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    Transitions to Adolescence and Adulthood with Autism - with Dr. Peter Gerhardt

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    This week on Autism Spectrum Radio we will discuss a question that concerns all parents and caregiver at some point: What are the challenges and opportunities as children with autism become adolescents and adults? The specific nature of how to manage these changes and the best way to prepare for the future will be the focus of this episode. Join us as we explore the different facets of how families and society need to prepare for a maturing community of individuals with autism. We are extremely excited to welcome a special guest to the show, Dr. Peter Gerhardt. Dr. Gerhardt is an expert on the use of ABA therapy in support of adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorders. 

    Dr. Gerhardt has more than 30 years’ experience utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis in support of adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorders in educational, employment, residential and community-based settings. He has authored and co-authored articles and book chapters on the needs of adolescents and adults with ASD and has presented nationally and internationally on this topic. He serves as Chairman of the Scientific Council for the Organization for Autism Research, is on the Editorial Board of Behavior Analysis in Practice and on numerous professional advisory boards, including the Autism Society of America. Dr. Gerhardt received his doctorate from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey’s Graduate School of Education.

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    The Important Work of Parent Advocates for Special Needs Families

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    This week on Autism Spectrum Radio we are looking at some of the remarkable efforts by parents for parents.  Parent advocates in communities all over the country are creating offerings that help facilitate education and access to much needed resources.

    Sarah Paulson is the founder and Executive Director of Connecting for Kids. She has an MBA from University of Chicago in Finance and Strategic Management. She was a management consultant for The Boston Consulting Group and a Product Manager for Progressive Insurance Company before becoming a stay-at-home mother of two adorable boys. She loves reading and is passionate about exercising, ice cream and outwitting her husband at board games.

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    Why Parents of Kids with Autism Should Attend CalABA Conference

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    Are you attending the 32nd annual Western CalABA Conference? Dr. Daniel Shabani, President of the California Association of Behavior Analysis visits Autism Spectrum Radio to tell us why the experience is valuable for parents.

    The California Association for Behavior Analysis will
    host the 32nd Annual Western Regional Conference on Behavior Analysis February 28 – March 2, 2014. The conference offers information, resources, and professional development opportunities for Board Certified Behavior Analysts, Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, social workers, speech-language pathologists, regular and special educators, students in those and related fields, and consumers of behavior analysis services. 

    Daniel Shabani received his Ph.D. in Behavior Analysis from Western Michigan University following an undergraduate degree from the University of California, Los Angeles and a master’s degree from the University of the Pacific. Currently, Dr. Shabani is the president of the California Association for Behavior Analysis and runs a private practice in Southern California. He has authored a number of publications on assessment and treatment of behavior problems, as well as reviewed trends within the field of behavior analysis. Dr. Shabani’s current research interests include radical behaviorism, the assessment and treatment of severe behavior disorders, verbal behavior, and instructional designs.

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    Therapy, Self Care and Other Support for Parents of Kids with Autism

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    All parents face daily obstacles, but parents of children with autism experience increased challenges that can result in overwhelming anxiety, depression, self-doubt and sadness. Ultimately, these parents are husbands, wives, sisters, brothers, family and friends who simply wish to experience more fulfilling and satisfying lives with their children.

    Dr. Darren Sush is a clinical psychologist and board certified behavior analyst, specializing in therapy for parents of children with autism. Throughout his career, Dr. Sush has recognized that parents of children with autism can significantly benefit from the guidance, comfort and empathy of therapeutic services that support their unique experiences and struggles.

    Over the past decade, Dr. Sush has had the privilege of working within agencies that provide intervention and support for children diagnosed with autism. Through his work developing treatment programs, meeting with families and helping children, he has gained exceptional knowledge and understanding of the unique experiences of parents of children with autism.

    He offers direct knowledge and guidance to the various questions that arise regarding children with autism’s behavior, skill building, treatment, funding and school placement, and helps families live their best lives possible.

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    Temple Grandin Talks About The Autistic Brain

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    This week on Autism Spectrum Radio we are thrilled to welcome arguably the most famous person in the autism community, Temple Grandin, Ph.D. Dr. Grandin has been advocating for individuals with autism for more than 30 years. In 2010, Grandin delivered the TED talk “The world needs all kinds of minds.” Grandin’s own experience with autism has informed her numerous books on the subject including My Life in Pictures which was adapted for the award-winning HBO film. Her most recent book, The Autistic Brain, focuses on the latest autism research and new diagnosis and treatments.   

    Born on August 29, 1947, in Boston, Massachusetts, Temple Grandin was diagnosed with autism as a child and went on to pursue work in psychology and animal science. She has become a leading advocate for autistic communities and has also written books and provided consultation on the humane treatment of animals. 

    Grandin has been recognized by the academic community and the general public for her work. In 2009, she was named a fellow of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers. She is the recipient of several honorary degrees, and has been featured on a range of television and radio programs.

    In 2010, HBO released an Emmy Award winning film on Grandin’s life which continues to strike a chord with audiences.  Temple’s willingness to honestly share her challenges as well as share her passionate perspective with depth and resonance has made her a very popular (and busy) speaker and presenter.

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    We Rock The Spectrum: Exercise, Social Skills & Sensory Experiences for All Kids

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    Dina Kimmel studied Business at CSUN, but it is her mother's intuition combined with her entrepreneurial spirit that led to the creation of We Rock The Spectrum Kid's Gym. After her second child Gabriel was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dina began to research ways to facilitate her son's development. Dina found that with early intervention many children were making significant improvements. This led her to create a sensory gym in her own home. Gabriel thrived and at the same time her older daughter Sophia enjoyed playing on the equipment. This provided the family joy and relief at the same time. "One of the biggest challenges when you have a child with any disability is that often all of your focus lands on them and the other siblings feel neglected or deprived". The fact that both of her children were being entertained at the same time was a fantastic outcome.This was the beginning of We Rock the Spectrum Kid's Gym, "Finally a place where you never have to say I'm sorry".

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    Helping Children with Autism Become More Social

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    This week on Autism Spectrum Radio we discuss a topic that is extremely important to many parents of young kids with autism, social skills and ability. Most parents are familiar with the social challenges faced by our kids on the spectrum but not everyone knows helpful strategies that will support better social function. This week, host Rob Haupt is pleased to welcome Dr. Ann Densmore, Ed.D. CCC SLP/A, certified speech pathologist and audiologist and author of Helping Children with Autism Become More Social: 76 Ways to Use Narrative Play and author of Your Successful Preschooler: Ten Skills Children Need to Become Confident and Socially Engaged.

    Dr. Ann Densmore, Ed.D. CCC SLP/A, certified speech pathologist and audiologist and author of Helping Children with Autism Become More Social: 76 Ways to Use Narrative Play and author of Your Successful Preschooler: Ten Skills Children Need to Become Confident and Socially Engaged (Harvard Medical School and Jossey-Bass, 2011). Director of Child Talk in Lexington, MA. Ann Densmore has been a speech and language consultant at public and private schools or more than 30 years. In addition to running a private practice in Lexington, Massachusetts she also consults internationally and has taught seminars for professionals and students at Harvard Medical School. Ann holds an Ed.M. in Human Development and Psychology from Harvard Graduate School of Education and an Ed.D. in Education with a specialization in child discourse from Clark University. She is board-certified in speech and language pathology and audiology. Ann swims Walden Pond every morning (when it’s not iced over) and enjoys long bike rides with her friends. She also loves photography, swimming with Cambridge New England Masters at Harvard University, and taking walks with her Portuguese Water Dog, Map. http://www.child-talk.com/ Twitter: @AnnDensmore

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    Speech Therapy: Who Can Benefit From It and What Can It Do?

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    Join us for this fascinating conversation about the benefits of speech therapy and who could benefit from it.  In this episode, Odelia Mirzadeh breaks down typical child development as well as some of the red flags that could indicate you may want explore speech therapy.  

    Odelia Mirzadeh is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist.  She began her career working in an Early Intervention Program, at CSUN, completed her internship at Santa Monica and Malibu School Districts, and externship at Cedars Sinai Medical Center.  She has also worked with the Beverly Hills School District, Northridge Hospital, The Help Group and UCLA Lab School.

    In her practice, Odelia works with children and adults to evaluate and treat: autism spectrum disorders, cleft palate and craniofacial anomalies, auditory processing disorder, oral motor speech disorders, voice disorders, apraxia of speech, stuttering/fluency, voice disorders, social communication disorders, expressive and receptive language disorders/delays, speech disorders/distortions, memory and listening skill difficulties, as well as reading and writing comprehension deficits. 

    With her background in music and training in music therapy, Odelia is also able to serve her client’s needs in an innovative way to ensure better results.

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    Educating Pediatricians and General Practitioners to Better Screen and Treat ASD

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    We are excited to welcome back V. Mark Durand to discuss the important topic of educating our medical professionals outside of the specialized field of autism.   Dr. Durand's book Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Clinical Guide for General Practititioners is aimed at helping clinicians screen for autism spectrum disorder (ASD), treat higher functioning individuals with ASD, and assist family members. 

    V. Mark Durand is known worldwide as an authority in the area of autism spectrum disorders. Dr. Durand is currently a member of the Professional Advisory Board for the Autism Society of America and is on the board of directors of the International Association of Positive Behavioral Support. He is the co-editor of the Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions and serves on a number of editorial boards. His books include Severe Behavior Problems: A Functional Communication Training Approach, Sleep Better! A Guide to Improving Sleep for Children with Special Needs, and most recently, When Children Don't Sleep Well: Interventions for Pediatric Sleep Disorders.

    Dr. Durand developed a unique treatment for severe behavior problems that is currently mandated by states across the country and is used worldwide. He also developed an assessment tool that is used internationally and has been translated into more than 15 languages. He has been consulted by the departments of education in numerous states and by the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education. His current research program includes the study of prevention models and treatments for such serious problems as self-injurious behavior.

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    What is Causing Autism? What Science is Telling Us

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    Dr. Bernier joins Autism Spectrum Radio to discuss the latest research about autism and what it means to the 1 in 68 now being diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

    Dr. Bernier is a licensed clinical psychologist, the Clinical Director of the Seattle Children’s Autism Center, and an Associate Professor at the University of Washington. He received his PhD at the University of Washington, his clinical training at UCLA, and also holds degrees from the University of Wisconsin and Tufts University. Dr. Bernier’s clinical and research interests span many aspects of autism--from genetics and neuroscience to diagnostic characterization and cognitive-behaviorally based interventions. As a clinician, author of over 50 publications, author of the book Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Reference Handbook, and as the principle investigator on a number of NIH- and foundation-funded research studies, Dr. Bernier is interested in bridging the gap in our understanding of the relationship between etiology, neurological underpinnings of deficits in social cognition, and the behavioral presentation of autism spectrum disorder.

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    Areva Martin - Advocating for Equitable Autism Resources in Your Community

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    Today on Autism Spectrum Radio we continue to explore the significance of the new CDC statistics for the prevalence of autism.  We are happy to welcome back Areva Martin, Media Expert and Host, Author and Award Winning Attorney and Autism Advocate.  Areva Is Founder and President of Special Needs Network, Inc., one of CA’s leading autism nonprofit organizations.

    Areva Martin is known to audiences around the country for her regular appearances on Dr. Phil, Nancy Grace, Anderson Cooper AC 360 and a host of other national news and talk shows. She is a Harvard-trained attorney, author and nationally recognized autism spokesperson. Her 2nd book, The Everyday Advocate, is a must read for parents and professionals. Founder and President of Special Needs Network, Inc., Areva is often referred to as America’s Everyday Advocate for her passionate and relentless work on behalf of women and children. 

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