at sunset with an intention on the Spring Equinox and a raw juice that enhances each of the chakras. Then each day will be followed by a recipe and information for that chakra. We will conclude on March 28th with a break fast of the 7 chakra raw juice. For more information on juice fasting and foods that are good for the chakras visit www.fluidmagazinecom.

    You’ll have to shop to be prepared to do the juicing, and will also want to prepare your body to enter the fast by weaning off solid foods - so this is more than just a 9 day experience.

    For all recipes you may substitute your own chakra appropriate fruit or vegetable. Some may prefer to juice fruits in the morning and vegetables in the evening - fruits cleanse and vegetables heal. Others may want to avoid sweet fruits all together. You can also incorporate high quality essential oils. Join the discussion to find out more about the ingredients for each chakra juice; and send us your own to share.

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