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    Ask FlyLady: Plan B!

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    What happens when accidents happen?

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    A "Built To Last" Marriage

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    The automobile company GMC states that their trucks are built to last because of durability. Join GMC = George, Monica and Christ for Marriages as they share that Marriages are "Built To Last" because Christ is the durability in the union. Let the Lloyd's share their 30 years of experience with you



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    Computer America - Matter and Form; Geotab

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    Computer America

    Hour one: Matter and Form.  Drew Cox, CEO and Founder.

    Matter and Form Inc. (formerly Matterform) was founded by designers and programmers who needed a high-resolution 3D scanner but couldn’t afford one; so they made their own. The first product, the Matter and Form 3D Scanner, began shipping in Fall 2014 and has sold thousands of units worldwide.


    Hour two: Geotab. Colin Sutherland, Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing.

    For over a decade, Geotab has been a proven industry leader in the area of fleet management and vehicle tracking technology, also known as telematics. Geotab’s advanced telematics is used to manage employee productivity and significantly reduce accidents.

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    Advocating for Prison Reform with Attorney Rebeccca Brodie

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    Attorney Rebecca Woodworth Brodie grew up in Framingham, Massachusetts. She is a graduate of Massachusetts Bay Community College, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and Suffolk University Law School. Attorney Brodie began her legal career at the employment law firm of Attardo and Miller. Later she joined a well established North Shore law firm advocating for victims of traumatic accidents. Afterwards, Attorney Brodie represented hospitals, going up against some of the biggest insurance companies in the state.

    Ms. Brodie is an experienced ESL teacher and a former advocate at several legal aid agencies including Hale and Dorr Legal Services, Legal Assistance Corporation of Central Massachusetts, Suffolk Legal Services, and The Massachusetts Justice Project. Additionally, Attorney Brodie has developed several community programs such as the Framingham Family Advocacy Program, which represents the women of MCI Framingham, and the New Attorney Mentoring Program. Attorney Brodie is a former member of the Massachusetts Bar Association's Committee on Access to Justice and the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Women's Bar Association. Attorney Brodie's goal is to make quality legal representation available to everyone!

    Attorney Brodie is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Massachusetts Law School (?here?) and an instructor of legal and paralegal studies at Middlesex Community College (here).


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    DC cant move? - ACA losing BILLIONS! - Freedom of speech not for students!

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    Hr1  A light dusting of snow brings Washington DC to it's knees. Over 100 accidents in the first day! It's going to be a rough weekend.

    Jimmy Kimmel goes man on the street asking people their thoughts on MLK, Jr., endorsing Trump for president.

    UnitedHealth reconsidering participation in Obamacare due to excessive losses. What are they going to do now? Private companies don't survive without profit.

    US Air Force to allow service members to carry weapons.

    Obama destroyed after US Navy boats transporting top ISIS terror leader captured by Iran. Huge coverup... and ridiculous cooperation with Iran. Shameful.

    Hr2   Jesse Watters asks people to explain the difference between Democrats and Republicans.

    Jane Fonda and a few other actors drive the Dump Trump campaign. Anyone else think this may just be the campaign that seals the deal for his presidency?

    Arizona State offered a course called “The Problem with Whiteness" and Portland Community College took it one step further by declaring April 2016 to be “Whiteness History Month.” And that's not a good thing. It's meant to shame whites.

    What happened to that clear line of respect between teachers and students? trusting teachers with our kids, not have to worry about them having sex with our teens!  

    Hr3  Freedom of speech does not apply100% on a school campus. It's basically it's own island. The principal has an enormous amount of latitude in deciding how to apply rules and laws.

    Marco Rubio stands up for atheists and Christians saying... no one forces you to believe in God & no one will stop me from talking about God either. Protecting the 1st Amendment.

    Writer and political activist Michael Hausam of HausRules talks Sarah Palin's endorsement of Donald Trump, conservatism, and weak GOP leadership.

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    God, the Great Recycler with Todd Tomasella and Travis Bryan III

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    The Law attempts to separate evil from good. But the Law stimulates more evil. Rom 5:20;7:5. Under the economy of grace God recycles evil and uses evil in the creation of good. He wastes nothing. He uses our failures to bring us to the end of the old self (death of ego-centricity), in order to raise up, out of that death, a new self, a new humanity and a new creation.  Unlike religion and Law, God never separates out and discards waste; He recycles it. God uses our problems to lead us to the full final solution, glory. 

    God does not destroy the devil but uses Satan for His own purpose, which is the ultimate victory over evil. This is the principle of the cross. In the economy of grace, Satan has become God's greatest evangelist/transformer, although an unwilling and unwitting one. Satan destroys, kills and scatters. God then recreates, heals, gives life and makes whole and brings it to a level never previously attainable.

    In grace, God gives you what you don't deserve. First, He allows Satan to give you suffering and you don't deserve. Then, thru that suffering, God gives you growth and blessings you don't deserve.

    For the believer, God perfectly recycles and transforms evil, all mistakes, all accidents, all adversity, all disease and all negative forces into perfect goodness, ultimate good, righteousness, glory and beauty.

    When you see God as this Great Recycler, all negative things in your life are caused by God to work together for your good. Ro 8:28. What Satan means for evil, God converts or recycles into good. Gen 50:20. What Joseph's evil brothers meant against him for evil, God meant for good. God recycled it.

    God,the Great Recycler!

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    You and Your Money " The Powerball Psycology

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    What happens to a person’s emotional life after winning the lottery, literally or metaphorically? 

    In 1978, a trio of researchers at Northwestern University and the University of Massachusetts attempted to answer this by asking two very disparate groups about the happiness in their lives: recent winners of the Illinois State Lottery — whose prizes ranged from $50,000 to $1 million — and recent victims of catastrophic accidents, who were now paraplegic or quadriplegic. In interviews with the experimenters, the two groups were asked, among other things, to rate the amount of pleasure they got from everyday activities: small but enjoyable things like chatting with a friend, watching TV, eating breakfast, laughing at a joke, or receiving a compliment. When the researchers analyzed their results, they found that the recent accident victims reported gaining more happiness from these everyday pleasures than the lottery winners.

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    Accidents - Minor Accidents are just as bad as Major Accidents

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    TalkCDL will be talking about how Minor accidents are just as bad as major accidents, what are insurance companies and safety departments thinking when they see your reports? Tune in 1/7/2016 8AM EST as we continue a topic off of our recent topic Incidents vs. Accidents and find out why! It is important as a driver to clearly understand all these terms and the differences between them because it is your career and the industry is always changing. Stay current with TalkCDL!

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    The Opinion - by Peter & Precious Patterson

    in Automotive

    The government conspiracy and coverup over automobile safety is our topic join us for our 732nd episode of BevNat.

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    MVR's - How many minor traffic tickets/violations can you leave jobless

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    It happens all the time where drivers call for a new job and they start naming off their traffic violations or tickets like lottery numbers.This is a recruiters worst nightmare, and just as much a safety department because they see a driver has not learned from his mistakes. So how many does it take you look like a Swiss cheese of a driver? Tune in 8am EST 14 January 2016 and lets nail this topic down. Be sure to call us LIVE 516-387-1911.

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