• Author, Miranda Parker

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    Author of The Evangeline Hunter Bounty Series, Miranda Parker, discusses her novel, "A Good Excuse to Be Bad".

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    Author Motivational Speaker Gregory Marshall on #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back author Gregory Marshall to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss his book GROWING UP GANGSTER and what he hopes readers take away from it. 

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    A Measure Of Truth w/ Author-Motivational Speaker Crystal Victoria

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    Crystal Victoria is the embodiment of strength having overcome many obstacles on the way to becoming a success. 
    At a young age, Crystal embarked on a journey that would leave her life forever changed. From an “A” honor rolls to Texas jail cells, drug abuse, juvenile detention centers to the street life. When Crystal was nineteen years old, she traveled to five different countries and went a full trip around the globe all expense paid. This trip planted the very important seed that soon grew into the life she’d always dreamed, but not without forcing her to awaken to a higher purpose. 
    Today, Crystal Victoria has and will continue to become an inspiration to millions with her books, nonprofit organization for aspiring entrepreneurs, and her entrepreneurship school, Target Evolution Entrepreneurship Institute. Crystal Victoria is a noted published author and motivational speaker. She assisted in the development of the First Friday Program by Judge Jeanine Howard in Dallas County Criminal District Court #6, which helps young individuals get off probation and reduce the Dallas County inmate population. She is an investor level member of the Greater Irving Las Colinas Chamber of Commerce and a board member of Girls Living Life on Purpose, Inc. a nonprofit organization for the empowerment and education of young women. Her future goals are to pursue her doctorate degrees in Business Administration and Business Law. 
    Her recent book, The Vicious Cycle: A Key to Unlocking the Revolving Door, is a practical guide to assisting others to change from a negative to a positive mindset. Her first book From the Streets to the Skies No Limits: Diary of a Boss Lady is in the process of becoming a short, independent film to inspire our youth to stay out of trouble and reach for greater goals through education and positive thinking. 


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    Talk to the Twins with with Author & Motivational Speaker Myron Gattison

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    Author & Motivatonal Speaker 

    Myron Gattison was born on August 10th, 1988 to 17 year old Melinda Gattison at Wilson Hospital in Darlington South Carolina. The father was never present so he shall remain nameless. His life growing up in a single parent home was quite different from most, because although his father was not present in his life his grandparents gave all the support he needed, helping out when his mother lacked. Myron was always larger than most children his age so he quickly took a liking to the game of football.   Now 21 years old at Johnson C. Smith Myron became known as Uncle Gatt to his fellow teammates because he took college serious this time and seemed to have so much wisdom for his age. He felt like he had a new lease on life, but on the football field things were not the same. He played 2 seasons at JCSU before he departed from the team. The spring going into his senior year he found out he would no longer be on Scholarship, that was the worse day ever, but little did he know that would change his life. Now that football was all but over for Myron he started to focus more of school and life after football. Myron always had a knack for speaking and was able to deliver messages in a very unique way, style and word play that appeal to his peers but grace and professionalism that any professor would respect. Having a love for people and the youth my started to post original quotes and thoughts on social networks and before he knew it people were inviting him to speak and youth events. He came up with a mentoring program called “REALBOSSGANG” and his small business is called “LEGITLIFE”. Myron has just finished his first of many more books and looks to continue to grow his brand into a nationwide movement.

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    Author & Motivational Speaker Nkiyasi Helm stops by #ConversationsLIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes author and motivational speaker Nkiyasi Helm to Conversations LIVE to discuss what led her to writing and what it's been like to share great messages of encouragement with the world. 

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    Living & Thriving guest:Preston Smiles, Author, Motivational Speaker

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    I am thrilled to speak with Preston Smiles about his life, his work with the "Uganda Project" and his book "Love Louder". Please welcome him! 

    About: Preston Smiles is a motivational speaker, inspirational writer and founder of The Love Mob, "organized acts of love through recreation, education and entertainment." They are best known for their flash mob dedicated to the victims of Sandy Hook that went viral last year. (http://youtu.be/EuTp44xwX7A)

    His most recent piece on The Huffington Post can be found here: (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/preston-smiles/life-lessons_b_3876485.html) And he is currently working on an inspirational book, titled "Love louder" 

    Under the guidance of Michael Beckwith, Preston has become an internationally recognized motivational speaker. Preston recently shared the stage with Marianne Williamson and Michael Beckwith at a 300+ interactive jam session he created called The Beat, in partnership with Uganda Project and Myspace.




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    Literary Diva Presents: Author, Motivational Speaker Darryl Bumpass Sr!

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    Join us as welcome author, businessman, and motivationl speaker Darryl Bumpass Sr "aka" Strictly Bump One!


    Darryl will be discussing his new book, "I know You Hear Me, But Are You Listening?"


    Darryl is a multifacted businessman who is well known in his ccommunity.  His clothing empire "Moneta Menswear" was established in 2004.  He has also produced various projects and continues to inspire today's generation by speaking at different events.  His hopes is that these individuals can be greater than they think they can be.


    Tune in as we welcome Darryl Bumpass Sr "aka" Strictly Bump One!


    Stay tuned and keep it locked.

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    Author & motivational speaker Pervis Taylor returns to Conversations LIVE

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    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back author/motivational speaker Pervis Taylor to Conversations LIVE to discuss how he is using his PERVIS PRINCIPLES to affect the world every day.

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    Lets Talk Kingdom w/Catrina-Interview w/Author&Motivational Speaker Ashley Sauls

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    Ashley Sauls is an author and professional speaker adept in using her words to inspire people toward successful living.  Focused on incorporating a healthy balance between the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of life, Ashley’s down to earth delivery makes difficult concepts less stressful to grasp for her audience.  In 2013, Ashley began hosting a broadcast on Christ Family Network called Your Kingdom Mind where she helps her listening audience move from condemned thinking to Kingdom Thinking.  Each week, listeners tune in for a dose of Ashley’s encouragement to move in sync with God’s timing.

    In 2013, Ashley’s first book, Morning Motivation debuted and is currently available online and in select bookstores.  Morning Motivation is a 31 day devotional focused on eliminating negative self-talk by reminding readers of their value in Christ.  Ashley crafted this devotional to directly elevate and empower readers in embracing a healthy mindset with God’s guidance.  By empowering her readers, she hopes to help them adjust their thoughts and fully reap the benefits in their everyday life.

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    Interview with Kit Summers, Author & Motivational Speaker

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    Kit Summers has had a tumultuous life, traveling from being one of the top jugglers in the world to lying in a coma for more than a month, learning to speak and walk all over again, passing through a failed marriage, run down by a truck the second time and finally emerging as a successful motivational speaker. He has learned to turn adversity into opportunity. Now let Kit teach you how to do the same thing in your own life—FIND SUCCESS!   kitsummers.com


    In Kit’s own words:

    I rose to great heights as a world-class juggler.
    Then fell face-down to the earth through the aforementioned accident and subsequent 37-day coma.
    Then rose again with the writing and publishing of my first book, Juggling with Finesse, and starting my fresh salsa business.
    Fell back down after getting hit by a truck—the second time.
    Up again by starting work on this book to help you.
    Back down when put in jail for a month on a false charge (which was dismissed.)
    Ascended once again, traveling throughout the world to see and experience new things.
    Up-down, up-down.
    Join me on my roller-coaster ride as I bring your life to higher levels with my book series, "Beyond Your Potential."


    You can find photos in my DropBox account, a invitation was sent.


    My own book series, Beyond Your Potential, is just coming out. I've attached the first in the series. As you let people know of Rainbows, I am hoping you will also let everyone know of my book series which will add much to people's lives.

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    #JSYD Jump Start Your day! With Author, Motivational Speaker Esther Hunter

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    Be Engaged, Be Empowered, Be Inspired join us for our segment of #JSYD Jump Start Your Day with Special Guest Esther Hunter is a dynamic author and speaker with 10+ years of experience hosting women's conferences, seminars and workshops designed to holistically lift women out of the ashes of life into beautiful new beginnings.

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