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  • Author, Miranda Parker

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    Author of The Evangeline Hunter Bounty Series, Miranda Parker, discusses her novel, "A Good Excuse to Be Bad".

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    Robin Rice: Entrepreneur author, speaker, shaman healer

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    Entrepreneur Conversations Radio

    Today, host Christine Monaghan introduces you Robin Rice. She is an exceptional individual who speaks to creation from the inside out...If you are stuggling to make things happen, this show is for you... 

    To connect with Christine, email her at ckmoyp@gmail.com

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    Eartha Watts Hicks, Renowed author, music publisher and editor

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    She is the founder of Earthatone Enterprises and Earthatone Books, an imprint of Earthatone Enterprises, LLC. She has designed and published titles for herself and others. She has also lead self publishing workshops, writing, and publicity workshops for the New York City Parks Department, the National Writers Union, Project Enterprise, and other not for profits. A freelance PR writer and editor, she offers select small business owners, houses of worship, nonprofits, film projects, and independent artists (poets, authors and musicians) quality press material and market copy at a reasonable price. Many have been effective in gaining national and international exposure. As an affiliate of BlackPR.com, s. Eartha offers a range of publicity services and specializes in interactive digital media kits. She is a member of Women in PR, the Black Public Relations Society, the New York Association of Black Journalist, as well as a contributing writer for Harlem World's Magazine's blog site and several other online publications. She is a former board member of Cultivating Our Sisterhood International Association a 501(c)(3).

    She is the award-winning author of Love Changes, as well as a songwriter, music publisher, member of ASCAP.Eartha is writing fellow of the Center for Black Literature and the North Country Institute, Eartha has studied under other award-winning authors, including Valerie Wilson Wesley, Chris Abani, and Bernice McFadden. Eartha is also a member of the acclaimed Harlem Writers Guild, a writing network that has helped developed the talents of Grace F. Edwards, Lorraine Hansberry, Sarah Elizabeth Wright, Audrey Lorde, Walter Dean Myers, Ruby Dee, Paul Robeson, Maya Angelou, and Terry McMillan. In June of 2013, Miss Watts-Hicks received the Just R.E.A.D. 'literary game-changers' Award by the NYCHA branch of the NAACP and was named a 2013 NAACP ambassador for literacy.

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    April Thomas, Mom, Author, Magazine Publisher, Entrepreneur

    in Business

    A multi-talented entrepreneur, April Thomas is the author of a book series called "Endurance", published in 2009. With her incredible inspiration and creativity, she still manages to explore her natural gift of designing her own line of Embellish jewelry, costume drawing/sewing, and a passion for photography. April Thomas knows how to tap into a woman's essence of beauty and imagination while having time to serve as an advocate in the Native American culture, community, and children.

    Her newest endeavor, a magazine, Independent Artists Magazine, is now accepting submissions from all children's book authors, books on parental advice, and articles on anything that has to do with encouraging our children to read etc... Send all submissions to: submit@ascensionartists.com

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    9:15 PM Michael Ray King, Author, Publisher and more/ 10 PM ADDICTED

    in Lifestyle


    -CALL IN 646-478-3527

    -Hi! My name is Mike. I use my full name, Michael Ray King,  for author purposes.The reason for this is branding. To write professionally, I felt my full name lent a more polished persona to the name. Therefore, when my domain name fell out the way it did, I decided to set my branding as my full name.

    I love to write. I am looking forward to getting my first novel out. In actuality, my first novel is a group novel written with my Rogues Gallery Writers cohorts. This is a focus writer’s group I formed back around 2007. We’ve written a collection of short stories together titled Writing is Easy. We also have a second, smaller collection titled, More Writing is Easy. Our novel goes by the title of The Method Writers: Four Writers, Four Methods, One Twisted Novel.  LEARN MORE ABOUT MICHAEL RAY KING TONIGHT ON SWEET TEA WITH A CHASER


    10 PM HOUR!

    Are you ADDICTED TO TECHNOLOGY TO THE POINT OF BECOMING ANTI SOCIAL ... losing your ability to communicate with other humans face to face?  How does that affect your day to day relationships?

    Let's talk about

    This is ADULT TALK RADIO Hosted by  SweetPea  Gemini  BryanMac

    Join Sweet Pea, Gemini and Bryan Mac on Sweet Tea With A Chaser
    right date : - )


    Sweet Pea, Gemini and Bryan Mac.

    PHONE:  646-478-3527  to ask those pressing questions

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    Meet Mike Michalowicz- Author & Entrepreneur

    in Women

    Mike Michalowicz (mi-Cal-oh-witz) launched three multi million dollar companies before his 35th birthday.  He was also awarded the New Jersey SBA's Young Entrepreneur of The Year when he was 26.  

    Mike sold his first company to private equity and his second firmto a Fortune 500. Company.

    He is the author of The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur (2008), The Pumpkin Plan (2012) and Profit First (2014). His books have been translated into over 10 different languages.

    Mike is a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal,

    He is an active partner in multiple companies, including an American manufacturer, a business group consultancy, an augmented reality tech firm, and a certification organization for accountants, bookkeepers and business coaches.

    To learn more about Mile and get access to a treasure trove of entrepreneurial tips, visit www.MikeMichalowicz.com 


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    Every Entrepreneur Needs A Brand Health Check-up

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    Entrepreneur Conversations Radio

    Today's guest was VP Brand, Virgin Group for several years and now has created and runs Brand School Online. Owner, Julie Cottineau and host Christine Monaghan will have an in-depth conversation of how Brand School has transformed Christine's brand this year....

    To connect with host Christine Monaghan, email ckmoyp@gmail.com

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    The Local Artizan Entrepreneur

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    Entrepreneur Conversations Radio

    Today, host Christine Monaghan introduces you to Kate Nagel "Bird on a Wire Creations". This savvy entrepreneur has a vision to be the messenger for local artizans so you and I can purchase unique, remarkable and memorable gifts while supporting the entrepreneur economy. Does it get any better than this?

    To connect with Christine, email her at ckmoyp@gmail.com

    To receive your complimentary WHY session, go to http://dailylifemastery.com/30minute

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    Meet the Awesome Author/Publisher Real Always Queen B Diva

    in Books

    Meet the author and her publishing company Throne Publishing. We will be discussing her journey into publishing and writing as an unique author.  We will discuss Crazy in love one and 2.  There He Goes by Nyaisia Josephn.

    Have you ever had a love so strong that you would die before you let go? When the man of your dreams turns out to be your worst nightmare? Meet Kane and Zaniyah a love story to die for 

    Kane left the game when he found love love so strong it drove him crazy. Not being able to shed his old ways from his days in the game he turns all his anger and aggression to the one person that was the closet to him the woman he vowed to love ' Zaniyah' 

    Zaniyah was a hopeless romantic just looking to be loved and longed for the love Kane use to give to her she decided to stay in this abusive relationship,until she could not take it another day.realizing she found love in the wrong place. Will she be able to escape with her life or the deadly love Kane was giving her ? 

    I will love you til ends of the earth with the depths of my soul. I will not ever let you leave me..... Crazy in Love ?

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    Entrepreneur Success Resides Within; Access your Power

    in Entrepreneur

    Entrepreneur Conversations Radio

    Our guest today, Jordanna Eyre defines herself as a modern day sorcerer. If YOU know you are powerful but your fear is keeping you contained; or, you feel like you are meant for something bigger and beyond your physical body, then Jordana Eyre will share her insights into accessing and utilizing YOUR inner sorcerer.

    To connect with host Christine Monaghan, email ckmoyp@gmail.com

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  • Entrepreneur Possibilities with Matt Miller

    in Entrepreneur

    Have you ever wondered what to do with your business? Have you ever wanted to be in business but didnt know what to do? Do you questions what you are passionate about or if what you are passionate about is good enough to be a business. The answer is YES! Yes you are good enough, yes your passion is enough and YES there is a business for you. Today we are going to explore possibilities. What are some of the things that are possible to do in and with a business. Is there a place for your family, your children or even your friends. You need to know that the world needs you to be YOU. Steve is joined today by Matt Miller the Founder of School Spirit Vending. Matt shares with us his story of needing money, having a small chance to make a little money, and how he turned that into not only a multi-million dollar busines but also is able to help schools raise money without doing fundraisers. Listen in to learn for yourself some Entrepreneur Possibilities

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