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    The Bonafide Literary Show S3 Ep9: Diverse Authors and Books

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    Season 3 keeps going with a little bit more diversity. Aphrodyi Antoine talks about her multicultural kids books with host Deidra Hughey. Aphrodyi Antoine is the author of the multicultural book, Jack and the Red Beanstalk. A modern retelling of a classic, Jack and the Red Beanstalk involves giants, Jack's adventure with his grandfather, and African language. A mother herself, Aphrodyi Antoine has no problem or hesitation in telling you exactly why multi-culturally diverse kids' books are required for not just black kids, but all kids, across cultures. In this episode, learn about what else is out there, Aphrodyi Antoine's next book, NubiTales, and what she is bringing our kids.

    Also in this episode... Bonafide Literary News: What's New in Literature Today --news from around the publishing industry. 

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    Welcome Leland & Angelo Dirks LIVE to Authors on the Air. Call and chat with us!

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    Authors on the Air host Pam Stack welcomes two of the best authors in the world  - Leland and Angelo Dirks!  Please join this LIVE conversation from the beautiful nowhere in San Luis Valley.  347-633-9609.  Leland lives in the middle of a beautiful nowhere that is Colorado's San Luis Valley. Angelo, the world famous Border Collie, and Maggie, his black Lab philosopher mix, allow him to share their off-grid home. Angelo and Leland's first two collaborative efforts, Seven Dogs in Heaven and Angelo's Journey, are now available in Kindle, Audible, and paperback formats. Their most ambitious book yet, Jimmy Mender and His Miracle Dog, is available in both Kindle and paperback editions. A story of journeys, of losses, of gains, it illustrates that sometimes the only way to find out what's important is to leave everything behind.
    Please search for Leland Dirks - Author on Facebook to enjoy Leland's photography, and the latest news about their books.

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    The Bonafide Literary Show S3 Ep6: Diverse Authors and Books

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    Multiple award winning author and host of “A Different Kind of Love” internet radio show, J’Son M. Lee discusses his moving book based on his original play, One Family’s AIDS with host La Drama Princess. A native of North Carolina, graduate of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Celebrity interviewer at Proud Times Magazine, J’Son M. Lee runs his own publishing and editing imprint Sweet Georgia Press out of his city of residence, Baltimore, MD. The author of How Could My Husband Be Gay? and the “Friends or Lovers” short story series, J’son M. Lee explains why his work is truly diverse beyond his skin color and his characters’ sexual preferences.

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    The Written Word (Radio Z) - Ep. 47 Open Conversation

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    Host Alicia is joined by authors Brian Dorsey and Robert E. Hirsch to have an open conversation about writing.

  • #281 - Pat Simmons, Christian Romance Author

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    Listen to the Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) Blog Talk Radio Show on Friday, 10/2 at 2 p.m. (EST) for a LIVE interview with Christian romance author, Pat Simmons.

    Pat Simmons is a self-proclaimed genealogy sleuth who is passionate about researching her ancestors and then casting them in starring roles in her novels, in the hope of tracking down any distant relatives who might happen to pick up her books. The author of 12 Christian romance novels and 11 Christian romance novellas, Pat has received numerous national book awards.  A wife of 32 years and the mother of one son and daughter, she represents Christ well in her love stories.

    Call (858) 357-8408 to ask questions of our scheduled guest.  Don't worry if you can't listen LIVE!  You can always download FREE On-Demand podcasts of this and more than 275 other inspirational interviews with Christian fiction and non-fiction authors at www.blogtalkradio.com/christianauthorsontour.

    Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT)


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    Suspense Radio Inside Edition - September 5th, 2015

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    Suspense Radio Inside Edition is brought to you by Suspense Magazine. Today we have three great authors, Rob Dearden, Chevy Stevens and Meagan Beaumont.  

    Rob Dearden: "The Realignment Case": Geneva, 2012. Disgraced lawyer Daniel Athley starts a job with a shadowy international organisation that has a secret it will kill to protect – the past can be changed. Working for the enigmatic Counsellor Winter, Dan’s role is to defend the status quo. Discovering a plot that could unleash chaos in a disordered future, he must choose a side in a murky world where the fate of the dead is decided.

    Chevy Stevens: "Those Girls": Life has never been easy for the three Campbell sisters. Jess, Courtney, and Dani live on a remote ranch in Western Canada where they work hard and try to stay out of the way of their father's temper. One night, a fight gets out of hand and the sisters are forced to go on the run, only to get caught in an even worse nightmare when their truck breaks down in a small town. As events spiral out of control they find themselves in a horrifying situation and are left with no choice but to change their names and create new lives.

    Meagan Beaumont: "Promises to Keep": For three years, Michael O’Shea has been forced to act as a personal assassin for Livingston Shaw, the cold-blooded puppet master who controls the remote bioweapon implanted in Michael’s back. When Shaw offers to release him if he can recover a kidnapped child, Michael works with every ounce of his being to put the pieces together before all the witnesses are murdered.

  • "When Otters Play" a Milford-Haven Story by Mara Purl

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    Today I’m welcoming Mara Purl back to the show to talk about her latest book, “When Otters Play”, a prequel to book three of the Milford-Haven Story ‘Why Hearts Keep Secrets’.  Tune in to hear more.  


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    Mara Purl, Author





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    The Bonafide Literary Show S1 Ep11: Diverse Authors and Books

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    On this episode of Diverse Authors and Books, E.J. Brock will discuss with us love, spirits, and misconception of romance, what dress size a lead character should wear and which end of the beauty aisle, she should shop for her foundation, and what a former, Sunday School teacher isn’t expected to write in the form of fiction. Author of nearly 20 books, E.J. Brock has, what some may feel, taken the genre in her own direction using her beliefs and her own style to make the long-standing A Spirit Mate Romance series a best-seller with a legion of fans to boot, with no plans to stop anytime soon. This is another episode of questions and answers you just can’t miss.

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  • The Michael Dresser Show

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    Thank you for joining us on The Michael Dresser Show! Today we welcome these guests to our show:

    Cindy Sandford: Author of "Letters to a Lifer: The Boy Never to be Released," http://www.letters2alifer.blogspot.com

    Leigh Bardugo: Author of "Six of Crows," http://www.leighbardugo.com/index1.html

    Kemi Sogunle: Author of "Being Single: A State for the Fragile Heart," a guide to self-love, finding you and purposeful living; http://www.kemisogunle.com

    Gary D. Conrad, M.D.: Author of "Oklahoma Is Where I Live: and Other Things on My Mind," http://www.GaryDConrad.com

    Thank you for joining us today on The Michael Dresser Show!




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    Modern Signed Books kickoff

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    Timmy Crook, host of Modern Signed Books and blogger at http://Modernsignedbooks.blogspot.com, will be interviewing John Hutchinson of VJ Books and Norwood Press about book grading, and limited edition releases

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    Indie Books #106 (Samuel Marquis)

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    Tune in and join me as I welcome this week's guest. 

    Author Samuel Marquis joins me to talk the first two of seven books to be released in the next year: The Slush Pile Brigade & Blind Thrust.

    On his thirtieth birthday, Nick Lassiter has lost his girlfriend and his job, is wanted by the police, and has discovered that his unpublished thriller, Blind Thrust, has been stolen and turned into a blockbuster movie called Subterranean Storm. Even worse, the movie is based on a soon-to-be best-selling novel by Australian thriller writer Cameron Beckett, one of the world's biggest brand name authors. Rather than seek revenge through a financial settlement or public humiliation, Lassiter sets out for New York to obtain mea culpas from Beckett and his renowned literary agent, whom he is certain colluded with the Aussie in stealing his debut novel. Once in New York, Lassiter, and his three quirky fish-out-of-water friends who insist on accompanying him, instantly run afoul of the law and other powerful forces intent on thwarting them and their mission. As they encounter one thorny obstacle after another, the scope of their inquiries expands and they are soon in way over their heads, battling toe-to-toe not only against the mega-best-selling author and his agent, but a formidable army of antagonists, including the NYPD, Beckett's Big Five publishing house security squad, and the Russian mob. Collectively, these adversaries present Lassiter with the greatest--and deadliest--challenge of his life.

    For more info about Samuel Marquis and his books: